All My Dragons! (2.0)

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I wanted to make a new Thread about my dragons... I mean... ALL of them!


I've got so many new dragons and I'm currently too lazy to search for my All My Dragons!'s Thread and post them there xD

So yeah...


That's gonna be my main Post for all my dragons!

This time I'm going to take screenshots at the Wilderness, since the Lighting is better than at Scuttleclaw Island.


These are the things I'll post, such as Name and stuffs.










You can Track and reply to the posts but not directly to them, so it will avoid me to make a new post for them.




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Luna (Redesign + Reference 2022)


And one of my few full arts, featuring Origin (Right) and Marie (Friend's OC, Left)!

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Tracking! I look forward to version 2.0 of your dragons! ^^


Aliases: Kas or Kasane

Main Dragon: Papa Moon the Titan Stormcutter

Favorite Dragon Breed: Stormcutter

Other Favorites (in no particular order): Buffalord, Skrill, Prickleboggle, Triple Stryke, Woolly Howl, Thunderdrum, Deathgripper


Somehow interested in my opinion on dragons? I (re)made a Dragon Review Here: My Dragon Review 2.0

Information about my dragons can all be found here: My Grand Dragon Family

Information about my HTTYD OCs and their dragons can all be found here: My OCs and Their Dragons


Requests From Others!

"*Banshee screech* You look so cute!" - Comet Burst

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Drawn by the terrific TosiLohi!



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Happy wife, happy life. Made by Snowflake12298!



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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...



I will no longuer put the Personality, Extra, Colors or Backstory, since those will be added in the little description!


Each dragons will be classed by kind, because classing them all at once in one class is taking me forever...


Blue means Males

Red Means Female

Green means Can't Remember Gender

Dark Turquoise means Glitched + Gender

Gold means Upcoming Dragons + Gender



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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Sand Wraith

I've gotten so many Sand Wraithes by the time I was playing, I count now 21 Sand Wraithes in my Dragon Family! I'm still gonna get more and more of them, I will never get tired to hatch some!

VanossGaming (Lvl 33 Titan Sand Wraith)

Vanoss is my rescued Sand Wraith that I meet 3 years ago, back in 2016. I got very lucky to get a Sand Wraith since these dragons are one of my favorites. Vanoss tends to be very playful towards his friends, especially Delirious the Shockjaw. They sometimes get in trouble when they get to mess with Cursery or Shadow. When he isn't playing with his friends, he prefers racing against Toothlesses and other fast dragons. He shows to like his life too! The only thing he dislikes is that many people follows him all around the map, if it happens, he can fires at them if he gets annoyed.

In a RP with a friend of mine, Vanoss is the father of Jackson, a baby Sand Wraith, who can be found in my old account. I'm planning to get him back in my main as a next Sand Wraith, I miss him a lot!


IAmAgainstHacking (Lvl 32 Titan Sand Wraith)

IAmAgainstHacking is a sort of Police Sand Wraith who fights against bad Hackers. He was once known as Gumball Watterson, but I changed his name so people doesn't treat me as a hacker when I'm not (even though it still happen lol). When Against is out, he always look around for hackers and warn me if there is. If so, I change server by hoping to not get caught.

Exception of his hackers hunt, he is quite loyal and kind, he never starts a fight with other dragons unless those fire at him first. He sometimes gets in a fight with Orokoro, since both act like Leaders, but they always get stopped by Horizon, which is funny.


Winter (Lvl 30 Titan Sand Wraith)

Icarus' little sister and Laki's partner in his Detective series, along with Dobie! She really enjoys company and can even becomes excited if she gets to meet Icarus, her brother. She tends to be uncontrolable in some moments, but she always listen to Laki. She doesn't much like racing since she always loses to Toothless and blame herself to not be useful...

When she has nothing else to do, she likes hanging out with her other friends such as RotomDex, Highlight Blue, etc. She enjoys her life as long as she has friends to play with.


DoritoChips (Lvl 17 Sand Wraith)

DoritoChips is a very... chips eater dragon. Each times she sees chips, she wants to eat some! Beware, the chips eater Sand Wraith has appeared! If you have a bag of chips, hide it when you see this Sandy around... if not... SNAPS, you chips are gone! Her favorite chips are Doritos, so better hide them even better...

She is always looking for chips to eat, but if she's full, she will go race for a while and restart her chips hunt until she gets full again, and it's always like that...


Icarus (Lvl 32 Titan Sand Wraith)

Icarus is the fierce companion of RotomDex, and he likes going on adventure with him! Despites his serious look, he is a very cute and adorable big boy! He is otherwise extremely protective to RotomDex and his family. He is known as the Spyrogias' Alpha, and has similitaries to Toothless (black skin, blue markings that looks like Alpha glow, same silhouette if watched from the sky, almost same speed, super adorable little kittens, both Strike Class, both have a rider, protective)...

Icarus likes to play with Winter when RotomDex is busy with Laki at stuff. He also likes racing a lot and never hits walls unless there's a traps or gets bumped (darn bumps lol).


Mini Sheyla (Lvl 12 Sand Wraith)

Mini Sheyla is me but as a Sand Wraith, nobody judge, I'm sure anyone could have done this xD


This Sandy has a complete different personality than me, she likes to battle and prefers being around Skulder than me... well, it doesn't bother me much since Skulder is kinda my friend. She is overprotective and doesn't want anyone to approach him, not even me or Muddy xD If so, she'll attack you...

When Skulder is too busy with discovering things, she'll just spend time alone at the camp or play alone in the muddy water, which she finds boring...


Shads (Lvl 12 Sand Wraith)

Shads is a pure black Sand Wraith (Not based on Toothless), and is proud to be! He likes to act like Toothless by copying his movements and stuff. He is Toothless' biggest fan as a Sand Wraith! Toothless otherwise finds him really annoying and tries to be far away from him, but Shads always find a way to see him again...

He doesn't have any other hobbies than being around every other Toothless he sees...


DreamLand (Lvl 15 Sand Wraith)

DreamLand is based on a Shiny Hydreigon that I obtained in a Wonder Trade. It's name was FB:DreamLand, and this inspired me to create this guy. DreamLand likes to race and is a calm Sand Wraith. He never fight others, even if those fire at him.

His hobby when he isn't racing is that he likes fishing and hanging around with friends.


Orokoro (Lvl 41 Sand Wraith)

Orokoro is my Sand Wraith's pack Leader, despites Icarus and Winter. He controls them to his will unless Toothless is around, so he'll bow to him. Orokoro shows a lot of respect and loyalty to superior dragons like Toothless. He sometimes gets in a fight with Against, who thinks he is the Leader.

In his freetime, Orokoro is racing and hanging out with friends. He sometimes spend some time alone in Tidal Stables or on Mudraker Island, where he relax the most.


Lana (Lvl 11 Sand Wraith)

Lana is based on the Pokémon Sun and Moon character.

Lana has a lot of potential, she has lots of energy and shows to be a tough girl. She has enough stamina to carry a Monstrous Nightmare! She has some rivalry with Kiawe but both get along well!

Lana likes to challenge her friends in a fishing contest, but she always win. She sometimes let her friends fish more than her then start fishing until she gets more than them!


NightSky (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Previously known as Lunala, NightSky is a very sleepy Sand Wraith. She spend most of her time at sleeping and see her awake only to eat, then it's time to sleep again. As a nocturnal Sand Wraith, it's normal, but I'll really like to see her awake and playing with my other dragons...


IRubyI (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Ruby was a Sand Wraith gotten in Battle Event, he is quite playful but also very mysterious. He has a strange ability to make Rubies grow out of the earth whenever he wants to.

He never gets angry for no reasons, but will fight if others fire at him first.


Firaona (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Firaona was gotten in the Fright of Passage Maze. I was so happy when I hatched her! Unfortunately, I expected to have a little happy and playful girl, but I got the other side of it... She's quite non-caring and prefers doing what she wants. She doesn't listen to orders but only in racing.

She really likes to annoy other dragons by firing at them. My friends and myself call her ''Little Sand Demon'', since she is a real little demon when it comes to annoy other dragons and vikings...


Oxilac (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Oxilac was also gotten by the Fright of Passage Maze. He is the best friend of Furious Jumper and joins him in every adventures! Oxilac loves adventuring and fight monsters and stuff! He is a good friend and easy to trust.

He doesn't mind being fired at, but will get annoyed and fly away if many people fires at him.


Glory (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Glory was gotten from a Battle Event chest, she loves challenges and will challenge any good racers or battlers. Her name fits her well, since she never loses a race. She is quite a challenge for everyone, even Toothless users!

Despites her absolute need of challenges, she can be kind and lovely, seing playful if she doesn't feel like challenging.


Erza (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Erza is based on Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. She is one of the adventure companion of Natsu's team. She sometimes shows up to stop the fight between Grey and Natsu if those are starting it. She shows to love Strawberry cakes and never hesitates to eat some.

She is a fierce Sand Wraith and defends everyone in need. She also likes to be around her friends for some jokes.


Sunburst (Lvl 9 Sand Wraith)

Sunburst was gotten from a Mystery Egg Chest. This little prankster likes to do jokes to everyone, and when someone is firing at him, he'll fly around them and do random acrobatics to escape them. He doesn't like being brought into a fight and tries to be away from those.

He sometimes pranks me by burrying himself in the sand and then grabs my foot, which always scares me out. Even though his jokes can be dangerous, he is sweet and caring!


Origin (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Origin was gotten from a Battle Event Chest. She is also based on my OC RotomDex Origin. She is quite gentle and likes flowers. Unlike all other Sand Wraith, her back fins are longuer than any other Sand Wraithes, which makes her unique. She can also see the future at any moment.

She can be serious at some time, but always here to check on her friends if they need help. She is defenitely a good friend to get.


Yxed (Lvl 12 Sand Wraith)

Dexy's twin and a Glitched Sand Wraith, he glitched in my stables a year after Dexy's birth. Just like Sunburst, he is a little prankster, but only toward Dexy and Taisu. Though he is used to be attacked by Taisu, he absolutely doesn't mind being in trouble.

Exception of pranking Dexy and Taisu, Yxed tends to like being in water at swimming or visiting other people's stables, so when someone enters their stable, they could see a Sand Wraith standing on their Stable Quests board...


Kashi (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Kashi is based on my Pykacynd OC. He is quite playful and friendly, but can shows to be quite protective and dangerous if provoked. He likes to hang out with QuickSilver, and shows to like her the way she is despites her blind eyes.

Kashi can also be a good company dragon to babies if needed!


QuickSilver (Lvl 9 Sand Wraith)

QuickSilver, also nicknamed BlindEyes. She was blind since her birth, and tried to survive on her own, but Kashi found her and started to take care of her. Both growed a stong bond, and they never separate from each other.

When she is in trouble, she fleeds to hide until Kashi comes to protect her and help her out.


Mayonnaise (Lvl 10 Sand Wraith)

Mayonnaise is a really energetic Sand Wraith. Nothing makes her tired unless she's hungry. She actually prefers eating fishes that has a bunch of mayonnaise sauce on them... and this is from where he name comes from!

Unlike many other Sand Wraithes, her body lets out a little smell of mayonnaise. It sometimes attracts other dragons to her and this makes her shy and flies off to hide somewhere...

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Welcome To My Signature!


(Beware, Under Construction!)  




     Profile picture by me





Pastel my oc's eyes, gif by me (:

Main Viking: Nightmareoforever


Main Dragons


Luna (Female Night Fury) 


Scorpion (Female Triple Stryke) 


LightzBoy (Male Titan Skrill)


Eclipse (female sand wraith)


SeaFoam (Male Tide Glider)


CloudLeaper (Male Stormcutter)


Clan: Isle of gazoo


 My favourite dragons are night furies, sand wraiths,

flightmares,skrills, windwalkers, stormcutters, tide

gliders and some dragons i made up :P


Amount Of Trophies: 5473 (Working On Them )



Amount Of Dragons: Around 68 or more (ALOT)


Hobbies: Flying Around,Racing And Making New 




Friend Code ~ PM Me If You Want To Know :P



Stars: 3 Gold!


About me: I like editing dragons, PM me if you

want a edit, I might be able to do it. I cant draw

digital and i cant draw vikings. I play riders of 

icarus sometimes.My favourite colours are all

shades of blue :P



Flightmare by me (my first edit)


                                                         Me and melodyfang



Moon, another of my night fury oc's by NeverendingSilverstorm :D

Moon, one of my Night Fury oc's by the brilliant NeverendingSilverstorm :D

 Goldenclaw my nightfury oc (Edit by me)




Mistymoon, my titan Flightmare by the talented XxSilver.MoonxX :3



Mistymoon by amazing Feenix the Fire :D



Mistymoon by the skillful Mel la ^^

My beautiful windwalker, Sky Diver

Eclipse my sandwraith by the awesome ZestyDragonWing

Me and Sky Diver by skilled RedHoodJason!

Silvia my Light Fury oc by ZestDragonWing! :D

All by the amazing AndreaEaston! <3

Sapphire and Stormstriker by the talented silveraven! <:



Im to lazy to edit my siggy now so uh WIP I guess xD


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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Monstrous Nightmare

The Monstrous Nightmare is my second favorite starter dragon after Deadly Nadder if I'm not a Member. I'm not using them a lot but I sure love my Alloes! She was the one that came with me for the first three expansions, and I was happy to have her on my side!

Alloes (Lvl 42 Titan Monstrous Nightmare)

Alloes was my second dragon after VanossGaming, and I love her! She was with me for so long until I get done with my three first expansion. I sorta forgot about her until I started to show off my Titans to a friend, then remembered how precious she was to me. I felt really bad to leave her behind all this time...

Alloes is very caring and likes to help others. Unlike most Monstrous Nightmare, her gel doesn't flame her up, but instead does a sort of healing gel on injured ones. She was based on a medicinal plant xD


FireFly (Lvl 32 Titan Monstrous Nightmare)

FireFly was named after a YouTuber's Pteranodon in Ark: Survival Evolved.

FireFly is a calm Nightmare and never enters in fight, but he tends to lost control of himself if attacked by many other dragons. Other Nightmares like to follow him around the maps, which doesn't bother him.

FireFly likes to race against others, but sometimes finishes in walls, but he finds that funny and keep going on his way to victory!


Ash (Lvl 14 Monstrous Nightmare)

Ash is based on the main character of the anime series Pokémon.

He travels the archipelago with his friends, especially Pikachu and RotomDex. He likes adventuring in all island as long as he can see dragons he never have seen before.

Ash otherwise doesn't like a lot Snotlout and roars at him each times he sees him, probably because he keeps yelling at Ash saying he can do better than roasting little targets.


Charizard (Lvl 11 Monstrous Nightmare)

Charizard is Ash's oldest and probably strongest friend. They sadly don't see each other a lot since Charizard is still training in the volcano with other Monstrous Nightmares.

Charizard is quite loyal to Ash, and likes to fight strong opponents. He even once won against a water type!


Bob (Lvl 13 Monstrous Nightmare)

Bob is a Nightmare that always thinks everything he does is good. He doesn't trust humans at all and even bite, seing fire at them if they get too close. He earlier bites Kasanelover's hand and thought it was something good, or course, he didn't received his fishes for this...

Bob is a very selfish and likes to hang out with dragons like Shadow and Cursery. He never hesitate to start a fight whenever he wants, so better be prepared to that...


MakeMeGLOW (Lvl 10 Monstrous Nightmare)

GLOW likes to shiny and show her bright color to everyone. Each times I make her active, I need to use one of my glow. He personal favorite is yellow, but I'm trying to not spend them all for her. Sometimes, she goes take some while I'm racing with my other dragons, and when I'm coming back from racing, BAM, she's glowing.

GLOW is actually really nice and easy-living, so don't be afraid to approach her.


OAngoraO (Lvl 10 Monstrous Nightmare)

Angora is based on a RotomDex OC.

Unlike other Nightmares, Angora is very fluffy, and she doesn't seem bothered that other people or dragons sleep on her, unless they are bigger than her. She seems to be calm, just like MakeMeGLOW. She shares a good friendship with Origin and Phosphorus.

She doesn't want to fight but will do if necessary.


OTeslaO (Lvl 10 Monstrous Nightmare)

Tesla is a very calm but curious Nightmare. She tends to not care at being fired at and flies off if too many people are around her. She doesn't like to race a lot and prefers being alone in a corner. She doesn't have much friends either, but she doesn't seem bothered by that...

She otherwise likes Battle Events, and fire at the battle ship with no mercy, her eyes are showing burning grounds and a ship cemetery each times it's Battle Event time... a real little angel-demon...


This Dragon (Lvl 10 Monstrous Nightmare)

Both This and That Dragon are twins, though not being born the same day, they share the (almost) same color and the same mother (Alloes).

This Dragon was born before That Dragon, who has hatched the following day. This Dragon's nature is quite... strange... she likes to annoy other dragons, sometimes she doesn't like to annoy others... sometimes she likes to battle, sometimes not... etc... her behavior varies with either season or her own mood.


That Dragon (Lvl 10 Monstrous Nightmare)

Both This and That Dragon are twins, though not being born the same day, they share the (almost) same color and the same mother (Alloes).

That Dragon (unlike This Dragon) has a easier control on her mood. Though being called ''demon'' because of her colors by other dragons, she's a real angel and likes the company of others. But if someone dares foring at This Dragon, she'll take her defense and will fight until the other dragon retreat. Such a good sister!

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Me needs to track :D 

I love your sand wraiths so much!!




                   Viking Name: AlphaWinterNightFury                                       

                    Dragon Name:Senri                                                                 

                    Dragon Species: Light Fury                                                                                         

                    Uhhh... Goodbye!! ^ - ^     





        Credits to amazing The BlobfishQueen for drawing Senri !



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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...


Deathgrippers are among one of my most favorite dragons in the HTTYD Franchise! I love how they look and their deadly mantis looking grippers! I'm planning to get an army of those :3


Guardian (Lvl 21 Titan Deathgripper)

Guardian is my fierce and most loyal Deathgripper. Unlike most of them, he doesn't kill other dragons and prefers feeding himself on fishes and chicken eggs. Since the day he saved Toothless from a Monstrous Nightmare after killing his mother because he was controlled, he started to take care of him and promised to never kill any other dragons ever again.

He doesn't mind being fired at by Night or Light Furies, but will otherwise defend them if they get fired at.


Venoma (Lvl 2 Deathgripper)

Venoma is my terror Deathgripper. She likes attacking and annoying little dragons for absolute no reason! Her favorite preys: Terrible Terrors and Night/Fire Terrors!

She dislikes being followed and firing at by other dragons, and if so, she'll fire at them with no hesitation. She doesn't even show respect to my friends...


Smoothie (Lvl 10 Deathgripper)

A really fearful Deathgripper! Smoothie really don't like being fired at and will fly off and hide if it happens. She likes company and prefers flying rather than staying on the ground. She sleeps a lot under the trees and appreciate being rubbed on her chin.


Scorpio (Lvl 20 Titan Deathgripper)

Scorpio, unlike all other Deathgripper, is in fact a Healgripper. His acid has a purple-pink color and doesn't flame up on contact, but instead becomes glue-like and starts to heal all wounds. As for his sting, a single stung can heal badly poisoned people and dragons. He is immune to any kind of poison, included Deathgripper's.

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Night/Light Fury


Space Stars (Aka Toothless Lvl 50 Night/Space Fury)

Space Stars has something very special... nothing can hit him, not even a slap. Even though he has a skin and everything for him to be real, there's absolutely nothing that can touch him unless it's a physical attack.

Space Stars can be seen flying around the Hidden World or some other maps with Fury, a Light Fury. He doesn't really like to attack others but will do if it is to defend Fury.


Snowdrop (Light Fury Lvl 21)

Snowdrop is a fearless Light Fury. Though her look makes her looks weak, she is in fact very strong, and doesn't back off in front of an enemy. Unlike most Light Furies, Snowdrop doesn't cloak herself by using plasma blasts. She prefers camouflaging in the snow, since her skin is white and smooth.

She actually is my best dragon for racing! She beats any records that Space Stars do!

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Le track!

I'm tracking everyone's thread who shares their dragons (or at least hoping to). I loved reading everything about your dragons!


Andy/Andrea/Hadrian • They/He/She/Whatever • 20 • Libra • Parent of One Million Fictional Kids

Played since the beginning; became UDT on 7/14/19

Favorite Dragons: Deadly Nadder, Death Song, Thunderdrum, Silver Phantom, Stormcutter, Flightmare, Speedstinger

(i'm picky and edgy, ok?)

I love creepy things, orchestral music, witch vibes, the ocean, runes and oddities!

I do the art, I do the write*, I do the obsessive oc collecting

Jooooooin meeeeeee

*i mean, i mostly write fanfic that will never see the light of day-

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...


Skrills are my favorite dragons in all of the HTTYD franchise. I just love how ferocious and dangerous they are! If I get to have Skrill eggs all over my bed, I'll hatch them without hesitation and fly to the school like a real pro.


RotomDex (Lvl 50 Titan Skrill)

RotomDex is my main and most favorite dragon of all! He has been inspired by the Rotom PokéDex from the Sun and Moon anime. He was first known as Shockwave but this changed pretty much within the years! This is because of him that Skrills became my most favorite dragons!

RotomDex, as my main dragon, is always the first one at having everything. He especially loves racing, hanging out with his friends, and spending some time flying around the islands with Derpy. Though he looks quite friendly and really nice, do not attack any of his friends or family member... he'll be really mad and might risk to attack you without mercy.


Wizzro (Lvl 33 Titan Skrill)

Wizzro is based on a character of Hyrule Warriors. Unlike any Skrills, his powers of lightning are transformed into dark magic, which he uses to attack his enemies. He wears on his neck a necklace with a red ruby on it. When mad, he can summon from his dark magic a big wing, which can grab his enemies and slap them on the ground.

Wizzro also somewhat is... well... lazy... he prefers sleeping and being at one place instead of flying, playing or racing... but when he's mad, you better run... and you should never wake him up from his naps!


Dusk Lightning (Lvl 30 Titan Skrill)

Dusk Lightning is called ''Fake Dex'' because of her colors. She looks EXACTLY like RotomDex, but two things can tell their difference: Their genders and Dusk Lightning's dark blue color. Though she looks like RotomDex, she is way more calm and prefers flying calmly rather than racing and having traps in her face.

Dusk is rather sensitive and prefers being away from others, unless she is with her friends. She isn't bothered at being called RotomDex She dislikes being fired at and will fly off to hide.


Zira (Lvl 10 Skrill)

Zira is a young adventurous Skrill. She adores adventuring around with Izzro, Wizzro's youngest brother. Her name was normally based by another OC from someone else, but I only removed a R from the name and made things completely different from the person's OC. I don't like copying others... ANYWAY!

Zira doesn't mind being fired at but will surely defend Izzro no matter what happens. She dislikes threats and that people talk bad about Izzro. She'll protect her best friend until her death.


Neon (Lvl 20 Titan Skrill)



Volt (Lvl 10 Skrill)



Shogeki (Lvl 10 Skrill)



Furious Jumper (Lvl 10 Skrill)



Seiteki (Lvl 33 Titan Skrill)



Wizz (Lvl 10 Skrill)



ArcticAurora (Lvl 10 Skrill)



Lavender (Lvl 10 Skrill)



Izzro (Lvl 10 Skrill)



OIrisO (Lvl 9 Skrill)

Iris is Sheyla's (owl version) banned Owlyan. She is a serious, fearless, fighter and fearsome dragon. She rules over an army of 250 dragons alongside Shadow, the Grapple Grounder. She was always on quest with her ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey, a Snow Wraith. Until he joins Sheyla's side and fight against Iris and her minions.

Fightful nature, Iris always want to fight with dragons that fire at her. She can even fire at innocent people is she wants to. Uncontrollable Skrill, she is one fearsome dragon to deal with.

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...

Snow Wraith


Frozen (Lvl 33 Fire Wraith Titan)



Dexy (Lvl 13 Snow Wraith)



Vlair (Lvl 10 Snow Wraith)



OAryO (Lvl 10 Snow Wraith)



Kubo (Lvl 10 Snow Wraith)


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My Relationship With Bob in a Nutshell


Why Bob, wwhhhyyy?

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RotomDex Roasted My Subject...


It fits so well!! *dies of laugher*


Bob: *watches you with a psycho face*