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seen a few of these and I wanted to make a thread thing of all my dragons too! I'll add on to this if/when I get more dragons

Torque the Whispering Death

Torque is my oldest dragon, he's six years old. I got him at the game's launch and he's very special to me. He's one of the Whisper Triplets

Chomper the Whispering Death

Chomper is Torque's brother and the middle Triplet

Jewel the Whispering Death

Jewel is their sister and the youngest of the three

Blueberry the Razorwhip

I really like the colors I picked for her, and I might make her my next titan. I think they'd look extra beautiful

Zeina the Boneknapper

She's the second of my dragons that I've bumped to titan. Now she's Big and Scary, with wonderfully purple horns!

Blood Scream the Screaming Death

Blood Scream is my pride and joy! When Screaming Deaths came out I immediately started saving up my gems to get her! She was my first titan and she's just stunning!

Shockwave the Screaming Death

I recently got Shockwave from a random egg chest. He's now Blood Scream's adopted son!

Snakehead the Devilish Dervish

This is my lovely girl. She might look a little unfriendly but she's very kind!

Squishy the Snafflefang

Squishy is a very good and soft boy

Novalight the Shivertooth

She is spikey and pretty and a good mom

Jellybean the Shivertooth

This is her son, he can't fly yet

Jessibee the Fireworm Queen

Her head is very bright and her tail very long

Sir Shoutsalot the Thunderdrum

Him yell

Crunchy the Groncicle

Crunchy is very cold but that's not her fault

Limabean the Death Gripper

Green green lima bean! He might look mean but he's a sweetheart

Bug the Mudraker

Bug can't fly yet either. He likes to sleep and play with Squishy

Disemboweler the Crimson Goregutter

Don't let her name fool you-she's very big and full of love

Chocolate the Monstrous Nightmare

He likes sweets but isn't allowed to have any because he's a dragon

Siren the Tide Glider

Isn't she pretty? She thinks so!

Golden Grace the Sentinel

She's a little shy but delightful to have around

Sandstone the Sand Wraith

She likes to cuddle but watch out for those spikes!

Forrest the Deadly Nadder

Fall is his favorite time of year!

Torpedo the Deadly Nadder

Forrest's brother. Torpedo likes to splash on the beach!

Fruit Pop the Deadly Nadder

Fruit Pop enjoys playing with her three brothers very much! But playing with them sure is tiring

Cuttleclaw the Scuttleclaw

Cuttle might not be a Nadder, but that didn't stop the others from adopting him as their energetic little brother!

Plumb the Shockjaw

Plumb is a little on the feisty side, but that just makes her more fun!

Applesauce the Raincutter

Backpack for his applesauce, backpack for his applesauce-

TwistyPop the Hideous Zippleback

Twisty and Pop argue a lot but when you're stuck to the same body, who can blame you?

Bobble the Gronckle

Last but certainly not least, here's Bobble! He's just a sleepy dog

And that's all my dragons!



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I have more dragons

More dragons have been obtained as well as old dragons being titaned up. I'm not...gunna put little quips this time

we'll start with the newly titaned:

Twisty and Pop





now the new ones

Bone Breaker

Scoochtape (Scotchtape wasn't allowed lol) because I needed a third Screaming Death



Orange Peel (who I wish I named Bone Meal tbh)

Jawnasha (really love the color of her wings)