all clan leader help me please

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Guys how can i get member from forum?
i have already make a lot of topic "Saber Tooth Tiger recruiting join us now"
Even i say "please reply" they just read
i know maybe iam a bad leader but i will do my best to growing up my family. :'(


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Im sure your not a bad

Im sure your not a bad leader. I was having the same problem your having.... My clan is the Berk Academy Returned... i waited a long time before i had people PM me about joinning. but when you wait, you will end up getting the perfect members for your growing family. after weeks of trying to get members, i got 3 amazing new members to the Berk Academy Returned Family who are loyal, honest, and hard working :D just wait it out, tell your new members like it is (Being an honest leader will take you farther), and dont give up :) Your clan will grow in time :D GO SABER TOOTH TIGERS!



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Don't worry bud! Have

Don't worry bud! Have patience and let them come to you! I have the same problem with my clan.


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thx guys :')

Thx guys that help :')

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Recruiting can be really

Recruiting can be really difficult. I know I struggled for the first week or so. Make a thread about your clan in the Vahalla forum. Include details about what makes your clan great. What is special about it? Is it a relaxed interest group? or a competitive, trophy earning group? What do you plan to do with your clan in the future? Will you have fun parties, tournaments, contests? 


As your clan grows, you can post about your clan's rank and member slots and achievements. Make banners and post them in your signature for all to see.


There's lots you can do. =) But don't worry if you only get a few members in the first few weeks. It will pick up as you have more members and trophies. People will be joining left and right! 


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