All about Raising Dragon and Dragon Care

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I am sharing my Experience in Dragon Raising to those who are New Players.


Happiness Bar


Happiness bar is the second bar in Left uppermost corner. 

The game should teach you how to raise happiness I am only merely sharing Tips.


Tips #1: Dont ever feed dragon Eel. This action will cause happiness bar to go down rapidly and to restore happiness bar cost engery which you get from fishes and eel, which you will waste on raising Happiness bar.


Tips #2: I recommend raising happiness bar before you start feeding fish to your dragon so that you wont waste new engery you recieve from fishes.


Engery bar


Engery bar is first bar in left uppermost corner.


The game should teach you how to raise engery I am only merely sharing Tips.


Tips #1: Struggling to catch fish? Tired of wasting gem on store fish? Don't fret so. The Bait shop, Minnow Fish aka one of the Bait which cost 12 coin is edible for your dragon and would raise your engery by 5+ 


Tips #2: Read Tip 2 of Happiness Bar, that tip apply here too.




Tips #1: keep your Engery and Happiness Bar maxed out to level up dragon bond easily.


Tips #2: Follow above tip will help you reach level ten which will transform your dragon into adult or deepen your bond. You can buy Instant grow at Flight Club for 500 gem or "$5.00" In real Life.



If you know more tips, Feel free to share more Tips Below for our new players


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Raising Dragon

This is a descriptive and nice idea. Between, the third yellow bar don't have name. Is that just normal ?