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Are you broke? You or your parents don't want to spend money on gems or membership? Me neither! In this guide I will share my tips on how to get as much free stuff as possible.



  • Mobile is your friend

If you have the phone or tablet to run SoD, download it, you can get so much more by playing 30 minutes on mobile a day than playing hours on pc.

  1. Watching videos for gems. In the top right corner of the screen, you have an icon where you can watch videos to earn gems. You can watch it 3 times a day with wait time of 1 hour. This will give you 30 gems a day. Login every day to get daily reward gems as well, meaning in a week you can get around 265 gems.
  2. Watching videos for treasure chests. If you play on mobile, you can sometimes see these big treasure chests with colourful particles around. These are a life saver of a broke player! I got 3 eggs, 14 defender saddles, 15 skins, advanced rod and many more from them! You can get around 5 of these a day.
  3. Watching videos to speed things up. You can get some cheap items like seeds or bait for free in the store by again, watching an ad. I dont recommend watching it to get the stuff, you can actually click on the animal itself and harvest it by watching the vid instead, skipping over the wait time. You can also watch a video to get a fish if they get away (but you don't get xp from it). I also use it fo speed up long stable quests, watching a video there will cut the time for the quest by a half!
  • Redeem codes

    Sometimes, SoD releases these codes you can claim to get free stuff! So far, I know 4 that still work, and usually if any new appear, they're posted here as well.
    lavaeater - Eruptodon egg
    cloudcover - Full stormcutter armor
    skrillthrill - Skrill armor (without shoulder pads)
    takeflight - Skyrunner flight suit

  • Coin expansion packs

    This one is pretty obvious, buy the Icestorm Island and Battle for the edge expansions since they're in store for coins. You get a free dragon out of both expansions, coins, xp and UDT points.

  • Quests

    Not all quests are created equally, some are a waste of time, some are worth it. Get to the "Explore the Dark Depths" quest asap and you'll get a free whispering death egg.

  • Achivements

    These are a great way to get free stuff. Some don't get you much but others are really good! One of my favourites is the "Master Racer" achivement where you collect sheep in racing. If you collect 1000 of them you can get a free stable chest, wild saddle chest and a mystery dragon chest. Some also give you gems, mostly the flight club ones like complete 10 hero levels, get 45 A+ in flight club etc. Adding up to 900 gems in achivements (500 are sadly locked behind the Rise of Stormheart and Secret of the leviathan expansions)

  • Battle events

    Even though battle events are seriously broken, sometimes they can still work! Take your chance with them and try your best, the better your score will be, the better rewards (gold usually has saddles, gems or dragon eggs)

  • Mystery stable

    Mystery stable contains a chest with 300 gems in it, already paying for itself. If you get membership, even trial is enough, you'll get 60 gems. There are many tricks on how to get even thousands of gem of this but im no expert on that so just CLICK HERE to get on thread that explains it much better than I ever could 

  • Forums are the best!

    There are already many more guides on how to get gems and other stuff, go read them! They're helpful, fun to read and im sure the authors will be happy to help others.


Feel free to add to this thread, post links on other threads and let's all just have fun :D


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*Visible Excitement* How do I

*Visible Excitement* How do I redeem a code owo?? (I've been playing for 6 years and have never figured that out xD)


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thanks for the tips! i never really did battles before but maybe ill try it if they give good rewards...

as for the redeem codes, i think you just google SoD redeem code, then it gives you a website where you just type in the code and your username then it should give you the stuff for free





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Did someone say, Dragon Banners?? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your  Dragon Games


Did someone say, Dragon Banners?? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your  Dragon Games


Did someone say, Dragon Banners?? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your  Dragon Games



Did someone say, Dragon Banners?? | School of Dragons | How to Train Your  Dragon Games


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All my Dragon Banners! - Berk's Forumvine












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Swiftail, stop racing the redeem codes!


For the redeem codes, you have to connect on the SoD website (click on the logo up the forum page) and then open this page:

I didn't use it in quite some time so I hope it's the right link. When you write the redeem code and click "redeem", it should tell you you got the promotion, and when you come back to the game, check in your backpack for the eggs or the avatar section for the flightsuit.

Hope that helps !


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Froggy - Light green Hobgobbler - Lvl 50

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Swiftail is racing my subject


I too am not buying membership nor gems for real money, and I can confirm all you listed is correct and works perfectly.


For the ads chests, I wrote a topic in the player's tips section: Ads chests in the Wilderness (I wrote the title before finding out the ads chests were also elsewhere ^^). And yes, they really are useful to get stables, Berk dragons eggs, saddles, etc. I mean, I got more stables this way than buying them with gems! And before getting new dragons, you need stables for these dragons.


To get more gems, I'll add that when you open you game for the first time of the day, do it on mobile, and then you get the "hey thanks for connecting each day" screen (yeah, I know, that's not the exact text ^^') that gives you mystery chests and gems. There, at the bottom of that screen, you have two buttons, one on the left "get more gems" (you get 2 gems) and another one similar on the right, where you have either "invite a friend", and "get more gems" again. You can watch up to 3 ads with the latter button, with 2 gems per ads. So that makes 8 more gems each day on the welcoming screen. It's not much, but it's a start, moreover if you don't pay for gems.


As for the battle events, there's broke, sadly, yet, when they work, it's really great. I think one investment that can be done for the battle events is Scauldron or Hobblegrunt. I got my Hobblegrunt egg through a bronze reward once, and brought my Scauldron, but with both dragon I manage to get gold reward each time, firing from the recharge stations. And even before getting these dragons, if you had a Sand Wraith as starter, they're great too from the stations.

(I know some people think it's cheating to play this way, but I see it with a different perspective: without dragons at the recharge station, we'd lose more often and even those who get bronze would get less. So it's a win-win for everyone.)


I will just add one thing to the list:

Visit the wiki: it's well explained, and well illustrated by screenshots. It's well updated, and sometimes, you can get answers to glitches of quest bugs that are known and explained there. Plus, if you have a question, you don't have to have an account to post a comment.


Keep on the good game, everyone!


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I've always wondered: how the

I've always wondered: how the HECK do people fire from the stations? I've tried it on every battle dragon I have, none of them work.


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Strokkur, you're needed for a tutorial


When shooting from the recharge stations, you first need a dragon that shoot straight, like Scauldron, Hobblegrunt or Sand Wraith. Elder Sentinels are great too. Ive seen people play with Prickeboggles, it seems to work fine too. But no Nightmare, Whispering Death, Zippleback, you'll fire everything but the ship with them.

As from which station you shoot, it depends. I prefer the one above Dragon Tactics, yet I've seen people aiming better from the other further in the bay.

Then, I find it easier to play on mobile with the accelerometer, because you just have to put your phone or tablet with the right inclination, your dragon doesn't move a lot and you all you have to do is move softly to follow the ship.

It's possible on computer too, but as the dragons always come back to horizontal once you let go of the keyboard's arrows, you always need to readjust your aim each time you fire.