Adventures of a Book Hiccup fan

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It is such a privilege for me to finally display these pictures after being unable to post any for six months. This is my long awaited moment to introduce my avatar with his newer outfit, designed to look like the original Hiccup, as seen in the last few books. For comparison, I want to show my Photoshop artwork of him with his dragons, in a scene from How to Betray a Dragon's Hero. I combined my own drawing with modified background elements from School of Dragons and Riders of Berk.

Displaying Injured Hiccup with Dragons.jpg

Even my dragon Sparkflare is meant to look like Windwalker, Hiccup's riding dragon.

Displaying Teen Hiccup & Windwalker.jpg

I hope you liked my artwork and character.

Keep checking for screenshots of our journeys, including re-enactments of scenes from book 10 and 11 of Hiccup's memoirs.


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2nd/3rd attempt at showing pictures

I now have everything sorted out, so here are the pictures I mentioned above.

(HD version of my drawing)



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Flying from danger

These next shots represent Hiccup flying away from the destruction and danger. When the Dragon Rebellion is going on, they are never far away. In case you are not familiar with the books, this is very similar to how the Bewilderbeast commands almost all the dragons to conquer the lands. I imagine Hiccup escaping from an island where he has been spotted and chased by an enemy Viking tribe.

And as he flies away, he sees wrecks scattered across the sea in the wake of the Dragon Rebellion. Not a single person is spared, and neither will Hiccup be if the dragons find him.

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Hiding in the Forest

Risking his life day after day undoing the dragon-traps the Vikings had been setting for the dragons, and constantly running away from the humans and the terrifying hunting-dragons of the Dragon Rebellion had really taken it out of him.

So there in the moonlight, Hiccup looked like what he was.

Afraid, alone.

-How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel


Finally, after a long day of escapes and swordfights, Hiccup and Windwalker can go to sleep.

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Scenes from "How to Betray a Dragon's Hero"

After the Dragon Furious burns down the land, Hiccup and his companions fly over collapsed mountains covered with smoldering trees to look for Alvin's war bunker.


When they come to a waterfall, Snotlout tells them they have to fly behind it to get to the enemy camp. So the Deadly Shadow camouflages, flying between them and the enemy to keep them hidden. (You can't see him in the picture!)


Near the end, Hiccup tries to sail to the Isle of Tomorrow with the King's Lost Things. The Winter Wind blows in, making it nearly impossible to continue. Then Alvin's dragons find him and destroy the ship. Hiccup is cast into the sea, and the dragons dive for the Lost Things.