[admins]The lab game-box

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Hey so you did an event

we had to score a certain amount of points in the lab

well I did more then 15 000 and i cant find my box!

People told me it is in your bag,welll he is not in my bag

So can you give me my price?

My character is Ares Lam from the Wings of Royalty

Thank you and please fix this!


(click on my profile pict to see a cool gif and go at the end of my signatureto see my RP character and dragon)

Wolf and Winter




                                            Roleplay character:


Wolf Hofferson:

Viking Name:Wolf Hofferson

Nickname (optional):Wolfy when people tease him



Appearance:messy hair,middle lenght hair,light brown hair,grey blue eyes

leather brown shoes,grey pants,his pauldrons are wolf fur,his top is similar

to the flight suit.


                  _Likes telling jokes

                 _Try to look good in front of people



History (optional):Cousin of Astrid,born to be a warrior.

His flightmare,Firefly,died in the war against Drago.

Extras (optional):_Good with weapons


                           _Likes chemistry

                          _Help Gobber in the forge to make saddles

Dragon Name:Winter

Dragon Breed:Stormcuter

Dragon Gender:Cloudjumper's mate((idk if he's a boy or a girl xD))

Dragon Appearance:


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Ah same.. It's been 3 days and I didn't get my red chest! >.<


☪           멈추지 말고 계속 해나가기만 한다면 늦어도 상관없다           

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Really admins,I bought gems and membership to support you

so you get money to fix bugs fix this one please