Admins please help!!

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I have been experiencing another  few bugs , account wavesync1416 ,

Character name : Aria Wolfborne

1: when i log in the same bug appears again ...  give the prisim to hiccup  , im not a memeber anymore so i tought the bugs would stop since i cant do the quests anymore but no!! it starts all over again i have to go see heather , do the experiment  and after listen to what she has to say and after that no more quests...  and when i log back in well it appears again and i cant complete it all the same!! its verry unplesant.


2: Still cant complete  fishleg's rock quest , why ?  caus i cant find the last rocks  the game bugged when i picked up some of the rocks so now im missing a few!! there is no arrow pointing to its possible location all it does is pointing towards fishlegs caus i have to give him the rocks that i dont have!


3: i can't complete snoutlouts sentry point quest caus sentry point  dosent seem to exist anymore! everytime i go where the arrow points i end up outside shcool at the caldera...


4: I recently started phlegma's new quest about replanting , a mistake from the game  happend i picked up 3 bags of seeds and 3 bags of compost but now i cannot finish the quest because the game says i have 4 bags of one and 2 bags of the other .... i would really like to complete the quest.


please admins , help me out i really enjoy this game ! if there is a way for you to delete the quests i have in order to retake them it would be great !

Thank you for reading this , ill be waiting for your answer soon!



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Me too

Me too i have the problem with sentry point..... its like it never existed, but i have to finish the quest by going there... i would love to finish the quest...


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Nah, more seriously, i'm a huge fan of Httyd and i loooove school of dragons. I'm an artist. I draw, i sclupt, i write (i'm writing many books, but my main is a story of an half dragon. Its in french, because, you know, french canadian....) and i loooove listening music. I'm always listening music. The best soumdtrack in the world is the soundtrack of Httyd 2. I can listen to it for hours without stopping. My favorite is the song "if you will marry me", the wedding song of Stoïc and Valka. 


Good luck!

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i understand...

i know ... its really unfortunate i hope the admins can fix it :S

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Hello! Thank you for reporting these issues. If you could please provide us with your username and viking name. THank you! 

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i need help with siggy

hey Brynjolf can u tell me how to make my sicnture or people call it siggy becuase i cant figure out how to get the gifs and the pictures on it thanks!


                                      Welcome to my signature of my own

Hey guys welcome to my signature. I will tell you a lot of my self. Plz do read

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dragon packs: ice storm island and dragon island   Dragons- stormcutter- cloudjunper and blue ring) deadly nadders- sharp look, Christmas, Briggan, and stormfly) rumblehorns- skullcrusher, and rosecrusher) wholly howls- toothless) 




The card made by Catiedragon or it's catiedragons       


  Shane is my favorite character in spirit animals and I really like him he is amazing and super cool and it's sad what happens in fall of the beast series book 4 burning  tide. 

I really like star wars. It is my favorite movies and httyd, and universal, and others.



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Toothless, where is my subject?

I use TinyPic ( but there are also other ways to post/place a picture or GIF in your signature (like


Here for TinyPic: (picture)

Tab/click choose file and choose an image. Click on upload and then copy the link address. Go to the SoD forum where you can edit your signature and click on the picture symbol. Paste the link, click on OK and done =)


Here for TinyPic: (GIF)

Goes the same as the picture, but before uploading click on 'video'.


This is literally translated from my language because I've no idea how it's all called in English. 

Hope this helped =)




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of course ! thank you for answering me :D

user name : wavesync1416

Viking name : Aria Wolfborne

hopefully you will be able to fix it!i love the game !!