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I saw someone on a Boneknapper, and I have a picture to prove it!

Admins, please explain!


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Does the player with the

Does the player with the Boneknapper have a name in the picture?

Because if they do, you have sufficient proof of hacking to send to the Admins.

No one can own a Boneknapper yet, until maybe the end of this week when it will(hopefully) be officially released.

So what you saw was a hacker, and I would advise you to PM >Brynjolf< with your picture.


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Yes, I'm pretty sure that a name is showing in the picture. Thank you.

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Why do you people think it's hacking when it could just be an admin testing the dragon out on multiplayer? Show me proof of the actual hack an I'll believe you but untill then I'll just assume your assuming hacking. People aren't that stupid to go on multiplayer with a hacked dragon (or at least I hope not) so probably test run by an admin or someone who is making sure the dragon acts right on multiplayer. I'm just sayin not guilty unless proven and I see no proof people are hacking dragons (but I have seen gem and coin hacks so I believe you people on that part). 


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Lol yeah Admins wouldnt test

Lol yeah Admins wouldnt test on Multiplayer either, It would give away the next dragon for sure. people hack dragons for popularity, so whats single player gonna get em? 




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No one can see you in multiplayer

In single player no one can see you or your dragons (not can you be shot at but random people, CEASEFIRE). I prefer it to multiplayer so that I'm not shot at with fireballs. I mainly play flight club to earn coins that I'll need for future use like saddles or something along those lines. 

Sirenemoon (not verified)
Sorry Dragon Drawer....

It's a hacked dragon, and we know because the admins themselves came out and told us so.  They said that the BoneKnapper was going to be the next dragon officially released, but the hackers went into SoD's computer and hacked it and ruined the surprise for everybody.  It still isn't supposed to be in game, and we are supposed to send all pictures and proofs of hackers to the admins, because they are going to take away all of their dragons permanently, and they are not allowed to have dragons ever again.  Somebody asked what's to stop them from just making another account and doing it again, and the admins replied not to worry, they are working on fixing that problem too.  

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I am mistaken and sorry

I didn't know the admins said it was a hack. 

Sirenemoon (not verified)
No worries.

No worries.  It is impossible to keep up with all the threads.  Some of them come and go so quickly, it is very easy to miss stuff.  

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I know it's a hack

Hey I know that it is a hack but one thing. How can they hack a dragon before it is released unless it was already made, meaning you can basically tell which dragon is going to be released before the admins tell because they have already made it. However it might not be as possible as the hacker can't always do that because it might not have been made yet or the hacker doesn't even know that it's possible to even hack it yet. Hey, I am just throwing an idea out there for people, I am mot debating here.

Sirenemoon (not verified)

Well, I am not sure (I am not a computer expert by ANY stretch of the imagination), but I think the developer's had  made the dragon already, because they said in their anti-hacking update post that they were going to be getting ready to release it as a surprise for us, but the hackers ruined the surprise.  But, what I think happened, from what I have been hearing, is that the hackers somehow got into SoD's computer system and found the dragon that the Sod developers had been working on and took the code for it so they could hack it into the game.   The hackers are getting bolder and bolder.  Look how the forums have been hacked twice already recently.   I will be so happy when this hacking chapter in our game is over with once and for all, and we can all get back to having some good, clean, honest fun with our dragon companions!

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Agreement with the last statement

Yeah that'll be fun so that people can stop making a gigantic fuss and just play the game like normal people (not to affend any SoD anti-hack memebers but it's a big deal right now and it's everywhere (almost))