Admins Not a Good Idea

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This was a bad idea implementing an update while players were able to access the game, as many of us have bought the Skrill egg before it has been fully added and now you owe a large number of players gem refunds.


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Well my game wont load I think theyre fixing it right now :/



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Mine Too

I certainly hope that's what they're doing. That, or maybe they just shut the game down for the weekend so they don't have new complaints anymore. They've got one Bewilderbeast of a mess to clean up, that's for sure.
I wouldn't be surprised if they don't refund our gems though.




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Same! They're probably fixing it. Ahh I wonder how the baby Skrill looks like :3

And btw, the baby dragons are different now - they look more cute!


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I totaly agree

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