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ok, so i created a clan, called the flame raiders, and i logged in earlier today,and everything was fine. i was still the leader, and everything was perfect. i log in a couple of hours later, and i was KICKED OUT OF MY CLAN!!! i found that i was no longer leader of my clan, and that i was now a member of another clan! i NEVER even got a request to join this clan, and i CEARTAINLY, NEVER left mine! i assigned my best friend, in-game, to the elder postition. his in-game name is Vasconus, but i don't think he had anything to do with it. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, make me leader of my clan again!!! i SWEAR i didnt switch clans, or leave, or ANYTHING! i dont think i was hacked either, because all of my gems and coins were still there, and my password is very complicated. ADMINS PLEASE HELP ME!!! 

-hgsg903 (Cacie Black)


SPECIES                                                            NAME                                          GENDER  

NIGHT FURY                                                   TOOTHLESS                                                M

HIDEOUS ZIPPLEBACK                                  BARCH AND BELF                                              M

WHISPERING DEATH                                          SCREAM                                                    M

WHISPERING DEATH                                           SHADOW                                                  M

SCAULDROUN                                                          BOB                                                 M

SCAULDROUN                                                        FRANK                                                M

SKRILL                                                                  THRILL                                              M

RUMBLE HORN                                                SKULL CRUSHERR                                       M

RUMBLE HORN                                                    PHANTOM                                             M

SMOTHERING SMOKEBREATH                                CHAR                                                    M

FLIGHTMARE                                                        GLOW                                                 M

THUNDER DRUM                                                   TORNADO                                            M

MONSTEROUS NIGHTMARE                                      FLAMBO                                              M

MONSTEROUS NIGHTMARE                                   HOOKE FANG                                          M

GRONKLE                                                               MEEIT LUGG                                       F

GRONKLE                                                             BOMBSHELL                                        M

HOBBLEGRUNT                                                        JIMMY                                             M

DEADLY NADDER                                                  STORM FLI                                             F

DEADLY NADDER                                                    ATHENA                                              F

TYPHOOMERANG                                                   TOWRCH                                            M

RAINCUTTER                                                            TITAN                                             M

BONE KNAPPER                                              SKULL DRIVER (X-RAY)                                  M

HOTBURPLE                                                             GRUMP                                           M

HOTBURPLE                                                            SOTO                                               M

STORM CUTTER                                                CLOUWD JUMPER                                      M

STORM CUTTER                                                     VETRIX                                                F

STORM CUTTER                                                     SKY FALL                                            M

SNAFFLEFANG                                                        LUMP                                                M

CHANGEWING                                                       FLARE                                                 M

FIREWORM KING                                                 SERAPH                                                 M

SCREAMING DEATH                                            CROSS BONE                                            M

TIDE GLIDER                                                     POSIEDON                                               M

SCUTTLE CLAW                                                 TREE TOP                                               M

SAND WRAITH                                                    SANDY                                                  F

SAND WRAITH                                                 CORCKSCREW                                           M

SWEET DEATH                                                 SUGAR SKULL                                           M

WOOLY HOWL                                               NIGHT SCREAM                                           M

SHIVERTOOTH                                                SNOW SHARD                                            M

SHOCKJAW                                                   POWER SURGE                                           M

SPEED STINGER                                                 VENOM                                                 M

GRONCICLE                                                    FROST BITE                                              M

GRONCICLE                                                      KING                                                     M

MOLDRUFFLE                                                     VENUS                                                 M

MUDRAKER                                                        APITI                                                   M

GRAPPLE GROUNDER                                           OKU                                                    M

SNOW WRAITH                                                   SINIWE                                                 M

RAIN CUTTER                                                  STORM WIND                                           M

RAZORWHIP                                                     SHAMAN                                                M

RAZORWHIP                                                NIGHT CRAWLER                                          M

SLIQUIFIER                                                       ORION                                                  M

PRICKBOGGLE                                                  RADAR                                                  M

DEVLISH DERVISH                                           MIST HOPPER                                            M

DEATH SONG                                                    SIREN                                                   M

SNAPTRAPPER                                                  HYDRA                                                 M

CATASTROPHIC QUAKEN                                 AFTERSHOCK                                             M

THUNDERPEDE                                                 METARA                                                M

ARMOR WING                                                   GUARDIAN                                             M

ARMOR WING                                                  VANCE                                                   M

TIMBERJACK                                                   POLARIS                                                 M

NIGHT TERROR                                                VORTEX                                                 M
































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You can become leader again

You can become leader again if your clan's current leader appoints you elder and then leader, other than that I don't believe you'll be getting your clan back for a long time 



Viking: Lunar Vixen

Clan: None

Main Dragon: Echo (Stormcutter/Male) 

Secondary Dragon: Toxic (Deadly Nadder/Female)

Alt. main: Eclipse (Nightstinger/Male)

My Website:


do not steal anything from this signature!!!





1. Echo = A large stormcutter, slightly bigger then Cloudjumper.  He is very strong and fast for his species. He is very loyal to his rider. He has a bit of an attitude, and doesnt show much emotion. He is a big sweetheart but finds showing it off to be embarassing. He is only goofy acting and silly when alone with his rider or Toxic. 

2. Toxic = my oldest and longest owning dragon.  She is more playful than even stormfly...and thats saying a lot.  She is just about as competitive and trains hard.  She is quite smart and very quick on her feet.  She is a great tracker and loves to take long, nighttime flights.  


3. Blackout = a rather bad boy character... well he tries to be. He is really quite lovable, but tries to be tough and brutal. He is very standoffish and doesn’t trust people easily. He mostly runs from them and will attack if they follow. He is wild at heart, but sometimes let’s his rider take him for a spin... but be careful of being zapped.


4. Eclipse = (a nightfury/speed stinger mix). despite being a fearsome dragon species, he is extremely playful and loves to be petted. His personality has two sides to it, the playful friendly side for his friends and children, then the deadly protective side when anyone is in danger. He has a slight fear of thunderstorms and prefers to be inside during them. He loves the rain, but not during thunder. He has all of the abilities of a nightfury and a speed stinger.

6. Nightwhisper = a female nightlight whom performs medical opperations in battle. She saves injured animals and gets them to safety.  She is very intellegent, wild, and creative.  She loves to draw on the ground and will get mad at you if you step on them.  If you try to get on her back she will buck you off, she hates being ridden by most people.  She loves to fly alone and do tricks in the sky. Whisper is mostly nocturnal, but will go out at daytime. She is the second generation daughter of Toothless and the Lightfury.  She is very rebellious, but loves her family dearly. She is very cat like but is as loyal as a dog.

7. Lucian = he is a lightfury/sandwraith/changewing hybrid.  His main firepower is a strong acid that can even go through metal.  He also has very weak plasma blasts.  He can turn invisible, swim well, and buries under the sand. He is overall very lazy and loves to just lay around and soak up the sun.  He will only attack if provoked.  He is overall quite friendly with humans, but can be a bit territorial.  He does often shed his skin to keep himself fresh and new.  He is a bit of a prankster when he wants to be.  He loves to also float in the water. If you wish to find him, walk along a beach during the day and you will prob find him there!


8. Caspian = night whisper's mate. He is an aquatic lightfury whom prefers swimming over flying. He is large for his breed and brave. He is also a bit wreckless and silly. 

9. Whirlpool = a scauldron whom loves to swim and help fisherman catch fish. He is very friendly and outgoing for his species. 

10. Frostflight = a very lonely lightfury. she lives a life of solitude and is too skeptical to let anyone into her life. Everyone she loved either died or abandoned her. She gets lonely often and spends her time drawing in the dirty, hanging out with animals, or climbing. 

11. Scorpio = a stubborn hard headed dragon made after the Scorpio astrology sign. He is everything that they are. 

12. Ghost = the son of Caspian and Nightwhisper. He is moreso a lightfury then a nightfury.  He has all of the abilities of a lightfury and can swim well like his father.

13. Adler = Toxic's mate. He is very hot headed, but kind and tempered around Toxic. He likes to always be in charge, and gets grumpy if he isnt. However, he makes a great leader when in charge. 


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i think

i think you are glitched out of your clan . it happened to me before .


That's Celunid - a night fury OC that I made just for fun

They like hanging out here in the siggy with you, so enjoy their company

Remember when I said I would revamp this siggy? Yeah right lol

I just float by here few times a year and 'spectate' like the Watcher, but hey,


PM me 'cause it's nice to remember I still exist on this forum :)

Conversation starters?

Twenty One Pilots. Physics. Aspec.

Pick one (or more)


DeviantArt, back when I still did art for fun and wanted it as a career, but don't worry

I've still kept art up and arguably, skill level's gotten better than ever

this is 2017-19, still nice to look back at



Anyways, here are some cool pics when I was still playing the game




Adiós mis amigos

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*Psst... What is a subject?*

Yeah, unfortunately this issue is happening everywhere. I seriously doubt that the admins will get back to you within a month, with all of the bugs and glitches that they're always scrambling to fix. Unless you can get your friend to invite you back in, appoint you Elder and then Leader once more, you're going to be stuck like this for a long time. Are one of your friends in this Clan? They could've sent a request and, because the system was bugged, it didn't show up on your screen as a request - it just automatically accepted it for you. This happened to me very recently (I actually glitched into your Clan from The Phantom Lords, and we're actually friends - oh my gosh it's such a small world - but I contacted Storm and Might Wind Rider invited me back in).


I hope you regain control of your Clan soon!


Please PM Moonshine instead of Alcestis. I'm the same person, but this account is so that I can be easily found on the forum by new members, who I will then redirect to my other account. Thank you!