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Heather Hofferson I
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Okay I'm really mad right now cuz of ALL the problems I'm having! Admins fix this. Okay now umma gonna list all the problems I'm having:


1.) Chat Filter Issues - ok I can't say ANYTHINGcuz the headmaster blocks it.

2.) Can't open chat. 

3.) HACKERS ARE EVERYWHERE - If you don't take care of the hackers as soon as possible they are gonna shut down SoD for good! I don't think you want that to happen now do you? Cuz if they do shut this game down for good then that means that you will not have a game for Millions of people around the world to play, and the most important part is you will lose a TON of money. Not only that but you will lose your jobs too cuz you don't have a game to work on. You need to ban the hackers PERMINATLY! 

4.) Crashing a lot on the iPhone - Ok so whenever I open my dragons list, or friends list, or try to challenge one of my friends I crash. Plz fix this.

5.) Server Error

6.) Video Glitch - Ok so whenever I go into the settings a video pops up.

7.) Don't get my gems after watching video.

8.) Can't do challenges

9.) Lose my trophies when it failed to load challenge.

10.) Glitched Hands - My hands are Glitched and it looks like I have gloves. PLZ FIX THIS!





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Viking (1) Name: ΙΙXНєαtнєяΙΙX

Gender: Female

Clan: The Pheonix Knights (Elder)

Trophies: 63,520

Active Dragon: Songwing

Active Dragon Species: Deathsong

Membership: N/A



Viking (2) Name: XxXQueenHeatherXxX


Clan: The Sinners of HeII (Leader)


Active DragonSongwing

Active Dragon SpeciesDeathsong

Membership: N/A

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you forgot the speed glitch 

you forgot the speed glitch 


-viking name in the gameQueen water girl

    -dragon- icy water


   hair and eye color are blue

i love to read, paint, draw, fold paper, weave, study all animals in the word, i love greek stuff, i play rise of berk i read percy jackson books and i lke how to train to dragon



     What you should know about me in the game i am kid of poseidon. I have 41 dragons most of them have a name that means water.



    icy water-snow wraith (male)

    rocky water- gronkle (male) 

    Aquamarine-gronkle (female)

    water spikes- nadder (male)

    water of the dark- nadder (female)

   james-monsterous nightmare male

   seaweed-nightmare male

   nightmare water- nightmare female

   aqua fire-nightmare female

   water and snow-zippleback female

   death and water-zippleback male

   toothless male

   water blaster- thunderdrum male

   ultra water- thunderdrum male

and a lot of other dragons to





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Heather Hofferson I
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More of the problems

11.) Online Problem - Ok so whenever I go off the game my Viking stays online and it says I'm still online when I'm not. 

12.) Can't visit friends on the iPhone - Ok so I can't visit anyone on my iPhone. All it does is just load relentlessly.

13.) Friends don't show on friends list

14.) Can't send/ receive friend requests.

15.) Receiving Groncicles when logging in



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Heather Hofferson I
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Oops I totally forgot about that one. Thanks :)