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okay i dont know what is happening exactly but I purchased the call of the deathsong when it was still 1000 gems, well...i get on today and I try going to sven's farm, melody island, and shipwreck graveyard...and it tells me i need to buy the expansion pack. like no. I do not need to buy the expansion pack i already have it and its dragons, so no. please fix this.

and i still havent gotten the viking slot i had purchased weeks back. i have three viking profiles but i want the fourth one i purchased too...i hope this can be resolved in a timely manner. thank you guys, i know youre really busy. :)


      Hello and welcome to my signature, let me go ahead and introduce myself, i am known around SoD as Bruantii, some of my friends call me tea, others call me tattoo. Although i prefer to be called tattoo because of the tattoos that i have, i doesnt bother me to be called tea either...i am an artist who mainly focuses on classic style, i'm a realist artist who pays very close attention to detail, so all my artwork looks like someone took a picture of it, unfortunately i have none of my artwork to show because i cannot for the life of me figure out how to get my pictures in my signature, as soon as i figure it out i will post some pictures. The main medias i used are paintings, sculpture, and illustrations of the next sculptures i am going  to make.

Now, i want to introduce my dragons (again, once i figure out how this whole picture thing works, i will have pictures of my dragons too).


Dragon #1: Kyynelettahdet (coo-na-lay-tah-det)...She is my Monstrous Nightmare, my first dragon, Her name means "Tears from the stars" in Finnish. She is very sweet and loving, one of her favorite things to do is to fly around Berk with me and discover new things, she is not high maintenance and doesnt demand much, and a good nap isnt far away with her, she loves to sleep.


Dragon #2: Myrkr Krellr (Merker-Kreller)...She is my Boneknapper, my second dragon, her name means "Dark Spirit" in Old Norse. This dragon is as old as time, she is blind and relies on me to guide her when we fly and discover new places together, i found her well..actually...she found me when i was almost dead, she gave me life. We have a long history, she and I.


Dragon #3: Sokol (So-coal)...She is my Smothering Smokebreath, She is my third dragon, her name means "Falcon" in Russian. She is my favorite dragon, my heart and soul, i have a bond like no other with her, if i somehow lost her or she was taken away from me, I wouldnt play this game anymore...she has never lost a race to anyone which is truly remarkable, my two other smoke breaths have. She never lets me out of her sight when i fly or if we are just strolling around, she is always a step behind me. even when she is angry or hungry, she keeps up the same speed until i can find a place to land to take care of her needs. what some dont understand is that it isnt about speed that makes a dragon fast or even about how many trophies you have or what level you are, its all about the bond with your dragon, that is what truly matters. Smothering Smokebreaths are my favorite dragons, because they are small yet mighty. there is nothing she wouldnt do to make sure i am safe and happy and protected. She has a son, Vesuvius, which she had with her mate, Evinrude. She is expecting to have a little daughter here pretty soon. :)


Dragon #4: Tykisto (too-kees-ta)... She is my Gronckle, her name means "Artillery" in finnish, i named her that because she is tough and durable. her favorite things to do is go deep-sea fishing with me, and going for runs. She doesnt demand much but has a tendancy to get jealous of my other dragons.


Dragon #5: Unelma Sieppari (oo-nel-ma    sea- eh-parri)...She is my Deadly Nadder, her name means "Dream Catcher" in Finnish, she is very quirky and does things no other dragon would dare to do, she also loves to fish making her tail look like bait. She is a character alright.


Dragon #6: Khepri (kep-ree)...He is my RumbleHorn, i named him after the egyptian beetle god because rumblehorns remind me of beetles because of their segmented bodies. he is very protective of me and of my friends. His favorite thing to do is to glide around the wilderness and people/dragon watch with me, he doesnt like large crowds and other dragons except for the ones he was raised with, He prefers to keep to himself. A very quiet dragon.


Dragon #7: Hjordis (Yur-dis)...She is my Flightmare, her name means "Sword Goddess" in Nordic/Icelandic, she too is a very quiet dragon and keeps to herself, she never starts a fight but if one starts with her, she finishes it. She really only likes me and no other person because she was abused when i got her, but she gets really playful around other dragons, especially other flighmares because they understand each other. she has a good bond with me and sometimes just likes to look at me with an endearing look in her eye. since i can't say her name in the game, i call her my lucky newt, since flightmares look like giant newts with wings. If I tell her a person is okay, she will permit him/her to pet her but always is wary of others because of her prior history.


Dragon #8: Evinrude...he is another one of my Smothering Smokebreaths, i named him after the Dragonfly from the original 'Rescuers' movie, because he ventures out into the unknown and isnt scared to do what is right no matter the cost, he loves to spend quality time with me and loves to help and rescue others in need. He is Sokol's mate for life and father to Vesuvius, their son. He is happy to be welcoming a little daughter to the family in September. :)


Dragon #9: Vesuvius (Ve-soo-vee-us)...He is another one of my Smothering Smokebreaths, he is son to Sokol and Evinrude, and soon will be a proud big brother. I named him after the great volcano that destroyed the Ancient city of Pompeii, because he has a very hot temper when it comes to certain things, he is very protective of me and his mother and father, he doesnt take any kind of nonsense from other riders and dragons. lets just say he means business...but at home he is the most cuddly sensative dragon there is, he is a dormant volcano at home and an active one when someone trys to mess with me or anyone he cares about. dont let this volcano erupt! :) hehe


Dragon #10: Verinenkuu (vare-in-en-koo)...She is my Typhoomerang, her name means "Blood Moon" in finnish because she was born on the night of the blood moon, she is very laid back, almost too laid back. she is almost as lazy as a Hotburple, she doesnt really like to do anything except eat and sleep. occasionally if i give her some dragon nip then she gets really crazy and wants to fly all day, for what ever reason she gets really weird on the night of the full moon, but on the night of the blood moon, she is no where to be found. sometimes i think she flies to the moon before it turns white again, i literally wont see her until the next day.


Dragon #11: Mearas... He is my Stormcutter, i named him after the breed that ShadowFax (the white horse) is in Lord of The Rings. Mearas is very smart and you can tell he is always studying something by the way he looks at his surroundings, he is a deep thinker. he likes to glide around berk in a leisurley way, but he absolutely hates racing, i dont know why, because i have a good bond with him, but he really hates racing and he will let me know to, he will go as slow as possible because he doesnt want to race, so i respect what he wants and dont race with him anymore, he seems alot happier since i havent been racing him, so if he is happy then im happy too.


Dragon #12: Ovela Yksi (oh-vel-la  Ick-see)... She is my Changewing, her name means "The cunning one" in Finnish, I named her this because she is very smart and loves to study things carefully, her favorite game to play is hide and seek, except i can never find her...she is really good at that game, she can always find me but i never find her. she is very loving towards me and loves to fly anywhere.


Dragon #13: Vaellushalu (vai-a-loo-shall-loo)...She is my Fireworm Queen, her name means "wanderlust" in Finnish, i named her this, because she has the heart of the wanderer, she is never happy unless she is discovering something new, traveling to new worlds and seeing the rare and unsurpassable beauty this world has to offer, she loves to be with her mate, Shadowfax, and though she is unable to have babies, she is still very happy with Shadowfax because he understands her. im thinking of surprising them both with an egg so they can have a fireworm baby to call their own.


Dragon #14: Shadowfax...I named him after the white horse from The Lord of The Rings, which is funny because this dragon is all black, and he and Mearas share some commonality behind their names. Shadowfax is a very loyal dragon and just like Vaellushalu, loves to travel different places. hes has a special place in my heart, because its not just any dragon that can make Vaellushalu happy, he understands her and loves her soul, yes they both want a dragon baby, but that will come when i can find a fireworm egg and surprise them.


Dragon #15: Yksirohkea Sielu (ick-sear-oh-kia   See-el-oo)...She is my Sand wraith, her name means "One with the brave soul" in Finnish, she truly  lives up to her name because her bravery and valor know no bounds, she would give her life to save mine in a second, and i know just from the way she looks at me that she loves me very much. i have a good bond with her as well, she loves to race, that is her favorite thing to do, she is okay with anyone i tell her is trustable, other than that, she watches other people and dragons like a hawk.


Dragon #16: Soty (so-tay)...She is my Sweet Death, her name means "Honeycomb" in Russian, she has a very sweet disposition, but doesnt like to mingle with other dragons because she is so shy, she wont even look them in the eye, the only time she has shown aggression was when she was surrounded by friendly dragons, and got overwhelmed  and scared and defended herself. note that they were all terrible terrors. she is very very timid. but very sweet when you get to know her.


Dragon #17: Marahute (Mara-who-tay)...She is my wooly howl, I named her after the Golden Eagle from 'Rescuers down under', because she is big and beautiful, she is flashy and full of promise, she loves to protect small helpless creatures and defends her nest with her life, she and i have a special bond together. she doesnt really care much for racing...


Dragon #18: Jokul (yo-cool)...She is my Shivertooth, her name means "Glacier" in Nordic/Icelandic, and she is one of my favorites, she is very loving and quite clever if i might say, her favorite thing to do is race.


Dragon #19: Viime Varjo (vee-may  var-ee-oh)...He is my speed stinger, his name means "Last Shadow" in Finnish, his favorite thing to do is run...obviously, and he only wishes that he had wings to fly so that he could join in on thunder run racing. he is very loving and a pretty funny little dude.


Dragon #20: Aavikko Ruusu (ah-vee-co  roo-soo)...She is my Shockjaw, her name means "Desert Rose" in Finnish, she is one of my favorite dragons, and she is so very affectionate, towards anybody. she has a very strong motherly instinct towards any baby dragons and humans. her favorite thing to do is race and of course spend time with her rider.


Dragon #21: Ikivanha (ik-ee-vaan-ha)...She is my Moldruffle, her name means "The ancient one" in Finnish, she loves to spend quality time with me and all her dragon friends, she doesnt care much for racing but have have her occasional race. she loves to eat, that is by far her favorite thing to do.


Dragon #22: Kouvola (coo-vo-la)...She is my Snow Wraith, i named her after a town in Finland. she is one of my favorite dragons and we have a strong bond. She absolutely loves to race and does amazingly. i love her strikingly beautiful eyes which tell so much about her character, she is a very gentle soul, who has also been very hurt because of her soft side, she doesnt like mean people or dragons and will go out of her way to protect me, she and sokol both could be sleeping, the moment i take a step to go pet another dragon they jolt up from their nap to make sure im safe.


Dragon #23: Coto (Co-toe)...He is my pure white Prickleboggle, i named him after the great boar god, Coto, from 'Princess Mononoke', Coto is blind and relies on me to guide him when we are flying, he loves me very much and is always making sure i am where he can smell me, even though he is blind he has an excellent sense of smell and great hearing so he will follow my scent and voice. he is a great dragon, and i love him very much.


Dragon #24: Copacabana...She is my Siliquifier, i got her in a tropical zone so decided to give her a tropical name, she is a sweet dragon and loves tropical fruits, eggs, and fish. she is not too fond of the cold weather at Berk but she has the other dragons to keep her warm.


Dragon #25: Tenebris (te-ne-bree)...She is my Razorwhip, she is black and red and her name means "Dark Shadow" in Latin, she is very loyal and loves to be with me at all times of the day, her favorite thing to do is race, which she is very good at. she only likes the dragons she was raised with though, any other dragon she will ignore.