administrators are failing us, who put money in the game

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Admins,  you have failed to resolve  the issue of Supersonic ads...Why are you even decieving game players that they can earn gems through properly completing offers, when Supersonic ads will not allow anyone submit evidence even a screen shot!  is has been 9 days of arguing with them sending screen shots via email, and I see no results, this is very deceptive and you should be ashamed of yourself! I could not in good concience recommend this game to anyone, the constanct crashes, disappearing of gems, bugs, problems loading...and false advertisement, it's a great educational and fun game for young folks, When  IT WORKS, THAT IS!

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Well, honestly, I've been a

Well, honestly, I've been a member only a couple of weeks. But, in those weeks, I haven't encountered any major problems, only a few kinks here and there. Nothing to the extent that I would complain, really. Thus, I may not be in the right place to oppose you, but Im sorry you're so frustrated. 


But, the thing is, Im sure the admins have a lot on their hands. All the complains, bugs, things not working, etc., they must have a lot to deal with. It would be unfair to say they are failing us when they are probably trying their best. Their efficiency may not be the best, but they have tons of customers and bugs to deal with, and Im sure they are trying. (: 



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Hi shannon,We are incredibly

Hi shannon,

We are incredibly sorry you are experiencing this. Have you been corresponding to our Customer Support team? Is that the email you are referring to? Can you please privately message us your emails and screenshots on the forum to Brynjolf? We will try to get this situation sorted immediately.