ADMIN HELP PLEASE!!!!! Weird email!

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So I got an email saying that my account had been DELETED! I replied asking why with no answer. I am still able to acesss my account I even renewed my membership After I recieved the email. I am startin to freak out, I love playing SOD and I have soo many dragons I really don';t want my account to just disappear please help me!!!!

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Well, that's weird. Did you

Well, that's weird. Did you activated your account?

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I think someone just send you

I think someone just send you an email

with an fake E-Mail Adress.

I played a game called Order of Chaos,

someone send me an email that my account has been hacked

and I have to give them my Username + Password so that they can fix my account!

I haven´t done that becouse the support would never

ask me about my Password or would never say that my account

has been deleted when it is still there.

Check the E-Mail Adress maybe you´ll find something out...


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I looked at the email adress and it was the right one. They never asked for my username or password just told me it had been deleted. I guess I'll just keep playing and see what happens.

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Is it an old account maybe?

I had a similar situation recently.  I had created an account but somehow was not able to get back in.  I then did a different account (the one I currently use).  A couple of weeks ago I was notified that they had deleted my account.  This was distressing but then noticed the slight variation in the account name.  It was the old account that was deleted as I hadn't used it for over a year.


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