Admens Please help! Rumblehorn invisable (on mobile version of game) and can't get dragons to stay at level 20.

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First off, after the new fix last night to fix the Rumblehorn saddle (it fixed it on the PC version of the game) the Rumblehorn dragon is invisable when playing on a mobile version (aka iPad/iPhone) and only the saddle shows up.  So it looks like I'm flying and feeding an empty saddle.


Next, I can't get any of my 10 dragons (I have 1 of each dragon) to stay level 20.  Every time I enter a loding screen or log out my dragons go back down to level 19 with about 1 to 5 exp needed to level up to level 20 again.  I have tryed every thing I can think of like clearing my browser and unity, but they will never stay at level 20.


Thank you for your time, and I hope this can be fixed soon.