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Sorry if I sound nooby but does anyone know how I could add a picture to my posts? I use a Windows 10. 





credit to Dragonist Hellen for this AMAZING Triple Stryke edit!

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(credit to TosiLohi!)


(credit to Archery and Dragons for this amazing gif!)


(credit to Durgonhunter for this lovable little art of Luna!)


(credit to Okamisusi for this adorable piece of art!)


(credit to dragonrider34 for this awesome headshot of ClawTrap!)





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 Sandstorm the Sand Wraith  

 Onyx the Night Fury 

Felicity Moonborne (viking) 

Clawtrap the Triple Stryke 

Swift Breeze the Speed Stinger 

Luna(r Eclipse) the Night Fury

Silhouette the Stormcutter 

Bubbles the Terrible Terror 

BlizzardFang the Woolly Howl


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(not mine, credit to whoever made this!)

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How to add pics

Here's how I add pictures to posts and my signature:


1. Click the "Add Image" icon in the panel:


2. Put the URL of your picture in the URL area of the panel. Make sure to click inside of the preview area to make the image appear.  This is where you can adjust how big you want your image to be when posted:


3. Click OK and the image will show up:



I don't know what you use to host your images, right now I'm using THIS. You have to open the uploaded image in a new tab to get the right URL for showing pictures.


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Quote: John Poweel and Jonsi, How to Train Your Dragon 2   Dragon: Dreamdancer, Female Scuttleclaw



Quote: Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks   Dragon: Silverstrike, Female Skrill



Quote: John Poweel and Jonsi, How to Train Your Dragon 2   Dragon: Skywake, Female Titan Razorwhip






Line art of my Male Timberjack Yggdrasil



(I have more, but the colos won't post correctly. Trying to find a better hosting site.)




Silly Story about my Female Titan Whispering Death, Tunnelwave












Artwork by others


My Windwalkers: Skymaw (Blue Female) and Seaspray (Green Male)

Done by Witcherforever - Thank you so much!


Sandstreak my Female Sand Wraith

She's playing with a yarn ball because this dragon was created in the memory of my cat Streak

Also by Witcherforever - Many Thanks!





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Thanks to WutendBonfire for the image



             Daydream the Black Sand Wraith

                Blinkie made by Nessie - Thank you!




Coldfire the Monstrous Nightmare

Credit to WolfLight




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Danger and Beauty - Female Hideous Zippleback * Freefall - Female Devilish Dervish*

Coldfire - Male Monstrous Nightmare * QuickFlash - Female Ground Grappler *

Mudtwister - Female Mudraker * Sky shaker - Male Thunderdrum *

Solstice - Female Typhoomerang * Yggdrasil - Male Timberjack *

Winterlight - Female Groncicle * Thunderheart - Male Rumblehorn *

Hoarfrost - Male Groncicle * Firestriker - Female Screaming Death *

Soulforge - Male Razorwhip * Galdr - Female Death Song *

Frostflurry - Female Wooly Howl * Stonebiter - Male Snafflefang *

Volundr - Male Armorwing * Dappledleaf - Female Hobblegrunt *

Snip Snap Trip Trap - Female Snaptrapper * Frostlight - Female Groncicle *

Frostflare - Male Shivertooth * Sandstreak - Female Sand Wraith *

Swiftspring - Female Shockjaw * Boneshaker - Male Boneknapper *

HearthGlow - Female Fireworm Queen * Maelstrom - Male Scauldron *

Firestar - Male Moldruffle * Fleetfoot - Female Speed Stinger *

SingSing - Male Death Song * Mjolnir - Male Armorwing *

Ravenwing - Female Silthersong * SmokyMirror - Female Smothering Smokebreath *

GeriFreki - Male Death Song * Mistbloom - Female Flightmare *

Frostbane - Male Flightmare * Silverstrike - Female Skrill *

Nottdreki - Female Night Terror * Frostfall - Female Snow Wraith *

Frostflight - Female Wooly Howl * Windchaser - Male Deadly Nadder (Titan) *

Fire and Fly - Female Hideous Zippleback  (Titan) *

Firesong - Female Monstrous Nightmare  (Titan) *

Boulderdash - Male Gronkle (Titan) * Loki's Charm - Male Changewing

Dreamdancer - Female Scuttleclaw * Constrictor - Ground Grappler

Barnacle - Female Scauldron * Frostflower - Female Shivertooth

Cinnamon - Female Sweet Death * Wildwater - Male Shockjaw

Nightwind - Female Stormcutter * WildScout - Male Night Terror

Skywake - Female Razorwhip (Titan) * Tunnelwave - Female Whispering Death (Titan) *

Bramble - Female Prickleboggle * Sea Slicer - Male Sliquifier *

Windsong - Female Death Song * Mudblup - Male Hotburple *

Sandshark - Male Sand Wraith * Thundershock - Male Skrill (Titan) *

Razorwing - Female Timberjack * Rainpelt - Female Raincutter *

Firesoul - Female Singetail * Stonemaw - Male Eruptodon *

Sea Scream - Female Thunderdrum (Titan) * Wavedancer - Female Tide Glider *

Steelskull - Male Shovelhelm * Skymaw - Female Windwalker *

Bouldersmash - Male Quaken * Dustgrinder - Female Thunderpede *

Seaspray - Male Windwalker





Death Song flag made by AngNadder

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Help! When I put in the URL and adjust the width and height nothing appears in the preview except for a bunch of strange words.

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Nevermind, it worked. Anyways

Nevermind, it worked. Anyways thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it

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I upload it to Imgur, then

I upload it to Imgur, then with right click and short cuts, copy and paste it in


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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.