Across the Vale: What does he mean to you?

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In the morning Silvain flew toward the training grounds on the back of Vale. She was giddy and excited, she was getting to meet her idle OwlMoonFire, but also frightened. What if Owl's answer wasn't what she needed? Would she be stuck wondering? Before she could start to turn away they arrived, landing in the dampened grass from the melting snow. She smiled as she witnessed Owl scratching Shadow behind the chin; to see the bond this close was magical. "Good Morning Ms. Owl!" Silvain called slightly louder than she wanted. Owl looked up from Shadow.



"Good Morning Silvain. Remember you can just call me Owl."

Silvain kept smiling. "Okay M- ... Owl" Owl motioned for Silvain to sit but she declined. Silvain was too antsy to be still. "I'm just going to cut to the chase Owl. The dragon bond ... I'm not sure if I have it." Silvain paced, each step creating a squishing noise under foot.

"Well you have a dragon don't you?" Owl chuckled at the question, almost if she thought Silvain was joking.


"Then you have it." Silvain was getting annoyed with her joking. She wanted to know, for sure, and now.

"How do you know? I mean how do you know that you have it with Shadow? What if you two are just together? What even is the dragon bond?" Owl seemed to sigh.



"Silvain. Sit. Let me tell you our story alright?" Silvain scratched her head and relectently kneeled in the dampness, soon relaxing her legs.

"Shadow's and my bond wasn't a click and bam like you'll here with some. Ours was graduall but impacting. Ahh I still remember that night.



The dark dragon I used to call her. I had followed her shape through the sky, deep into the forest until we met. Now Shadow wasn't as cuddly as she is now back then; she growled, snapped, and even threatened to take my life. Yet I stayed, because I wanted to face my fears and I wanted this dragon."

"Fears? But Owl, your practically fearLESS." Owl chuckled at the comment.

"Now. However when I was young I was afraid of everything. Anyways, it wasn't until we locked eyes that I felt something. It was a deep feeling within my gut, and it filled me with a completion. I guess Shadow felt it too because I'm still alive yes? It took years for us to finally see each other. Shadow never really payed attention to me; why would she? She didn't need me, she was a dragon, however I needed her. After getting her attention through mainly just making my presence known and giving her small things, we clicked. Now I could tell you the rest, but the results are apparent."





"Yes. I know I have the dragon bond because Shadow changed me. She helped me discover who I am." Silvain was ticked at that comment.

"But I know who I am! I always have! So how do I have the dragon bond with Vale?" Owl remained calm at Silvain's sharp words.



"What does Vale do to you?" Silvain thought about it in silence, letting the distance roars of dragons ease her.

"Well. He makes me see things differently, it's as if I was in a dream and he woke me up. Like even though I know who I am, I was going about life all wrong." Owl smiled.

"Then you have the dragon bond."



Silvain looked at Owl still confused but feeling better. "Now all you have to do, is make it strong."

"And how do I do that?" Owl raised her eyebrow, waiting for it to dawn on Silvain. Silvain's smile came back.

"Thanks Owl!" Silvain gave Owl a hug, and to her suprise she recieved one back.

"No problem. Now go, be with your dragon." Silvain climbed on Vale and pet his tendrils. "May I see you again?"

"Whenever you need." Silvain nodded in thanks and took off, feeling a deeper connection with Vale than she had before.



He makes me see the world. Truely. He is what I've been waiting for.


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Tracking. Is this going to continue






















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Zero Asks

Is this going to continue?


Yes, just not here ... I don't think. I may do another part to this, but most likely it will be another thread.

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Ah, there they are: Silvain and Vale! Is this to be their intro?


Truly a beautiful introspection! And not all that different from the real world...


It's about how you feel about one another. It's about the love. It's about having someone who changes you, who makes you a better person through their inspiration. It's about the moments, the joy you get when you're with them. Those few moments when all you want to do is ride because you're sitting at home doing nothing and you want your best friend to connect with your heart once more. It's not all about riding, either. Sometimes you just want to be able to be with them. You don't think of anyone else when you're on them. And you carry them matter what. You forever see the world differently; you are forever changed.


Are we still talking about dragons?


In a sense.


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Whisper Asks

Ah, there they are: Silvain and Vale! Is this to be their intro?


Yep. Here they are after months of storage. When I'm playing with Owl and Shadow, there isn't much more I can do with them. Their story has been told. Now looking at Silvain and Vale they have so much to grow and explore from so it's time for them to shine.



I'm using somewhat of an Aang to Korra relation, where Owl's story is done so now it's Silvain's turn but Owl will still be there.


So in a way, yes; this is to be their intro :3


I'm so excited!!!

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These comics sure seem interesting, each of you (the 4, if I may call you that, from the screenshot comic team) have interesting comics in your own way. :)


I don't think I have heard of this Vale or Silvain before, is this a new OC of yours? or have you had it  while?



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The Roleplay asks

I don't think I have heard of this Vale or Silvain before, is this a new OC of yours? or have you had it  while?


Ummmm ... both. I created them a long while ago but never really started because Owl & Shadow has more to go through. Now that their story is basically 'completed', it's Silvain's and Vale's turn to shine.

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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

Is Vale the same changewing you once almost replaced Shadow with when you were caving in from peer pressure over your nightfury OC? If so then I'm glad you found something else nice to do with him.



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Hypergoof asks

Is Vale the same changewing you once almost replaced Shadow with when you were caving in from peer pressure over your nightfury OC?


Yep, the very one :3

Thank you, I'm quite glad too because he's quite the character!

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This Is Amazing!

From one to another; let the story begin!



The Journey of Owl


The Story of Silvain



Some things I would like to adress:


~ So you have another character! Great, but will you scrap the other one?


No. Owl & Shadow will always be there, as you could witness in the story that led you here. Owl's story is done, it's been told. Now it's time for Silvain to take the saddle.


Don't worry, if you ever want to do a screenshot role-play with me just say who you want or both. As a writer I love a challenge!


~ How in depth will their story go?


I want to make each short story and long one in more depth than I did with Owl. I want you to see what she sees and feel what she will feel.


Any more questions? Feel free to ask and I will answer them :3