Account Mishap

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Joined: 02/28/2016


I was just wondering around School of Dragons, following harlord to his secret base with some of the gang, and some dragons, when suddenly my screen decided to freeze.

It's done this alot recently but i usually just restart my computer and log back in and it's working fine. I tried logging in multiple times but it got stuck on the third mostly, but once or twice the second. I want to enjoy this expansion pack without worrying about not being able to get back on. I don't want everything i've earnt to go into thin air.

I have no idea what shall happen, but as i can see there is no point in giving any information cause this obviously won't be a one player problem.

I know it is no problem with my account in general, i know it is no problem with my computer or what i am using.

This is a glitch that is coming from SOD's end, i hope this gets resolved. Feel free to comment what you are currently going through on the game.

Have a good day and i hope to see this gets fixed soon. My main account is my love.