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Today I try to log in to SoD

But everytime I log in through app It says

"download fails"

So i click it and it says it multiple times

then finally loads 


Its telling me to create a new viking

i even logged in through facebook and its telling me to do the same thing

I Officially Dislike Our "were fixing your Bugs" 
Cause ive been on this game for, 4 years now

and Ive spent alot of money/gems/time into my account!


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Encounter a Fantasy here
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Some Background light on me:

Name:Velterox Viking

Class specialist: Tidal,Strike
Dragon:Grimcore (Triple Stryke)
Description: Im from the coldest parts of the archipelago, 
decided to sail to berk in hopes of learning about dragons 
more, was gobbers right hand man in the shop when hiccup 
Was cheifing, then is currently being valka's apprencance 

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Same! I thought I was banned for no reason!



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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

I just encountered the same problem. Clear your unity cache and then try reloading a minute later. I was able to get back in doing that.


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That just happend to me. I

That just happend to me. I 'lost internet connection' and got kicked off then I tried logging back in and it said 'server under maintainence' then a few minutes later I logged in and it told me to create a new viking. However, I then went on my phone and I was able to use my account. I am now downloading SoD on my other PC because I have been having troubles with this PC lately so I thought that was the problem. I guess not.




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when I made it. Just recently joined again. All pictures are missing. 


Will reconstruct soon!



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Wiggles the whispering death ate my subject

This is a common glitch that often happens before, after or during a new update or during a really buggy period. Just don't make a new viking. If you do then at best your viking's name and/or gender might change and at worst the new one will replace your old. Just keep refreshing the page or logging out and in again. If that doesn't work wait a day or two and try again. Your charicter should still be there dispite the messige.



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