Account /character problem on mobile

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I think the problem is on the account or character when ever i use my iPadAir  or iphone5s because as i observed my main account have problem like farm lagging, no store quest  and cant do fishing and it says ( an error accour try again) or (error downloading the content of this game) but when this two come out sometimes my game still continue but the problems later on come out while my second account everything run smooth no problem but that account have no any item mall items like costumes , dragons and holloween effect, so as i observed on my main account after the big update problems starts , thats is on my TABLET maybe there is a PROBLEM of this game on MOBILE VERSION could you please check this and all the METAL,ALKALINE EARTH METAL was the same COLOR  in  LABORATORY, before everything is ok on my tablet  using my main character .  So the POINT is  WHERE IS THE PROBLEM my MAIN account or YOUR GAME IN MOBILE VERSION?


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