accidentally finished an expansion pack?

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Okay so earlier today I bought the three expansion packs all at once for the lower price and started doing the quests.

I had to wait for an Ice Storm Island quest so I started a quest from the Call of the Death Song expansion pack. At that point I didn't notice that no more Ice Storm Islands quest showed up, because I thought you could do the quests from different expansion packs at the same time.

After a few quests from the death song expansion pack I opened one from the Battle of the Edge pack. It was at this point that I realized that I couldn't find anymore quest from the first two packs.

I got scared that I accidentally finished the two packs by opening a quest from a different pack, or is this not the case? Is it that I can go back to those quests after finishing the Battle of the Edge pack? Or if I did accidentally finished the two expansion packs, is there something to do about it?





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You can do all three packs at

You can do all three packs at once, but if you can't find the quests for the others, then that's probably a glitch. Have you looked at your quest list in the book?


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