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Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place I don't know where this belongs.

So I am getting membership next month and my mom is very particular about her money so can you reply he everything you know about a 3 months membership?

And a question. What do I do if after filling up the payment details they say card error please check with your bank?




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Hey Kaz :D Anyway You get all

Hey Kaz :D


You get all the stuff listed in the membership tab (https://www.schoolofdragons.com/Membership/Membership.aspx).

You get to keep Toothless for three months, and after that you still have Toothless in your stable, but can't use him again until you renew your membership to a +3 month one.

The same thing with your members flight suit as well, I believe, although you can use any of the MSs.

It does not automatically renew at the end of your MS period.


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it renews

actually yes it does automatically renew at the end unless you cancel it thats what it did to me when i had a one month membership ill find out if it does with three month on the 20 of this month you need to make sure it is cancelled before the date it expires or have the money in the bank



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Check with the Credit Card Issuer

It sounds like the payment either was declined by the credit card issuer for some reason. You should also check to make sure you had the right card number, expiration date, and CCV number.


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