Able to make gems with new Viking slots and playing Simple Machines

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A video on Youtube I found showed me how and it's not that hard if you're good at puzzling these levels. I get 150 gems from finishing it with three stars on all the levels. Then I delete the viking I'm not using and start over again. I once went up to 2,224 gems with this method and was able to get the Golden Dragon and Chimeragon skin this way. Recent discovery, wish I discovered this a long time ago.


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I wasn't gonna post anything, but I think it's HIGH time I did.

For all the good in the world, people....



Like seriously! JUST DON'T.

If you find a bug or leak or special WHATEVER, don't share it.  All you're doing is increasing the liklihood that it will get abused and patched.

Don't share it to your brother, your mom, your best friend, your kid, enemies, or anyone.  Don't post about it on instragram, on twitter, on facebook, on youtube, on discord servers, in chat in-game, or,


FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, here in the forums.

I don't care if your have a power obsession and it makes you feel good to leak this info or you think you're being really nice by sharing this stuff - you aren't helping ANYONE or doing ANY good for doing this, and now everyone knows that you're one of those


infamous blabbers.  


There have been situations in the past where there have been shortcuts that I think were created by devs for testing, but then we had these blabbers going on about it and it was fixed pretty quick.

If you find a youtube video with some sort of awesome hack or bug or something or great idea for getting gems, cookies, candies, you name it, fast than don't even watch it - downvote it and leave.

Now don't get confused, if there's a bad glitch (like your game crashing whenever you click on Hiccup) you can report that, but as a general rule of thumb, if you're HAPPY or EXCITED about some bug or glitch or gem-multiplying


tactic - just shut up about it and move on.

Seriously, I don't want to see any more of these guys.





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It's... Literally not a cheat or exploitation? Look in the achivements page in your journal, and look at "Incredible Machine Master". It literally says in the game that it'll give you 150 gems for completing all levels with three stars. It is not a bug at all. Please, check your facts before blabbering a load of nonsense.


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Don't fake ignorance, we all know that the devs likely didn't intend for people to create new vikings, gem-grind them; then delete them and do-over.

I'm simply pointing out that people shouldn't be posting about this or this method could be taken down/removed.

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Of course they didn't, I wasn't implying that. You're right, they will do it. And I do agree with you, my choice of wording was incredibly poor now that I look back on it. I must've misunderstood 90% of your message but it's kind of hard to read with all of those overblown, colourful words seemingly slapped in random places.. My apologies. As much as I agree with you, there's nothing we can do short of telling those people "no". If they want to ruin the game for everyone else, that's on them.

But the way you came at Blazefire for this was just way too over the top, don't you think? I think that's what initially drove me to respond. I don't believe they meant any harm whatsoever by sharing this. Maybe next time you could try being a little nicer about things?

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My apologies; my time on the

My apologies; my time on the forums has made me very cynical and I assumed that blazefire was (apparently incorrectly assumed) another one of those people who take great pride in blabbing away good shortcuts or whatever you want to call them.  I do consider this a win though, because at least Blazefire will not do this anymore so that's one less person to worry about.

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Never was a Hacker



I'm glad now that you are now seeing that I never intend to use this as a hack. I never want to. I want people to enjoy playing these mini games.


If you read my other posts you will see I never did any other hacking. here's a video for how I found it for proof:

I hope you'll understand more now from the video.

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Oh, I never assumed you were a hacker, I've seen you around to know that. I just thought, well, you know what I thought lool.

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Yeah, lol!


I like that on the forums though we can change word color and font. Been building up my signature for a while, decided to add my favorite gargoyle, Brooklyn to it. Named a Razorwhip after him.

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Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of their body.


Who am I? That's none of your business.


The quickest way to get on my bade side.


Most effective way to get on my good side. Here's 1-5.

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I honestly don't know what to say, I don't even know what you're trying to accomplish with this comment or the attached gif.

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I am mayo imao

I think the gif is a part of their signature. They didn't attach it specifically for their post :)


Hi there! username is Pending Dragon, but please call me Pending, Pendragon or Pen! I'm a major forum ghoster/stalker and have been playing the game for over two years. If you are a fellow ghoster reading this, then you should come out and join the community! It's great fun!

Have a wonderful day!

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Heyo! To say it in a better way, it's probably not best to post this method on the forums, only because if people start exploiting it, the devs could possibly remove the gem award from the cogs acheivement. They've already done that with a few other acheivements that used to have 150-200 gems rewards, because people could farm gems easily. ;)




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Favorite video game chacters: Pharah, Tracer, and Mercy (all Overwatch).


Favorite music: Soundtracks.


Favorite actor(s): Gal Gadot and Daisy Ridley.


Favorite soundtrack composer: John Powell.


Religion: Seventh-day Adventist Christian.


Age: Not gonna say on here...


Siblings?: Yes, many.


Clan: The Knight Furies.


Dragon count: Way, way too many.



That's all for now!




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The memes, duhhh.







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Pouncer dive-bombed me at high-speed...

Yeah, better safe then sorry, good point. Better not post something like this in the future. We all know what happened with the unlimited fire glitch method many years ago (well, not all of us know.)


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Icefang- female groncicle level 10; adult: got from expansion

Erupto- male Eruptodon; level 12; adult: Got from code Lavaeater

Thunderclap- male thunderdrum level 50; TITAN: Got from store.

Gas and Spark- male Zippleback level 15; adult: got from UDT egg

 Alphine: male Wooly Howl- level 50; TITAN, bought from store.

Venom- Speed Stinger- male- level 13; adult; bought from store

Groundshaker- male Whispering death- adult; got from a random chest at the School; level 15

Paradise- female whispering death- teen; got from Explore the Dark Depths; level 6

Wildfire- female Monsterous Nightmare- adult- again, got from a random chest at TG; level 12

Sweetsmell- male Snaptrapper- got from Thawfest chest at Lookout (how was that possible!?); adult; level 11

Seashock- male Seastormer- got from Thawfest Event (first hybrid); adult; level 21

Golden- female Deadly Nadder- got from a Thawfest Chest; teen; level 5

Treecutter- male Timberjack- bought from store; TITAN; level 24

Spruce- male Timberjack- bought from store; adult; level 11?

Shatter- male Screaming D.eath- bought from store- TITAN; level 21

Wildblaze- male Typhoomerang- got from Battle Event Chest- adult; level 11

Moijorg- male Skrill- bought from store- adult; level 13

Pouncer- male NL- got from Summarhildr Event- adult; level 15

Benshu- female Prickleboggle- bought from store; adult; level 22



Former dragons:

Toothless- 21.

Light Fury- 11?



Code: PM me.


FOUR NEW DRAGONS: (on my three other accounts in-game, not this one!)

Storm- Female Skrill level 12; adult: Bought from store

Eggroaster- Female Fireworm Queen- level 6ish; adult; got from battle event chest.

Skyheart- Female hobblegrunt- level 25; adult; got from store as well.

Earthquake- Male Eruptodon- level 1; baby; got from code Lavaeater too.



Nightscales- Male SandWraith- Level 22; Titan; got from beginning of game on other account.

Sunlight- Female M. Nightmare- level 6; baby; got from hatchery.


MORE TITANS (new dragons!):

Opal- Titan Razorwhip: female; level 20

Meleody- Titan Death Song: male: level 21

Flower- Titan Deadly Nadder: female: level 20


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All of them


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Again, all of them (except for Thunderclap, because he's at the max level.)


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Battle EVENTS!

Trr (Thunder Run Racing.)


Flight Club


Looking for hackers

Hanging out with my dragons




Hackers >:(

Glitches (same thing, lol.)

Missing Battle Events :(

Getting kicked out alot




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Emma (forgot her full name, probably left this account in the dust).

And tons more, I mostly abandoned most of them to be left in the ruins.


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Kinda feel bad for the OP

I don't have an opinion on this but certain comments on here seem a bit harsh to me. I know you were just trying to help so I hope you don't get scared off from making threads because of any responses on here. It was really nice to want to share stuff with everyone ^^

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Last time someone talked about a "method" of earning gems before, there was a mass ban on the game and chaos in the community....
and I smell chaos coming now
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Just got excited about it, I do try not to do many posts like this. But I'm sorry.


I just enjoy this game and I find myself getting excited about finding new stuff in it.



Besides, someone else already shared this on YouTube in 2020 anyway before I found it. I got curious and decided to test it out. I will still use the current methods for gems in case something happens:




working for money to get itunes gift cards for them.


and it is true about the achievement, just forgot to say something about it and I am not trying to be a hacker, honest. I never ever want to be one. I had played this game since I started High School and really want to support the crew behind it.