800 euros for 1000 gems.

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Of all the bugs, this annoys me the most. I wanted to buy 1075 gems which costs me around 10 euros. At the checkout page it says 800 euros all of a sudden. Of course I'm not buying anything. So dear sod team; since you only seem to care about money anyways, maybe fix that.


I remember writing quite the paragraph to the team saying how the deserve some appreciation for their work. I take it back. The game needs to be cleaned up.




Hey! You there!

Let me introduce myself.


My name is Thornsdottir. I am a senior dragon trainer and

the owner of 50 lovely dragons.



  As done in many signatures, let me present to you the squad:

  I. Sammy - Titan Rumblehorn

  II. Lucifer - Titan Monstrous Nightmare

  III. Arch - Adult Quaken

  IV. Prelude - Titan Razorwhip

  V. Newt - Adult Buffalord

  VI. Wolf - Adult Nightterror

  VII. Nini - Adult Eruptodon 

  VIII. Loki - Adult Eruptodon

  IX. History - Titan Woolly Howl

  X. Bahamut - Titan Boneknapper

  XI. Wood - Titan Scuttleclaw

  XII. Yspheria - Adult Scuttleclaw

  XIII. Comet - Titan Terrible Terror

  XIV. Spirit - Adult Sand Wraith

  XV. Rhaegal - Adult Tide Glider

  XVI. Belle - Titan Gronckle

  XVII. Neo - Adult Changewing

  XVIII. Forest - Adult Whispering Death

  XIX. Sonic - Adult Thunderdrum

  XX. Artemis - Adult Silver Phantom

  XXI. Stilinski - Adult Typhoomerang

  XXII. Toothless - Adult Night Fury

  XXIII. Wendigo - Adult Smothering Smokebreath

  XXIV. Scotty - Adult Deadly Nadder

  XXV. Zeus - Adult Armorwing

  XXVI. Aldebaran - Titan Scauldron

  XXVII. Rykensnow - Adult Groncicle

  XXVIII. Todeslied - Adult Deathsong

  XXIX. Viserion - Adult Singetail

  censored. Thor - Adult Windwalker

  XXXI. Grimlock - Adult Flame Whipper

  XXXII. Valkyrie - Adult Triple Stryke

  XXXIII. Falcor - Titan Timberjack

  XXXIV. Sippah - Adult Raincutter

  XXXV. Omen - Adult Boneknapper

  XXXVI. Blue - Adult Dramillion

  XXXVII. Light Fury - (I think you can guess)

  XXXVIII. Schnee - Titan Snow Wraith

  XXXIX. Hera - Adult Moldruffle

  XL. Kastor - Adult Hobblegrunt

  XLI. Meliodas - Adult Sweet Death

  XLII. Telemachos - Adult Mudraker

  XLIII. Sith - Adult Hideous Zippleback

  XLIV. Brand - Adult Deathgripper

  XLV. Che - Titan Stormcutter

  XLVI. Tyche - Adult Prickleboggle

  XLVII. Emerald - Titan Skrill

  XLVIII. Proteus - Adult Fireworm Queen

  XLIX. Berry - Titan Shockjaw

  L. Ethereal - Adult Elder Sentinel

 censored that took long



About Thornsdottir





 Clan:   Heart and Soul of Dragons                                  


 Look: ~white braided hair

           ~hazel eyes

           ~red warpaint around right eye

           ~usually wearing my armour

 Skills: ~flying tight curves through trees and tall rocks  

           ~shooting contests

 Loves:~battles at training grounds 

          ~flying while listening to music

          ~taking pictures

          ~complaining about chat rules lmao


  If you got some inspirations regarding my signature, let me know :)




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  Did you try purchasing gems on the Forums? I've had problems purchasing gems in game but the forums work. Just look at the forums gem purchase area- If it's still 800 euros then there are gonna be issues. Just a tip. If that doesn't work email support immediately. That shouldn't be 800 euros. Understanding you may not want to purchase gems at the moment- This is simply a suggestion. 



                                                               By Hiddenn/Em   


                                         More coming soon. Currently going under a revamp.



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Almost softwaregore

That HAS to be a glitch! But I do have faith that it was unintentional. Thank goodness you didn't buy it.



For all the American/Canadian forum users out there, 800€ is equivilant to approximately $938. Which means in about the amount of Gems you get to buy a dragon egg w/ a skin/warpaint and a saddle for it, it'll cost you almost $1,000.00.


—Signature banner and info cannot be shown when images are turned off <3

I don't play the game anymore. If I'm online, it means I'm just fool'n around :)




I have graduated the School of Dragons to join a ravenous war within a divided kingdom. With the knowledge I've gained in the school, I was able to tame dragons faster than many of my peers. The very same dragons whom I have lost in coming skirmishes by enemy dragoneers. My hope nearly withered away after countless defeats and empty victories. I grew weary of the sight of my peers' bodies spread across the meadows during the aftermath of such battles. However, I hence remembered the reason I've joined the Windguard is to protect the very land that is threatened by humans and dragons alike.

Meeting Skaldi

In the cicil war, we commonly fight dragon riders of the opposing force. But sometimes, we deal with neutral bandits which rarely have used such mounts. Occasionally, I get dispatched to different regions to help catch thieving bandits or deliver supplies to towns that got recently raided. I've met a lone Ironwing during an investigation to a small village in the Aldrün Desert. He was a wild Scorched Frontier dragon that carried a piece of armor in his mouth that helped identify which tribe of bandits that have raided.

Normal dragon training techniques I've learned at the school doesn't usually work with the dragons here, but not only did it manage to have the dragon drop the armor, but convinced the lonely dragon to help find and catch the bandits.


*Disclaimer: Basically, I quit playing SoD to play Century: Age of Ashes. This bio is completely imaginary and therefore comepletely non-canon to the lore of Century and SoD, but based on the experience I had with the gameplay in kind of a joking manner. Yes, I have created C:AoA lore with my character mixed with SoD for fun, no you cannot judge me.


Artwork from Others

Courtesty of Snudoo





Thx for scrolling :)