8 of 15 farm plots frozen bags/plants. Please help!

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I've posted for help a few times, for this and for other issues (such as not receiving gems for a paid offer)...as well as sent a PM and an email, with no reply.


Please fix this issue. I'm now down to 7 usable plots, which is less than HALF.


If anyone has another way to contact admin (such as a phone number) please let me know.


Thank you.



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Make that 9 of 15...sigh

Just got another one. At this rate, the farm will be unusable soon.

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Then stop

The latest game update has stuffed a lot of things up. Trying the same thing is not going to yield a different result. I stopped after two frozen bags. I suggest you do the same because admins don't work weekends (although perhaps they could get a fix out before the day ends, but I'm not sure it'll be that quick). 

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Same here

I just got a frozen bag of peppermint today. I'm not touching anything til its fixed.


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1                                                                            6

Name: Symni                                           Name: Shaemas                                             

Class: Sharp                                            Class: Mystery

Species: Deadly Nadder                               Species: Smothering Smokebreath

           ( LVL 20 Female)                                       (LVL 20 Male)


2                                                                             7

Name: Blitz Strike                                     Name: Firestar

Class: Strike                                            Class: Stoker

Species: Skrill                                          Species: Typhoomerang

          (LVL 20 Male)                                            (LVL 20 Female)


3                                                                             8

Name: Lavi                                              Name: Grave Robber

Class: Stoker                                            Class: Mystery

Species: Monstrous Nightmare                         Species: Boneknapper

           (LVL 20 Male)                                            (LVL 20 Male)


4                                                                             9

Name: Aurora Dawn                                    Name: Serana

Class: Mystery                                          Class: Sharp

Species: Flightmare                                     Species: Raincutter

           (LVL 20 Female)                                         (LVL 20 Female)


5                                                                             10

Name: Midas                                            Name: Wraith

Class: Stoker                                            Class: Boulder

Species: Hobblegrunt                                   Species: Whispering Death

           (LVL 20 Male)                                            (LVL 20 Male)




11                                                                            16

Name: Ruuden                                           Name: Camo

Class: Boulder                                           Class: Stoker

Species: Gronkle                                        Species:Typhoomerang

           (LVL 20 Male)                                          (LVL 20 Female)


12                                                                             17

Name: Ruupert                                           Name: Baelfire

Class: Boulder                                            Class: Sharp

Species: Hotburple                                       Species: Stormcutter

           (LVL 20 Male)                                             (LVL 20 Male)


13                                                                             18

Name: Amethyst Noir                                   Name: Benevolence

Class: Strike                                             Class: Sharp

Species: Skrill                                            Species: Stormcutter

           (LVL 20 Female)                                          (LVL 20 Female)


14                                                                              19

Name: Star Dusk                                         Name: Lorelei

Class: Mystery                                            Class: Tidal

Species: Flightmare                                       Species: Thunderdrum

           (LVL 20 Male)                                              (LVL 20 Female)


15                                                                               20

Name: Clover                                              Name: Diva

Class: Mystery                                            Class: Boulder

Species: Smothering Smokebreath                      Species: Snafflefang

           (LVL 20 Female)                                           (LVL 20 Female)




21                                                                               26

Name: Sugar & Spice                                     Name: Jafar

Class: Fear                                                 Class: Stoker

Species: Hideous Zippleback                              Species: Fireworm

            (LVL 20 Female)                                           (LVL 20 Male)


22                                                                                27

Name: Nessie                                              Name: Madame Blue

Class: Tidal                                                 Class: Boulder

Species: Scauldron                                         Species: Screaming Death

            (LVL 20 Female)                                            (LVL 20 Female)


23                                                                                28

Name: Shyloh                                              Name: Kynereth

Class: Tracker                                              Class: Tidal

Species: Rumblehorn                                       Species: Tide Glider

            (LVL 20 Male)                                              (LVL 20 Female)


24                                                                                29

Name: Mirage                                              Name: Zenithar                               

Class: Mystery                                             Class: Tidal

Species: Changewing                                       Species: Tide Glider

           (LVL 20 Female)                                            (LVL 20 Male)                                                      


25                                                                                30

Name: Roman                                               Name: Talos

Class: Mystery                                              Class: Sharp

Species: Changewing                                        Species: Scuttleclaw

            (LVL 20 Male)                                               (LVL 20 Male)




31                                                                                36

Name: Toil & Trouble                                      Name: Gargamel                   

Class: Fear                                                  Class: Boulder

Species: Hideous Zippleback                               Species: Snafflefang

            (LVL 20 Male)                                              (LVL 20 Male)


32                                                                                 37

Name: Tigress                                               Name: Jabba

Class: Stoker                                                Class: Mystery

Species: Monstrous Nightmare                             Species: Sweet Death

                (LVL 20 Female)                                                           (LVL 20 Male)


33                                                                                 38

Name: Cactus Rose                                         Name: Chewbacca

Class: Tidal                                                  Class: Strike

Species: Sand Wraith                                      Species: Wooly Howl

                (LVL 20 Female)                                            (LVL 20 Male)


34                                                                                 39

Name: Bambi                                                Name: Jedidiah

Class: Tidal                                                  Class: Sharp

Species: Sand Wraith                                       Species: Deadly Nadder

               (LVL 20 Male)                                                (LVL 20 Male)


35                                                                                 40

Name: Maleficent                                           Name: Thundaga

Class: Boulder                                                Class: Tidal

Species: Whispering Death                                 Species: Shockjaw

            (LVL 20 Female)                                             (LVL 20 Male)





Name: Reptar

Class: Sharp

Species: Speed Stinger

               (LVL 20 Male)



Name: (not yet hatched)

Class: (not yet hatched)

Species: Deadly Nadder




Name: Sub Zero

Class: Boulder

Species: Groncicle

           (LVL 20 Male)












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Just found a (messy) solution

I went back into my farm...and everything was gone, other than the barn, the extra well and the empty plots...eureka! I removed all 15 farm plots, left, came back in, and them placed the farm plots in another location. I can now use all 15 again. : )


So, if you have stuck bags, take the opportunity to remove the farm plots when your farm disappears. The plants you had growing will still grow and can be harvested, and the bags litter your grass, but you get the 15 plots back!  : )


Now if I could onlhy receive the gems I paid for....when I paid for an offer to get 1500+ gems as part of the deal.

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Fixed! : ) Thank you! : )

Thank you, thank you, thank you! to whomever removed the bags from my farm.  : )

I am a mainly happy camper again. : )

Wish I could get my 1500+ gems from my Shari's berries offer too...but maybe I will be surprised one day by a huge balance in my account. : )