7 weeks and 10 emails still no custmer support

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7 weeks ago we paid for  membership, although 500 gems were given staight away we were unable to access any other membership member only content, things say members only and we click on it and then says we are already a member but STILL CAN'T BUY IT.  

     The average wait for a reply to an email is 4 WEEKS. Jumpstart are replying to emails i sent 4 weeks ago. Their suggestion of "try logging out and back in or reinstall" is laughable. You dont think we've tried that on 4!!! computers.

   4 weeks ago they said they would pass on our matter to tech dept. Well!!!! We are still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!.


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Our suport team is not too great, try to contact Brynjolf. he is our forum admin and he may be able to help you.