500 gems monthly..

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I bought premium account (3 months) in 7. January 2016..
Today is 7. February 2016 and i didn't get any gems.. 
And same with Drangon egg... i still have no dragon egg..  (20. January 2016) 


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may take a little longer

sometimes it takes a little longer. give it another couple of days.


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i feel your pain

I've had 3 month membership for a while. Delayed monthly gems is normal. Sometimes monthly gems take a while to come. Normally it comes 3 days late for me. But last month my membership glitched so I didn't get gems at all. Perhaps your account glitched too? Anyways, don't worry. There's always a next month. ^^ Besides, don't we already get quite some gems from daily bonuses?

For the dragon egg, you should pm an admin about it and have them replace the missing egg. Idk if they'll notice a forum thread cuz there are so many threads being posted everyday.

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