500 free gems with membership

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hi , there was an event that 3000 first people get membership and i've got membership but no 500 free gems and dragon mystery egg chest. Is it an glitch or something like that ?


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As a free promotional offer,

As a free promotional offer, perhaps we simply do not get the gems while those who already had membership get gems to make up for it. Those who already have membership definitely got more value out of the promotion, but maybe they deserve to since they've actually contributed to the game financially.

I wish people would be more grateful for what they're getting than always complaining about what they haven't. I've seen far more posts whinging about the 500 gems than being thankful for the rest of membership. We've got discounts, access to all the expansion packs, a useful fishing trap, unlocked stable quests, unlocked flight club lessons, a spare stable for all your vikings and an extra viking on top of that, all for free. Oh but what about the 500 gems? Crikey.

Anyway, you might still get your mystery chest. They're supposed to come out on the 20th of the month, though I don't think I've ever witnessed them come out on time. But it probably means waiting until July 20 at least.