3month membership gone in 3 days? AMINS.

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Joined: 12/21/2014

Ok, so I bought 3 month membership on december 25 2014. It is now the 28th of december, and apparenlty I need to renew lost my toothless...... (not happy) and not to forget I haven't recieved my 500 Gems for buying the membership and I purchased $20 dollars in gems besides that, and I haven't recieved that either. This is all very frustrating. Please fix this asap. This is really making me not want to spend money on this site, if this is going to be a reacurring problem.



please do not advise me to contact the email you guys always say to email..... they never help, and they never seem to actually fix the problem. you email them, you get a your issue is being processed email, and then you can't even sign in to find out if they figured it out. please help.

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Ya its incredible but the next day my membership and my toothless back.