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I got bored and this is what I made on Photoshop Cs6!

Hope you like it!


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O: that's really good. I

O: that's really good. I can't even figure out how to use Photoshop to the slightest. Oh well!


Hi! My name is Zillea (just call me Song), and welcome to my siggy! Scroll down for how I came to SoD, met my dragon and my adoptables!


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About me:

I'm 12 years old (although my Viking is 14). My name is Zillea and this is my signature. It's under contruction, (it pretty much always is :D), but please feel free to look around.




Caring, competetive, artistic, loyal, and compassionate




Dragons, animals, reading, writing, math (yes, I like doing math), drawing, and hanging out with my dog



How I came to the School of Dragons:

I woke up, excited and nervous at the same time. Today was the day I was going to the School of Dragons, my lifelong dream. Full of energy, I burst out of bed and hurridly ate my breakfast of toast with yak's butter and orange juice; I didn't want to miss the boat.

I ran outside my small house in Berk, my mom and dad coming with me. I waited outside with all the other students, too excited to even sit still. At last, I heard the shout of men and looked up. There was the boat.

Taking a deep breath, I hugged my parents and strided onto the boat, proud to be a student at the School of Dragons.



How I met Loukai:

Squished in with the other students, I struggled to see Gobber. All I knew was that we were getting our dragons. Too happy to care, I waited for the crowd to disperse. When it was my turn, Gobber told me to walk through the gate and pick an egg.

"Should be easy," I though.

I stopped at the gate, expecting it to block my way, but it sunk into the cold stone floor instead. Past the gate, I gasped in awe: there were so many eggs! In the middle of the room was a pit of lava. While the floor was cold, the room was very hot.

I slowly walked through the hatchery, examining each and every egg. I stopped at the Monsterous Nightmare nest. I knew they were very dangerous and hard to train, but something pulled me in. I felt a connection to these eggs.

For a split second, I though I saw a little jet of flame shoot out from one of the eggs. I picked it up, and knew at last, I had found my dragon. The egg heavy in my hands, I carried it over to the lava pit. I looked down at the egg in my hands one last time, then tossed it into the lava.

At first, nothing happened, but then, I started to hear a sizzling sound. All of a sudden, flame started spewing out of the lava pit, and a pedestal rose from the pit. On the pedestal was my egg. I stared at it for a mere second before the egg started hatching. For some reason, I was not afraid. I felt empowered.

As the egg hatched, I started to see a little dragon poke out. The dragon flung the last piece of egg into the lava, and looked into my eyes. Its scales were white and blue, and made me think of Winter, my favorite season.

Whisked back to the present, I felt a soulful being looking at me. Slowly, I reached out my hand. The dragon looked at my hand, and reached its nose and touched it. I felt a surge of power course through my body when we made contact. The dragon hopped off the platform and onto the ground, and sat next to me, a partner for life.

"I shall call you Louakai," I said to the baby dragon.



My dragons:



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My Adoptables:

Rumble/male - Tusked RockSpringer

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