2021 Free Dragons List

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This is an update to the lists of dragons you can get for free from quests or codes. If more updates come or if I missed any, leave a comment and I'll add them to the list!



Whispering Death Egg - Explore the Dark Depths

Eruptodon Egg - code: lavaeater



Teen Groncicle - Fixing Mildew's Mess (Icestorm Island)

Razorwhip Egg - Shipwreck Lane (Call of the Deathsong)

Baby Deathsong - Loose Ends (Call of the Deathsong)

Adult Armorwing - Heart of Darkness (Battle For the Edge)

Adult Stingetail - The Singetail Secret (Return to Dragon Island)

Adult Eruptodon - Volcanic Finale (Return to Dragon Island)

Baby Flame Whipper - Flame Whipper Unleashed! (Secret of the Leviathan)

Triple Stryke Egg - Taking the Offensive (Rise of Stormheart)

Adult Elder Sentinel - The New Auction Island (Wrath of Stormheart)

Adult Deathgripper - Defending Our Home (The Hidden World)

Adult Smitten Hobgobbler - Curse, Broken (Curse of the Hobgobbler)



Credit to Winged Warden for the original list!


Dragon Rider Extraordinaire, Velevori!


Favorite dragon- Snaptrapper


My Snaptrapper Ghidorah is intelligent and patient, but with a bit of a short temper when it comes to annoyances. He enjoys play, but not for too long.


My Deathgripper Gojira, on the other hand, is quite playful- and has formed quite the bond with Ghidorah. Ghidorah pretends not to like him, and they get into play-fights quite often, but they do adore each other in the end.


Other dragons:

Hysveare - Sand Wraith

Kespek - Hideous Zippleback

Vesilik - Flame Whipper

Skrekk - Whispering Death

Elurra - Whispering Death

Ignis - Eruptodon

Thystim - Eruptodon

Sonata - Deathsong

Mosstongue - Elder Sentinel

Juna - Triple Stryke

Pearim - Prickleboggle

Slipstream - Razorwhip

Gorethrasher - Hobgobbler


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tracking :3 thx for the list! will go check if i've gotten the whispering death


Viking Name: Adianna |  Friend Code: 2RERQ |  Trainer Level: 41 |  Clan: Sunrise Wings












Been a member of SoD since 2013!
Semi-active player and forum member

Thanks to Tigerli1y for the super cute headshot and frogs!






Army of Dragons:

I wanted to add more, but I'll restrain myself for everyone's sake xD
The awesome pixel dragons here are all made by Chameishida - thank you!
(see the bottom of my siggy for the dragon species shown here + a little surprise
























[since I haven't figured out how to delete images in the forum account's file archive, a bunch of images of my dragons will from time to time disappear due to the free online photo uploader services deleting old stuff

BUT -]

Here SHOULD have been some majestic images of:

Galazio - my Stormcutter

Zeidon - my Thunderdrum

Nightflame - my Deadly Nadder

Dreximos - my Speedstinger

Nyx - my Smothering Smokebreath

Arazon - my Sand Wraith


Maybe some day I will pull myself together and make some new ones since I seem to have lost them :(


My faves atm are:
Dreximos the Speedstinger, Makrys the Windwalker, Galazio the Stormcutter, Arazon the Sand Wraith and Kouthiras the Silver Phantom





Kharybdis - Whispering Death lvl 15
​Named after the Greek legend of the Strait of Messina

Nightflame - Deadly Nadder lvl 25

My first dragon, named for it's previous colors

Nyx - Smothering Smokebreath lvl 21

Named after the Greek personification of Night

Zephyros - Typhoomerang lvl 12

Inspiration from the Greek word for typhoon, tyfónas

Boreas - Titan Snow Wraith lvl 20

​Named after the Greek god of the North Wind, bringer of winter

Zeidon - Thunderdrum lvl 16

My second dragon, named after the Greek gods Zeus and Poseidon

Arazon - Sand Wraith lvl 24

Inspiration by the Amazons from Greek and Roman mythology

Dreximos - Speed Stinger lvl 23

Inspiration from the Greek word for run, tréximo

Rouna - Titan Monstrous Nightmare lvl 21

Inspiration from the latin, Luna

Fyrox - Boneknapper lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for guarding, fyrixi

Hephaestus - Typhoomerang lvl 4
​Named after the Greek god of smithy, Hephaestus

Galazio - Titan Stormcutter lvl 24

Inspiration from the Greek word for galaxy, galaxías

Prisma - Death Song lvl 11
Inspiration from the Greek word for lullaby, ​nanoúrisma

Makrys - Windwalker lvl 20
​Inspiration from the Greek word for long, ​makrýs

Erimia - Titan Scuttleclaw lvl 22

​Inspiration from the Greek word for wilderness, erimiá

Akhlys - Flamewhipper lvl 10
Named after the Greek personification of the Death Mist, a posion goddess
Astrali - Razorwhip lvl 4
​Inspiration from the Greek word for steel, ​atsáli

Kouthiras - Silver Phantom lvl 10

​Inspiration from the Greek words for butane and spark, ​voutánio and spinthíras

Trizox - Triple Stryke lvl 10

​Inspiration from the Greek word for three, ​trítos

Hephaestus - Eruptodon lvl 10
​Named after the Greek god of smithy, Hephaestus (seemed more fitting for this dragon)

Thyella - Skrill lvl 1

​Inspiration from the Greek word for thunderous, thyellódis

Ereipia - Sentinel lvl 6

​Inspiration from the Greek word for ruins, ereípia

Vanera - Scauldron lvl 14

​Inspiration from the Greek words for deep water, vathýs nerá

Zafeiri - Whispering Death lvl 11
​Inspiration from the Greek word for saphire, zafeíri

Neo - Gronckle lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for brave, neo

Skia - Changewing lvl 10
​Inspiration from the Greek word for shadow

Chionia - Groncicle lvl 10
​Named after the Greek goddess of ice, Chione

Greek Fire - Hideous Zippleback lvl 8
​For some reason my name with "&" wasen't allowed, so Greek Fire it is

​​Kathris - Singetail lvl 9
Inspiration from the Greek word for lime

Thorakis - Armorwing lvl 10
Inspiration from the Greek word for armor, ​thorákisi




First time trying the watercolor brush - I get why people like this tool now!




Pixel dragons by Chameishida: Titan Scauldron, Titan Thunderdrum, Alpha Slinkwing, Slitherwing, Ice Nadder, Titan Nightsealer (Fan dragon), Titan Typhoomerang, Ruby Crystal Sandwraith, Dreadstrider, Titan Stormcutter, Alpha Speedstinger, Stinger, Razorwhip, Silver Phantom, Sinitrous Woodreaper (Fan dragon), Sandwraith, Fireworm, Shiny Thornridge, and Titan Hobgobbler ^^