2018-2019 Era of Cartoons!

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I promised myself I will make more threads after my year of silence, I don't know about you but I must get this off of my chest.
One: I’ll keep things short because I had technical difficulties. As you all know, the new - and the last -movie of How to Train Your Dragon is coming out next year. Some are excited, many are iffy, and the rest rather not try it. I have been a fan of HTTYD since it (the books) came out. Even though I pretty much grew out of the obsession phase, I am still pretty eager to see the third movie despite of everything. Although, HTTYD is a movie, it is a 3-D animated cartoon so it deserves to be mentioned here.
Two: To any Steven Universe fans in the forums, there is a movie coming out soon. Sometime late 2018 or somewhere in 2019 that I am pretty excited for. I’m not sure if this will be a series conclusion, a set-up to the climax of the show, or a side-story that took place in-between a moment in the show, but I can’t wait to find out about more information about it.
And, now that this topic is here, I’m just going to say... White Diamond. ‘nuff said.
Three: I found out earlier this year that Infinity Train has been greenlit. For those of you who don’t know, infinity Train was a pilot released a few years ago by a former storyboard artist of Regular Show. It’s about a girl that is stuck on an infinitely moving trains, and going in bizarre train cars accompanied by a quite ignorant but lovable droid. After a few years of silence, the show had been officially greenlit, and is expected to premiere next year, 2019.
I personally really loved it, and I am graciously super excited for this.
Four: As stated before on the forums, the Rugrats are being renewed to another season. I remember watching this show when I was very young, and that just by looking at the show gives me nostalgia. Now, it has been confirmed that nickelodeon is bringing back some 90s shows, and I am genuinely happy. I just hope the Rugrats are not a crappy reboot.
Five: Again with the Nick 90s, Hey Arnold is making a special. Again, I’ll keep these short because my computer actually froze while making this thread so I have to type in everything twice, so straight to the point: I am as equally excited of that as the Rugrats.
Six: I’ll poke one more time in the 90s Nick shows, Rocko’s Modern Life is making a special. I am very happy that I get to taste this show once more and Rocko indeed has the same charm as when he did back then. I will admit, Rocko’s Modern Life is my favorite 90s Nick show and that cannot change. I am so excited.
To poke furether, no. Rugrats, Rocko, and Arnold are not the only 90s Nick shows that are coming back.
Seven: Star Wars: Also stated once on the forums, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is returning. This is quite some sxciting news, especially to the Star Wars fans that knew the show before. However, the show will be premiering on Disney Channel instead of Cartoon Network due to the fact Disney had bought Star Wars. They’ve… actually did something right. Great job Disney.
Eight: I don’t know about you, but I recently found out about this:
Oh, it's probably nothing. Only my favorite modern show, my other favorite modern show, and… post-good shows (talking about the originals) coming together in a 4-way crossover to my favorite modern show. That’s fine. I’m... fine! I am totally not flipping out about this! I am so COMPLETELY CALM RIGHT NOW!!
Anyway, although I’m not fond of TTG and the Ben 10 reboot, it IS the best characters of the shows that will be making an appearance. I was a fan of Ben 10 and he hasn’t broke too much character since the original (I’ve seen worse) so I am okay with it, and Raven is the best character in the awful show Teen Titans Go because she is the most in-character character in the reboot and I respect her.
On the other hand, even though adding every character from Steven Universe will be ideal, if I were to pick one character to be in OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, it’ll indeed be Garnet. Really though, I do trust OK KO with handling this since this isn’t the first time they made good cameos and parodies. I am very excited. SUPER excited about this!
(Who else would it be. If there is anyone who can fix TTG and Ben 10, it would be Garnet)
Plus, I really love that artwork. As an artist, I say that is a brilliant picture. I am SO putting it on my background.
Nine: I heard rumors that the show Jimmy Neutron is coming back. The voice actor for Jimmy has announced on Twitter via reply to a petition to bring back the show, that they have some exciting news in store for the fans. Is it a special? Is it a movie? Is it a new season? I’ve been in love with this show when I was a kid, and I still am now. I NEED to know!
Ten: And finally, the moment of truth to ALL Invader Zim fans out there:
Enter the Florpus everybody! I’ve been waiting… a whole decade for this moment… *wipes tear* it’s too good to be true.
So is this the era of cartoons? In my opinion, this is definately the BEST TIME EVER for cartoons seaking as I am a fan of most kids cartoons. This is absolutely overwelming, words cannot describe how excited I am! I don't even know which year is better. 2018, since I've been watching and getting into the most shows and hearing about all the exciting announcments, or 2019 when they all come out.

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