20 gems gone

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I was playing the flight school mode with my own dragon, when I chose the second track, the game simply bought energy boost for 20gems without asking me or waiting for confirmation. I didn't want to buy it and I would like my 20 gems back.


Thanks for the attention 

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Without any confirmation ?

Thats wheird ,your gems are gone without any confirmation , maybe its a glitch ?



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Hey gmlopes07, we are sorry

Hey gmlopes07, we are sorry that you lost your gems, that shouldn't happen. If this problem never got resolved send me a personal message with your account information (user name and in game viking name).

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I had the same thing happen

I had the same thing happen to me today.  I found it odd as it always asks me if I want to buy energy before making the sale.  But this time it just said that it was taking 20 gems and giving me energy with out asking if I wanted to.  I'm not going to ask for my gems back as it was only 20 gems and you admins have more importent things to fix, but I would hope you can fix this glitch so it does not happen agian.