2 questions; farming issues and meeting friends

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Hi there, 


im loving playing the game and multiple updates of the game have made a big difference in stopping glitches and freezing within the game. So far things have gone smoothly for my Viking (alpharda) and my dragons. Now I've completed all the quests and am trying to complete fishing, farming, racing and friendship accomplishments.


question1- farming

>after rearranging my farm, my 5 yaks have disappeared- although I can see the sparkles fromone of them in one my my chicken pens! So I think for some reason they aren't showing where they should be. How can I get the back? 

>i am now level 20 farming- are there any more levels for farming? 

>Is there any way of increasing the number of plant/farming slots? I have 15 now. 

>I have 32 water available in a well- a second well had appeared but I can't use the 32 water it displays on my crops. Is this a glitch or is it supposed to be just an ornament? 


Question 2; meeting with friends

I was surprised that none of the quests or tutorials went into how to add or meet up with friends. I don't know anyone who plays the game but have added many friends and hope to make friends with members of the clan that I have joined. 

On the friends icon on the right hand side of the screen, when online friends show up, what does the two blue Viking heads mean? Whenever I click this the game loads for 3-5 mins then either crashes or continues without doing anything. 

do you have to meet friends in your farm? 


Any my help with any if these issues I'd be really grateful! Many thanks, 


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Farming has glitch all the time , no matter how many update they do. There is a spot in my farm where I put anything that becomes doubled. It worked for doubling my yack and chickens. For wells that is just a glitch , there is only one well in the game..


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Teleporting to them

The Two Vikings means teleport, or "visit" your friend. This makes your friend visible to you, and teleports you to where they are.


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