...2 line signature?

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I'm editing my signature to make it a LOT shorter, but after I cleared everything and put in what was now going to be my signature:

Um... What?
Since when was it 2 lines? My sig now is way longer than that, and a lot of other's are too.

Is this a new feature or something? I don't like it. I like the long signatures people have.


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Huh, how strange. I've never noticed that before :/


Maybe try clearing your signature and then pressing return twice before you save?


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That's odd. . .

Darn! I enjoy exploring long signatures, including a majority of the forum here with fun(ny) screenshots and pretty pictures and all. I'm going to randomize my signature really long to test it, with a bunch of "A"s. Brb.


It's honestly been so long . . . lol, well, I guess I've returned from a long break. I have two dragons: A skrill and a Deadly Nadder. 


This signature is still under construction.

A very long one, apparently.