The 13th Sign ★ [The Roleplay Thread]

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Sauren • Scorpio, Libra // Quin • Aquarius, Pisces

Quin sat back when Kalden got up and moved to another spot, farther from him. He pouted a little, his attitude shifting from weirdly flirtatious to definitely a little sulky. Quin listened wordlessly as someone turned up the radio, broadcasting more news about the monster attack in Tauria. 


Sauren eyed the darker toned male that had teleported from seemingly nowehere to the school cafeteria for whatever reason. She noticed that the prickly Leo from earlier had disappeared, likely back to her own room for a change of clothing or to cool off. 

Sauren grinned when she noticed Quin sulking beside her, glancing at the recently vacated seat across from Quin. 

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Myr | Capricorn ~~ Izaza Umbris | Libra

Subtly chased away by Quin’s not-so-subtle staring, Kalden gathered his things, moved around the table and relocated to the seat next to Myr. She glanced at the Virgo as he sat down but otherwise ignored him, staying focused on the radio which had just announced that the Prime Minister had allowed for Inclusions to be brought into the fight. It was a dubious call. While the explosives were without doubt the most powerful weapons the Taurus House possessed, against their own powers they might very well backfire horribly.

The announcer went on to report that while the Virgo House was sending some of their forces, the Aries were holding back on a response to the call for help. And of course, it just so happened that the Arian Aggregators requested by the Tauri would arguably be of far more use than their own Inclusion crystals against the bull’s specific power set.

“I understand their history, but if the Arians do not help…” Kalden said worriedly.

“They’ll feel like they’re better off for it, at least in the short term,” she replied neutrally, sounding a bit downcast if anything. She wasn’t surprised by the Aries House’ reluctance to send aid. The current truce between the twelve Houses was a relatively recent thing, and while some of them were genuinely interested in mutual cooperation others were kept away from each other’s throats mostly by the knowledge of mutually assured destruction. Such was the case with Aries and Taurus, divided by feuds and grudges going back generations until no one was fully sure how they came to be in the first place.

This attack, and the destruction and wreckage that came with it, might tip the scales in the Aries’ favour. If she gauged the politics right, only strong pressure from the other ten Houses together would force the Aries to share their crystals if they did decide against it, and they were not enough of a united force for that. The most they could do was call the Aries out on their refusal afterwards, and by then it could be easily swept under the rug with some excuses. Same thing should they decide to simply stall until the attack was over.

“It will take more than one monster to get all the Houses on the same page,” she added.

Of course, it was not too much of a stretch to assume more monsters like this one would turn up at some point, given the bull’s uniquely Taurian appearance and abilities. Myr wondered what a Capricornian version of such a monster would be like, and how to combat it. If this kind of situation were to repeat itself it just might cause the kind of paradigm shift a single attack could not accomplish.

Luca meanwhile was checking his phone nearly obsessively, interspersed with the occasional glance at the radio and scratching Tanto’s belly. Finally he jumped up from the table to stand a few steps away and started a call, glaring at the screen as if he could force the person on the other side to answer through sheer willpower. She wondered who it was. Possibly a Taurus, with his lifestyle having friends from all over would make sense.

Finally someone picked up, and all the tension flowed out of Luca’s body in relief. The two started talking quietly in Taurian, but while Luca was engrossed in his screen a dark-haired male suddenly teleported in behind him, holding his phone and grinning quietly.

“Where’d you go?” Luca asked his screen in confusion, just before the male hit him playfully on the shoulder and nearly startled him into leaping onto the table. He turned to glare only for his expression to morph into joy at the sight of his friend, whose laugh turned into a smile as he was stomped in return.

The Taurus’ attention then turned to the rest of them, predictably landing on Nolan and with a heavy accent asking why he was on the table. Luca’s answer, although technically correct, did not explain much but the Taurus seemed used to that. He sat down next to the Sagittarius and began munching on a sandwich as Kyra inquired after their relationship.




From the lack of people in the stables it definitely seemed to be lunchtime now, so Izaza decided to go to the cafeteria as well even though she wasn’t truly hungry yet. Usually she would pick something up on her own time but she wasn’t quite familiar enough with the kitchens and where food was stored here to go through that hassle. Better to eat something now while the food was laid out and easy to get.

Once she left the stables and followed the throngs to the cafeteria she was reminded of the ongoing attack in Tauria. But considering the same information was being repeated in circles over and over around her there seemed to not be much progression so far.

Avoiding people in the packed cafeteria was nearly impossible, so she stuck to the walls as much as she could. Luckily with the myriad of powers flying around here a floating tray was not actually that strange a sight and no one spared it a second glance. Or maybe they were just too engrossed in their own conversations to be bothered.

She decided to sit down at a table seating most of the people that had also been in the special class that morning, thinking they might be discussing what had been disclosed there. She slipped into the seat the Virgo had vacated just as someone else loudly joined them on the other end. Even if anyone noticed her sitting down their attention would likely be drawn to the Taurus’ arrival, leaving her to start eating in peace.

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo & Nolan Bennett Altair | Gemini

Kyra began speaking about something to do with what Nolan presumed was energy crystals. The Gemini stared towards her blankly, as he did not know much about the specifics, attempting to follow the stream of words while also digesting the news in the background.

Luca had wandered away by this point in order to make a visual call with someone via his crystal powered communication device. Nolan could overhear some unfamiliar words in another language, but not enough to distinguish much; not that he likely knew the tongue, anyhow. Nolan had nearly turned away before a sudden flash of movement was caught in the Gemini’s perhipheral vision.

Nolan peered around his shoulder once more, rendering him nonplus for a moment. Someone was standing before Luca, despite having not been anywhere within sight a mere tick before. Luca was glaring at the individual in a manner almost as if he had been affronted, even slapping the darker haired teen in some sort of retaliation. Despite earning this reaction, the newcomer seemed rather unfazed, with a composed smile resting across his lower face.

Nolan grinned bullishly when the Taurian looked his way, posing a question regarding the Gemini’s seating choice. The cousins approached the table, Luca allowing his companion to devour his lunch without complaint. Nolan cocked his head, but made no effort to move from his current position. Instead he simply scooted a bit across the tabletop, inching towards the Taurian.

“Well… are you going to introduce us?” Nolan asked Luca, all the while peering down at Tori, chin resting on hand as he smiled charismatically.


“That’s true...” Kalden found himself agreeing with Myr’s words. The only truly known threat the Aries would face by failing to provide aid would be receiving backlash from other Houses. Even then, they may be Houses that do not disagree with the Arians’ potential decline. Whether that was for alliance reasons, or because it is understandable to wish to maintain your own limited resources if there is a chance of an attack that effects the Aries House directly in the near future.

Kalden had missed the majority of the interactions between Luca and his cousin, only tuning into the fact a new person had joined the group once he had sat down. Kalden found his eyes drawn to the stranger. Like many Taurians, the boy’s skin was on the tanner side. Paired with his black hair, the teen’s bright blue eyes were austere. He hosted a similar texture of hair to Luca, although styled in a less echinate manner. His features were also rather defined, drawing attention to his jaw and chin area in particular. His movements were rather fluid and graceful, even admidst his clearly worried mannerisms that paired with the conversation he was heading with the Sagittarian.

Kalden snapped out of his near reverie, all but flushing as he realized he had been staring without realization for at least several lengthy moments. He hoped the Taurian had not noticed, but knew that he had not; the dark haired boy had been entirely focused on his sandwich while speaking with Luca. Kalden felt slightly guilty, as if he had done something wrong by having tuned out from the news.

The Virgo pushed himself to once again digest the radio's words, only to find there was not much yet along the lines of updates. Kalden supposed this made sense; while the attack was imperative, the Arians either agreeing or denying was no light verdict. The broadcaster did report that the Arian leader would make an announcement later in the day, although it was not specified whether this would directly guarantee an answer itself to the Taurian plea.


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Luca Morrison | Sagittarius - Tori Erikson | Taurus

Luca went back to finish his food after the short moment of bickering in another langauge. However found that the miniature griffin he was petting before briefly leaving the table had since left back to his owner. Taking most of Luca's food that he could carry. His cousin taking whatever was left on his plate.

"Friend of yours?" Kyra spoke, however Luca figured she was talking to the griffin who returned to her side, so he instead turned to give the tanned male a glaring pout.

“Well… are you going to introduce us?” Nolan then chimed, the Sagittarian's face was rather blank as he tried to process how to do that. His cousin was entirely preoccupied by his stolen food, almost sure he wasn't sticking around long enough to really warrent an introduction. But, he also could see Nolan pestering him about it.

"Yeah, this is Tori, my cousin. I'm sure you guys can introduce yourselves" Luca hummed, receiving a light smack from the red suited male.

"You introduce yourself then" Luca barked, Tori held a short glaring contest with the family member, taking the moment to swallow his food.
"You just want to be lazy" Tori chimed, spoken slow and still heavily accented, but it still pulled a large smile from Luca.
"Yup. Now a griffin and a bull stole my food, so I'm gonna go get more. Tori doesn't bite anything but his sandwiches, so feel free to annoy him" Luca chirped, lifting himself off his seat and quickly pushing himself away from the table as the taruian went to smack him once more. Jovial laughing echoed from the Sagittarian as he darted away and back to the buffet.


Tori sighed and looked back to the occupants at the table, once again raising his brow to the male residing above everyone else.
"Why you on table?" Tori asked, staring up at the blond with curiosity.

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Kyra Marchesi

Tanto seemed interested in this newcomer from the Taurus house, rolling over from where he had been preening himself beside her. He chirped, waddling over like an over stuffed house cat and plonked himself in front of the Taurian boy who was actually kinda good looking. She glanced up at the boy on the table, Nolan was his name if she recalled correctly.  

"Nolan, get off the table before you step on Tanto's tail. Because if you do, I won't be responsible for how he reacts. He can and will bite to defend himself." Kyra warned, turning to the Taurian boy. 

"I'm Kyra by the way. The overly stuffed mini griffin here," she reached out to scratch Tanto's fluffy back, earning a happy purring bird-cat sound in response. "is Tanto. He's mine." She said by way of introduction. Tanto squeaked at the Taurian boy, going into a play bow and batting hopefully at the boy's hands, wanting to entice him to play. 

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Nolan Bennett Altair | Gemini

After some discordance between Luca and Tori, the former departed to retrieve more food. This left Tori with Nolan. The Taurian glanced quzzically at the Air sign, inquiring as to the reason behind the Gemini's current seating placement.

Nolan settled once more, leaning back on his muscular arms. Before he could respond, Kyra demanded that Nolan exit the table so as not to step on her griffin companion. Nolan frowned, wondering how he would manage that while seated.

"I will be careful, while also looking pretty up here," Nolan retorted sweetly, before returning his attention to Tori. "I'm Nolan. Altair. I am here so that people may have the pleasure to notice me at ease. And I am quite pleased to have gotten your attention in particular."

Nolan punctuated this statement with a flirtatious wink.