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This thread will be where the actual roleplay will be done.

Refer to the other thread if you need information.


Kalden cursed, lifting a finger to his mouth to ease the sudden bleeding. While working in the darkened room, he had drawn blood where he had accidentally slid his finger along a piece of metal he had been working with.

Another scar for the collection, He mused internally, popping the finger out of his mouth to see it had stopped seeping blood. Kalden shuffled through a nearby bag, pulling from it a length of medical wrappings. Ripping a small section with his teeth and good hand, he impatiently wrapped his injured finger and tied it half-hazard.

This was about as good as it got in The Slums. In the upper-levels of the Virgin City, they had access to an expensive, but effective medical tape. The tape was infused it a new magic-tech that would immediately stick to a wound for up to several days and keep it safe from many infections. People that lived in the lower-city were just lucky not to catch infections.

But Kalden didn't think of it; this was what he was used to. Many others living in the underside of this dark cliff also sported scars on their hands, a mixture from manual labor, rough living conditions, and construction and tinkering in their free time.

Thinking this was as good a time as any to take a break and go retrieve the next material he needed for his project, Kalden pushed the metal he had been bending aside. He briefly reached up to switch off a gas lamp to preserve the fuel. Wrapping a scarf loosely around his neck and habitually yanking a glove onto his uninjured hand, he opened up the door and walked outside.

A huge breeze swept through as he walked out onto the extended wooden pathway, others passing by around him. As with most living in the side of the cliff, homes were built into or extended along the mountainside. 'Streets' carved out of the hard earth zigzagged down to the lower levels of houses and shops, all the way to the ground. Other walking areas were made out of wood, to add extra walking room and space. Kalden lived in a low area of the cliffside, so the distance to the ground was a few minutes of walking, maybe more if it was an exceptionally crowded day.

The sun had passed over their side of the mountain, and the giant shadow cast by the cliff left the area in relative darkness. One of the only locations of the lower city outside of this dark overcast was the scrapheap slightly around the side of the mountain.

Kalden quickly scaled down the mixture of dirt and wooden paths until he hit the solid ground of the Earth. With more buildings extending outwards on ground-level, he passed through alleyways as shortcuts until he reached a sunlit-clearing.

The clearing was green, grassy, and bright. A contrast to the dull shadowy tones of The Slums. Extending for a vast distance in middle of the giant field was a mountain of scrap and discarded tech. Some other visible scrabblers were shifting through some newer piles, but Kalden passed those without mind. Kalden looked around, his eyes squinting against the harsh sunlight reflecting off from various materials. He gave an assorted collection of metal, wood, and other items a once-over. He was searching for something specific... aha!

He headed straight towards an area where he had seen a glint of golden material at. Crouching by the pile, he rummaged and pulled out a chunk of mixed metals. As he was attempting to disattach the pieces to claim the golden ore, the piece was yanked from his hands.

"Aye!" Kalden exclaimed, looking upwards. He squinted, a shadowy figure looming over him, their back to the sun, making it hard for him to see the individual's features. Kalden had to put a hand over his eyes as he scrambled to his feet. 

"Thank ya for findin' this for me," The figure, a man, smiled a cracked-tooth grin. He spoke crudely, clearly a Slum dweller. "This'll sell pretty good."

Kalden glared at the man, trying to compose himself despite his irritation. "I found it first," He extended his good hand. "If you would, please return it."

The man's grin slipped, looking Kalden over. "Yer one 'em lower-level rats, like the rest of us. Don't talk like yer from the actual Virgin City." The man spat on the ground. Kalden didn't necessarily disagree with the man's words, but what he wanted was the item the man had stolen.

"I said hand it over," Kalden reached out, but the man pushed him, making Kalden stumble. The man laughed, pushing Kalden again. Kalden lifted his hands outwards in defense, bringing up a force field.

The man laughed. "Yer not the only one with one of 'em,". The man flashed his own field, hitting it against Kalden's, catching him off guard enough to lose his focus on his shield. With his force field briefly flickering, it gave the man enough time to uppercut Kalden. Kalden fell on his back, his breath escaping him. With his one hand covered, he was able to maintain the shock he had absorbed that wanted to escape from it. But his other...

Suddenly a pulse uncontrollably emitted from of his hand, knocking the offender on his back similarly to Kalden's own position. Stunned, the man took a second to look back up. "What!" He exclaimed. "But... that's not a Virgo power!"

At this point, the others in the field had been looking over at the fight, having seen the display of powers Kalden exhibited. Force fields are nothing uncommon. It was like tech manipulation or invisibility, the sacred powers only Virgos may be gifted with. But... Kalden had exhibited a Taurus power. Although that was another Earth element house, anyone outside of the Bull Sign's house couldn't control a power from it.

Kalden got up and sprinted back into the dark city, away from the stares, surprised muttering, and fear. At some point along the way, he had wrapped his scarf over his head to hide his features. After zig-zagging through some alleyways and streets, he finally slowed to a walk, breathing heavily.

He had messed up before with his contrasting signs' powers, but never had it been in the open where so many saw, and someone got hurt. It had only ever been himself that Kalden had hurt before. Usually, that's why he covered his hands, to try to stop the expulsion of kinetic energy. Ironically, the reason he had gone out to the scrap heap was to find materials to help him make a pair of gloves to hide his secondary powers better.

The young man sighed, his mind racing to figure out what to do next, after exposing himself in the open.


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Sweat dripped into her

Sweat dripped into her eyebrow more and more with every step. The clanging of metal could be heard down the hallways, along with playful taunts. In the training room as Oda and her mentor. The Capricorn House was full of those eager to hone their skills, but the mentors within the House could only teach them so much. Oda planned to be the best fighter across the land. She wasn't okay with second place. Although she was one of the best fighters in her House, there was still much to learn and her arrogance often got the best of her. 


As their swords danced, her mentor spoke up. "As always your timing is well refined Oda!", he told her enthusiastically. 


Oda smiled as she attempted to disarm him, but he managed to counter which pushed her back. "What can I say...I have a great teacher." She lunged towards him and she watched as he dodged it easily. Her tutor spun out of way of her blade and he swung his sword towards her face. She ducked out of the way just in time, seeing a few ends of her hair float towards the ground. She swiftly moved away from him as she stabilized herself. Her breathing was getting heavy, as was his.


With the distance between them, his tutor smiled as he tried to catch his breath. "Good. Have you had enough?"


She scoffed, tightening her sword with both her hands. "You know this isn't over until one of us is either disarmed or laid helpless on the ground." 


"Very well then." He dashed towards her, Oda following suit. Their swords clashed  again and again, and it seemed whenever he had her cornered, Oda had a trick up her sleeve to get herself out. As Oda turned around to reposition herself behind him, he saw an opening. He swung his blade at her back as it was turned, but Oda quickly turned herself around, her sword meeting his. In a swift movement, her blade circled his and she finally managed to swing his sword out of his hand. They both watched as his sword flew up into the air and then landed on the floor. Both out of breath, her tutor pushed his hair back. "You know...I could have had you. You had your back exposed. The most deadly attack is-" 


"Is a sneak attack." As he lectured her, Oda began to repeat his words and finished his sentence as he trailed off. "I know." She put her sword in it's sheath. "But I managed to cover myself, didn't I?"


"You did..but what if you didn't? You'd be done for." He walked over towards his sword and picked it up, putting it in his sheath as well. "You always seem to get to it in the nick of time don't you? Almost as if you're psychic or something."


Oda just shrugged and laughed slightly. "It's not my fault my instincts are better than yours."


"Indeed...", he told her suspiciously. They've been training together for months and this wasn't anything new. Oda seemed to know just when to dodge. It was apparent when he would strike her when she was most vulnerable. Her reactions were abnormally timely. He didn't think anything of it for a while, but the more they trained, the more confused he was. He wasn't tutoring a master swordsman by any means. She was good and she was one of the best in the House, but she wasn't that good. In fact, he would be so bold as to say that someone with as little experience as her shouldn't be that responsive. 


"Phew! Are we done here? I could use a shower." 


He smiled at her, pushing his suspicions away. "I think so. You're free to leave now." He waved her off and began to walk towards the room on the other side. "Oh and Oda..." he looked behind him as he spoke and watched her stop to look at him. "Don't get too cocky. Many soldiers dug their own graves because of their ego. I'd hate to see you with the same fate." He smiled at her again and exited through the other door.


As he spoke, Oda just nodded, but as she turned around and left the room she just rolled her eyes. "I'm not cocky.." she muttered to herself. She returned to her room on the other side of the building where she stepped into the shower immediately. Once she was cleaned and dressed, she exited her room. 


The Capricorn House was a House filled with prideful people who were skilled fighters. The general aesthetic within the House was classical. It was like something pulled out of medieval times. However, because of the different supernatural powers Capricorn held, different rooms were designed for the three different powers. Training rooms were filled with obstacles and walls for those who honed the Flowmotion ability. Training rooms were open and bare, providing all sorts of weaponry for those with Enhanced Combat. And then there were training rooms that seemed like a maze, for those who with Density Manipulation. Oda herself was given Enhanced Combat at birth, but she had another ability that even she couldn't give answers for. 


All her life she seemed to know exactly how to avoid danger. She wasn't psychic, and she would still be harmed, but it seemed that in training and in every day life, she could come out unharmed in almost every situation. She always thought her instincts were sharper than everyone else's, but it was viewed as abnormal to them. It was a strange feeling for her as well. No one has ever been able to sneak up on her, not even the mentor who taught those with Enhanced Combat. She couldn't explain it to others, as she knew they would find it odd. From her mentor's thoughts and reactions, even he couldn't dodge attacks like she could and it was because of that that she knew no one else had this intuition. She thought it was normal, but based on everyone else's reactions, perhaps it wasn't as normal as she had first thought.


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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra of course was in her home town, the port city of the Crab, also known as Crab Port. She was busy in her family's greenhouse, checking on some of the flowers for her mother, owner of the Stellar Flowers shop, one of the best flower shops in town. They got all the best seeds from importers from all over Estelle, from Virgin City to the savanahs of the Lion territory. 

"OK little honeysuckle, time to get you ready for that Aries order that we got for Friday." She told the little plant, holding her hand over the sprouts. Immediately, they began to grow, forming stems then their buds then purple flowers that practically glittered like gems with morning dew. She smiled, glad to see her little crystal experiment with the seeds was working! The client would be delighted to see these in her corsage! No matter what house you were from, you were always welcome at Stellar Flowers. Her Mom Thalia was a Virgo and owned the business, her Dad Flavio was a diplomat from her home house, Cancer. Which was why their home base was in Crab Port. They had locations in Virgin City and a few small towns all over the place. 

"There we go! There's my pretty little friends! Now to go check on your compliments for the bouquet." She crooned, going over to another pot to check on some sunflowers and golden buttercups along with the blue orhcids she was also adding. Her Mom put her in charge of making corsages and bouquets since she had a great sense of what went well together in terms of color and what flowers matched the signs. That and she could sort of understand the plants on top of it thanks to her plant manipulation on top of her tech manipulation. 

"KYRA! The roses are getting their petals in my soil again!" A little voice called in her mind as the orchids thanked her for the boost to their soil from her power. She sighed, knowing who it was - the daffodils. Again. 

"OK, I'm coming!" She told the plant, coming over to it's bed to check on it. "Daffodil, there aren't any petals in your soil. She scolded, checking the roses to be sure. 

"She always complains! I mean seriously! We haven't dropped any petals in weeks! Except when that one customer needed them for a resin jewelry project." The lead rose insisted, proving it by shaking her flower in response. Kyra rolled her eyes in response. 

"OK, I'll move you a little further away. But I can't change your position too much Daffodil. This is the ideal location for both you and the roses." She told the little plant before it could complain again, gently scooting the clay pot further down the bench from the roses.

"THANK YOU!" Both plants commented at once, earning another eye roll from the girl. 

"And no complaining that the Birds of Paradise flowers are dropping their dew on you again." Kyra warned as she went about her work. 

(I figure with plant manipulation, some of the people who have it would also have the ability to talk to them, like the treespeak the Leafwings have in Wings of Fire) 

(also for refrence, here are some images of what I imagine Crab Port to look like: )


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HTTYD Dragons (Both fan and in game)

  1. Garenth = Deadly Nadder, Male
  2. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  3. Jambu = Changewing, Male
  4. Darksteel = Whispering Death, male
  5. Cliffjumper = Hobblegrunt, Male
  6. Wrecker = Hobblegrunt, male
  7. Penguin = Groncile, male
  8. Phesant = Gronkle, male
  9. Naga = Deadly Nadder, female
  10. Zephyr = Grapple Grounder, male
  11. Starburst = Speed Stinger, female
  12. Moonracer = Flightmare, female
  13. Violet = Skrill, female
  14. Navi = Stormcutter, female
  15. Elsa = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  16. Topaz = Monstrous Nightmare, female
  17. Toothless = Night Fury, Male (borrowed from Hiccup)
  18. Aurma = Razorwhip, female
  19. Cobalt = Razorwhip, male
  20. Bruiser = Rumblehorn, male
  21. Coen and Broderick = Night Terrors, male
  22. Twister = Typhoomerang, male
  23. Holly and Coral = Seashocker, female (holiday dragon, not yet hatched in game)
  24. Aran = Armorwing, Male
  25. Lyall = Terrible Terror, male
  26. Blue = Terrible Terror, female  
  27. Koyi = Oriental Serpentfang, female
  28. Winter = Frost Fury, female
  29. Astrea = Oceanic Seasong, female
  30. Sky-Strike = Oceanic Seasong, male
  31. Cordula = Noelani, female
  32. Panther = Noelani, male
  33. Daesha = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, female
  34. Dinek = Wolf-Faced Desert Runner, male
  35. Storm Chaser = Storm Fury, male
  36. Naritha Moon (Narith) = Storm Fury, female
  37. Saber = Sabertoothed Horntail, male
  38. Aurora = Spike Roller, female
  39. Echo = Screaming Death, female
  40. Makani = Starring Deciever, female
  41. Starchaser = Stingtailed Flamethrower, male
  42. Gamma = Armored Midnight Fear Stalker, male 
  43. Aquamarine = Spotted Mistwalker, female
  44. Moonstone = Spotted Mistwalker, male
  45. Jadewing = Whispering Whisp, female
  46. Chiheru Bronze = Woolly Fury, female
  47. Tiba Emerald = Woolly Fury, female
  48. Spectra Violet = Wooolly Fury, female
  49. Moondancer = Night Fury, female
  50. Skyfighter = Night Fury, female
  51. Swiftwind = Night Fury, female
  52. Anzu Autumn = River Fury, male
  53. Shakka = Prisim Fury, male
  54. Icefall = Cammo Fury, female
  55. Iris = Greater Banded Geckus, female
  56. Thrush = Greater Banded Geckus, male
  57. Delta = Tri-Horned Dragon, female
  58. Charlie = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  59. Nitidus = Tri-Horned Dragon, male
  60. Beau = Racing Dragon Gold-Star Class, male (borrowed from Artha Penn in Dragon City)
  61. Goldwing = Racing Dragon Silver-Star Class, female
  62. Jin-hoh = Sand Wraith, male
  63. Melody = Psyche Keeper, female
  64. Argentum (Argen) = Psyche Keeper, male
  65. Fjord = Psyche Keeper, male
  66. Hersche = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  67. Persei/Percy = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  68. Zenith = Spacial Beauty Dragon, male
  69. Riaryth = Spacial Beauty Dragon, female
  70. Isis = Spacial/Egyptian Beauty Dragon, female
  71. Bluestar = Spacial Beauty, female
  72. Bluebell = Spacial Beauty, female
  73. Avatre = Masked Ridgewing, female
  74. Sky Dancer = Royal Flashbang, female
  75. Heru = Sky Valkerie, male
  76. Hecate = Haunted Hallows, female
  77. Undine = Haunted Hallows, female
  78. Marina  = Wavestroker, Female
  79. Snowfall = Horned Flight Fury, female
  80. August = Horned Flight Fury, male
  81. Artemis = Banded Featherlure, female
  82. Verdentus = ShimmeringSeascale, male
  83. Mesi = Dilowyrm, female
  84. Vetra = Jabberjaw, female
  85. Silver = Light Fury, female
  86. Borealis = Light Fury, male
  87. Flurry = Grapple Fury, male
  88. Gambit = Albino Night Fury, male
  89. Skull Stalker = Skull Screamer, male
  90. Ghost Whisper = Skull Screamer, female
  91. Puru = Ominous Storm Rider, male
  92. Moana = Mystic Wave Rider, female
  93. Serefina = Gallant Flashfire, female
  94. Frey = Forest Wanderer, male
  95. Jinhai = Cursedfire Wyvern, female
  96. Ayano = Skyvern, female
  97. Aqua Rainbow  = Thornridge, female
  98. Thunderwing = Thunderthief, male
  99. Ivinna = Field Sprinter, female
  100. Asia = Velociraptor, female
  101. Artemis = Velociraptor, female
  102. Sniper = Bearded Dragon Fury, female
  103. Abalone = SeaWing, Female (Wings of Fire OC)
  104. Amber = MudWing, female (Wings of Fire OC)
  105. Mariah = gold Fire Lizard, female
  106. Nitidus = Blue fire lizard, male
  107. Garenth = Bronze Pernese dragon, male
  108. Viper = gold and purple ikran, male

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Maikela Nix

    “You lied to me! You lying-”

     “Nu-uh.” Maikela extended a leather-clad finger, pressing it to the lips of the monocled man with whom she spoke. “Your mother raised you better than that.”

His eye twitched, his fists curled in a knuckle-white grip by his side. He practically shook from poorly concealed rage, his lithe frame quivering under the illustrious black fabric of his tailcoat.

Once she was sure that he would no longer sully his tongue with profanities, Maikela daintily removed her finger.

      She feigned a look of hurt, grasping at her chest and knitting her eyebrows together. “Me? Lie? Why, Lord Sisyphus. You wound me.” 


    Outside the quiet confines of the Billard Room, the sounds of chatter and music drifted through the thin walls, coming from the dazzling ball was taking place. Men and women of high social stature gather inside the grandiose room, clothes in only the most ornate of fineries. Each one an attempt to outdo the other resulting in comically overdressed individuals peacocking around the ballroom, zealously flaunting their wealth.


     The ladies with their fans raised against their lips gossiped among each other in hushed tones while the gentlemen attempted to court and swoon. It was all a trivial affair, heedlessly pointless but attending this ball was an absolute necessity in accordance to her father. 


     Much to Maikela’s acquiescence, he had sent her out to the ball on a retrieval mission, pursuing rumours about the host’s treasonous infidelities. Apparently a consultant of her father’s would be in attendance and offered some incriminating evidence in the form of photography. Of course, he would only hand them over for the right price. 


     Lord Sisyphus merely scoffed at her response, turning his shoulders away from her as Maikela continued with a pleasant smile. “Surely you know, my Lord.” She ends of her lips tilted upwards in a subtle smirk as she pressed her finger against her lips. “I never lie. I merely allowed you to believe the wrong truth.” 

     The disgruntled aristocrat did not appear amused by her word. “Fallacy.” He snapped, leaning in closer. “Your father promised me cash in return for the photos, girl. Now I that I have given you them, I expect our agreement to be honoured.”

    Tsking softly, Maikela shook her head. She clasped her hands loosely at her hips, her smile never once faltering. “I believe his exact words were “adequate payment”, not money.”

     “What’s the difference?” Sisyphus’s wrinkled brow creased with frustration.

     “Kind, sir. Surely you jest.” Maikela’s eyes widened in an innocuous expression. “In some cultures, karma is about repaying an untold debt to the universe.” 

     “I don’t see how this has anything to do with my transaction.” Sisyphus folded his arms in the most ungentlemanly fashion. 

     “I beg you to practice patience.” Maikela’s tone took on flirtatious lilt.  “Good things come to boys to wait.”

     The lord blanched slightly at the sudden salacious remark. “I- I beg your pardon?”

Maikela paid no heed to Sisyphus’ solicitous concern. “I have it under good authority that you have been embezzling money from your own charity, using it to fund your interests in arms dealing and excessive amounts of alcohol.”

     “Excuse you?” Sisyphus growled, his teeth grinding against each other.
     “I feel that keeping your... endeavours a secret from the populace is adequate payment for your photographs, is it not?” Maikela drawled on, her tone pitched and lazily expressing no real concern with the issue. 

     It took the lord a few moments to comprehend Maikela’s intentions. Once he did, she noticed the stirrings of vindictive wrath flash behind his cerulean gaze. “You are blackmailing me?!”

     “To put it in the simplest and most ineloquent of terms... yes, yes I am.” Maikela flashed him another one of her dazzling smiles.

     “You are going to regret that. I will ruin you!” Sisyphus proclaimed dramatically.

Maikela turned away, walking gracefully towards the exit of the Billiar Room. With a serene smile, she raised her left hand into the air, offering the infuriated lord a passing farewell without making eye contact. She gingerly allowed her parasol to rest upon her shoulder.

     “Have fun with that.” She purred lackadaisically.  


     Before Maikela could reach the doors, they swung open, nearly hitting the lady in her face. Unfazed by the jarring motion, Maikela did not even wince. Instead, she tilted her chin upwards to gaze dully at the two figures who loomed menacingly over her petite frame.

     “Oh.” Lord Sisyphus chuckled darkly. “I meant that you would pay right now. I’ll let your father find your beaten body outside of his manor. Then he will know the consequences of messing with me.”

Maikela did not move, she merely raised her chin to meet the unwavering gazes of her opponents.          “Oh?” Was all she had to say. 

One of the men in a blue suit softly closed the door to the billiard room, locking it with a muted ‘clink’

     “Make haste. We don’t want her screaming to distract the rest of the guests from their leisure.” Sisyphus hummed callously.


     Upon his command, the man in the brown suit lunged, beefy arms spreading out to grab hold of Maikela’s delicate frame. As his hands came into contact with the ruffles of her dress, Maikela shattered, her form crumbling like porcelain dust where it dissipated into the market.

     “What?” The muscle growled, clenching a fist over the empty air where Maikela stood only seconds prior. 


     “Yoo-hoo.” Maikela crooned softly.

Three pairs of eyes swivelled to stare up at her.

She had perched herself adroitly up on top of one of the many bookshelves that lined the room, one leg folded neatly over the other. A serene Cheshire smile spread across her pristine features as she waved her hand delicately down at the men below her. Her parasol rested against her shoulder in the opened position, the pink lacing casting intricate shadows down upon the men below.


     “H-how?” Lord Sisyphus stammered, jamming his hands into his pockets in lament. He rolled his eyes. “Enough of your tricks.”
     Chuckling, Maikela gracefully leapt off the wardrobe, her parasol catching air as she fluttered towards the ground. Her feet hardly made a sound as it came into contact with the wooden tiles underfoot. 

     She stared at her attackers, an unspoken challenge burning behind her sweet smile. With the fluidity of a feline, she raised her parasol, closing it. Bringing it over her head, she extended the umbrella out in front of her as one would do in fencing, issuing a silent challenge. 

     Raconous laughter echoed through the room as Sisyphus clutched his stomach, another peal of hearty laughter falling from his quivering lips. “What... what are you doing?” He gasped between fits of snickers. “You planning to shade us to death, little girl?”

     Maikela did not speak a word, nor did she lose that self-assured smile. Instead, she silently drew her thumb up along the handle of the parasol. With a click of a button, a silver sword slid soundlessly from the tip of the umbrella, its point gleaming dangerously in the dim lighting. 

     The realisation that Maikela’s parasol was a hidden weapon silenced Sisyphus. He stared for a moment, before smirking. “Suit yourself. We still outnumber you.” 

      Without uttering a word, Maikela extended her free hand, gazing at the three of them with a ‘come-hither’ expression and beckoning hand.


     That was all the command they needed. Both bodyguards rushed Maikela simultaneously as the latter braced herself for the attack.

Blue’s fist came flying towards her face however it stopped short as Blue suddenly tensed, stumbling back. 

     Maikela had jammed the blunt end of her parasol directly into his gut, smiling prettily as he fell away from her. She tilted her umbrella upwards, opening it and allowing it to rest delicately on her left shoulder.

     Brown took up the front of the fight, aiming a flurry of punches at the smaller girl. 

Humming casually, Maikela danced around him, dodging each blow. Her smaller stature enabled faster reaction time. All she had to do was wear him out.  


     True to her predictions, Brown began to falter in his attacks, chest heaving with the strain. 

     “My turn.” Maikela giggled, folding her parasol and blocking a punch which rendered Brown’s right side exposed. With a well-placed roundhouse kick, she dislodged her attacker, setting him off balance. 

     Maikela swept her parasol under his feet and he stumbled off to the side, crashing heavily against the ground. 

     Smiling, Maikela leapt forward, the gleaming tip of her sword poised to plunge into Brown’s under-protected jugular.

     However, a heavyweight threw her off as Blue seemed to have recovered from the blow he had been dealt. He launched her to the ground, but the moment she touched the wooden panelling, Maikela once again shattered, leaving Blue to crash into the floor inconsequentially. 


     Appearing behind him, Maikela kicked his rump, driving him further into the ground. The sound of a clicking gun brought her attention towards Sisyphus. 

Maikela was quick to twirl around, facing away from the lord and opening her umbrella. As the shot rang out, the bullet bounced harmlessly off the microlattice “lace” of her parasol. 


     Smiling, Maikela turned back around to find that Blue and Brown had recovered and were fast approaching. Maikela blocked the first punch with her umbrella, aiming the tip against his chin she quickly unfurled it. The parasol snapped open, clocking Brown in the face. 

Blue was quick to fall into place but he did not last too long either as Maikela’s high kick hit him in the jaw. 

     Growling, Brown attempted a kick to her chest.
Launching herself backwards, Maikela sprung off her hands, landing comfortably in a leather armchair at the head of the billiard table. 


     Maikela tauntingly opened her parasol, laying it over her left shoulder and spinning it in a playful manner, her legs neatly crossed, poised as if she were ready to receive some tea. She giggled teasingly at Blue and Brown who continued to approach whilst Sisyphus loaded another round. 


     “Your games are through. This ends here.” Sisyphus demanded, raising the firearm. “I was hoping to suit my fancies but you are making proceedings unnecessarily difficult so unfortunately, I will have to get sloppy.” Then he squeezed the trigger.

The round fired from the pistol as sparks flew through the air. The bullet sailed through the air, penetrating the sound barrier with a concussive boom before hitting Maikela square in the chest.


     As soon as the bullet touched her skin, the illusion shattered, revealing Blue gagged and tied to the armchair in her place. Blood leaked into his suit, staining the hand-sewn satin dark crimson. Sisyphus appeared to be positively befuddled as he spun on his heels to glare at the Blue who had been standing behind him. 

     Smirking, imposter Blue tilted his head, revealing two unmistakeable eye colours. One pink and the other blue. 

     “You...” Sisyphus raised the gun but Blue grabbed it, ripping it from his hands. 

Fractal-like patterns shifted along his arms causing his figure to shimmer. Sisyphus blinked as he found himself staring at his mirror image. Except his other self had two separate coloured eyes. 

Making use of the real Sisyphus’ shock, fake Sisyphus slammed the base of the gun into Brown’s head. 

     The hired help dropped like a stone to the ground, vision swimming and sparks of pain flaring across his agitated body. 


     The heavy oaken door of the billiard room slammed open, sending the lock flying across the room and clattering against the wall.

      Maikela had dropped the firearm and resumed her own shape, however, now bruises and cuts marred her flesh. Blood leaked from a busted lip, trickling down her chin as a panic-stricken cry rose into her throat.

     The man who had busted down the door rushed into the room. He wore a simple white tux with golden accents, his eyes framed by wire-rimmed glasses. 

     “Maikela, I have been looking for you everywhere. Why did you run of- oh my gosh!” He gasped as he took note of her beaten shape. 

     “Jack!” Maikela sobbed, tears pricking the corners of her gaze as she fled over to him, flinging herself into his arms. “T-these men. T-they tried t-to hurt me. They attacked me.” She stumbled over, steadying herself on his bicep, shaking with a renewed vigour as a fresh wave of tears wracked her bruised body. “T-they wanted my father’s money... w-what if they kidnapped me? Oh my-”

     “Shh.” Jack consoled her, looking up to glare at Sisyphus who stood dumbfounded by the table. 

     “The girl lies. She scammed me out of my payment!” Sisyphus argued, rolling his eyes. “If you think that man will save you, you are sorely mistaken. I am untouchable.”

     “Not by the law, you aren’t.” Jack hissed, with one hand he held up the weeping form of Maikela, and with the other, he reached into his pocket, procuring a police badge. He showed it to Sisyphus, his tone gruff. “You are under arrest for assailing a woman and attempted abduction.”


    "What?”  Sisyphus objected, practically fuming. “Don’t you know who I am?”

     “Save it for the courtroom,” Jack mumbled and gingerly set Maikela down.

The girl quivering, hiccuping softly, her lower lip trembling. 

     Jack withdrew a handkerchief from his coat pocket, wiping the tears from her cheek. “I am sorry I never got the chance to dance without, my lady.” He cooed.

     Sniffling, Maikela nodded. “I-I am just glad that you made it.”

     Jack forced a smile. “I will take care of this gentleman and his henchmen and then I will come back for you to escort you home... I told you that a cop like myself has no place with the gentlefolk of the upper tier.” 

     A strained chuckle fell from Maikela’s lips as she looked up at Jack, her gaze shimmering with tears. “Thank you.”

     “Of course, my lady.” He murmured the turned on his heel, stalking towards Sisyphus.


     Jack listed Sisyphus’ rights in a flat tone whilst he handcuffed the lord with two magnetic rings, pulled together by an energy field that binds the body. As Jack forced Sisyphus out of the billiard room, the lord swivelled his head to send one last scathing look but what he saw caused him to falter. 

     Maikela’s abrasions had all but vanished, leaving her as stately and pristine as ever. She smiled at him coyly, the ghost of a smirk touching her lips as she tauntingly waved her fingers in farewell. 

     Sisyphus’ throat felt dry as he glared daggers into the ground, attracting quite the commotion as he and Jack passed through the ballroom. The music faltered as thousands of eyes turned to don him, hundreds of moths moved in hushed whispers, each one discussing the unlikely scene before them.

     Rising to her feet, Maikela brushed off her pants. She retrieved her parasol from the floor, tapping it twice on the ground. Her form shimmered as a bountiful hoopskirt materialised, intricate lace drapings adorned the bust of her dress. A halter top crossed her chest and her jacket shortened to accommodate the sudden gown. Smiling, Maikela appraised her outfit in a nearby mirror before she exited the billiard room, brushing imaginary wrinkles from her dress.


     Maikela had purposefully invited Jack, an officer from their local law enforcement to join her at the party under the guise of wishing to court. He was more than eager to agree. Maikela needed only to ensure that he runs into some trouble arriving at the ball to give her enough time to retrieve the photographs from Sisyphus and expose him to be arrested. 

     Every single detail about her plan had been carefully orchestrated, each scenario thought and then rethunk to include potential complications such as Jack arriving earlier than expected or not at all. Fortunately, he had arrived just when expected and Maikela made a mental note to thank a few people for ensuring this. 


     As Maikela glided across the ballroom, the nobles did not appear to trifle themselves with trivial concerns such as arrests. The music was quick to resume, and their sprawling figure rejoined in with the courtly dancing. 

     Maikela slid through the ground moving hastily and dodging any servants offering drinks and other amenities. She was on a tight schedule and needed one last thing from the host’s manor before making her departure..  


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Bixby had been taking a walk to get some fresh air when she heard her mother beckon for her "Bixby come here!" Bixby tossed her eyes back into her head, she knew exactly why her mother was calling her it was to work another boring old day at the bakery, Bixby walked into the bakery reluctantly and slipped on an apron.


 "Bixby where have you been? It's been quite a busy day and your mother and I haven't seen you all afternoon?" Her father questioned


 her mother sighed "she's trying to escape work again Clonia don't act surprised, she does this everyday" her mother said as she continued to wipe down the counter in front of her.


Bixby's father or Clonia went over to Bixby and rubbed her shoulder "it can't always be this way Bixby, your going to have to except it one day or another"


Bixby shrugged "I know, I know..." She then went over to some dough and helped her father knead it for the next batch



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Tirali Swift
Back and forth. Back and forth. Tirali paced the floor of her bedroom, arguing to herself. Forward. I should just tell everyone. Back. I should keep it a secret. Forward. If I tell anyone, I could be banished from Aquaria. Back. If I keep it a secret, maybe I could have a normal life. Forward. I could never keep this a secret. Back. If anyone found out I was hiding this, the punishment could be worse. Forward. Maybe I could just run awayChange my name, move somewhere else, anywhere no one knows who I am or what power I have. She paused for a second, considering it through, then flung herself onto her bed. This was pointless. Someone was going to find out eventually. She sighed, then pulled a small flute out of her pocket. Playing music usually calmed her down. As the first notes sounded, she closed her eyes and let the music sweep her away...
As the last notes faded, she opened here eyes, then started when a voice behind her said "Hiya, Tirali. What's up?"
 "Penn! You startled me," Tirali said, sitting up and slipping the flute back into her pocket. "You know you're supposed to knock. And what do you mean, what's up?"
 Penn rolled his eyes and plopped down on the bed. "You know exactly what I mean. You were pacing around up here for an hour or so, and then you started playing your flute. That usually means somethings wrong."
 "Either that or I just want to play some music," huffed Tirali, still somewhat upset at her brother for barging in. "You're right though. Something really big happened and I'm not sure if I should tell anyone."
 "What is it?" asked Penn curiously, moving closer. " I won't tell anyone else, I promise. "
 "Um... You see..." She hesitated, wondering if she should tell him. He had always kept her secrets before, just like she had always kept his. But this was bigger than anything they'd shared before.
 Penn noticed the hesitation. "Oh come on, Ti. I already promised not to tell. Just spill it."
 Well, it couldn't hurt, could it? "I guess it starts a few days ago. I was running down the sidewalk near the park to get home after a class ran late, and I tripped and fell and skinned my knee."
 "That... doesn't sound like anything you'd need to keep secret."
 "Just shush and listen, ok?" When he nodded, she continued. "The thing was, after I fell I went over to a bench in the park to see how bad it was, it wasn't there."
 "The bench?"
 Tirali sighed. "No, my injury." She waited for the inevitable question.
 "I don't get it... You're sure you skinned your knee? And then it was gone when you got to the bench? But that's...? How?... But then...?" His disjointed questions faded to muttering as he whispered to himself. Tirali waited patiently until he sat bolt upright. 
 "But then that means-"
 "I know what it means." She interrupted. "But what should I do about it?"
 Penn gazed at the ceiling for a few minutes, a thoughtful expression on his face. "And really, what can you do? You only have a few options. You could just hide it, because even with the risk of being discovered you would still have a chance to have a normal life..."
 "But I'm a horrible liar. You know that."
 "Yes I do. Another option is to run away to the Cancer House. They might accept you there, despite your Intangibility. Or you could just hide your power entirely, just pretend your not an Aquarius."
 "But there's no guarantee of that. And if I were to hide it, I'd be stuck with keeping up that lie. I can't do that either."
 Penn sighed. "That leaves the third option... Tell everyone about your powers so you could at least get properly trained."
 Tirali's shoulders slumped. "I'm going to save that as a last resort. I keep hoping a solution is going to appear out of nowhere and I won't have to leave or hide anything from anyone... but that's not happening anytime soon."
 "Then I guess-" Penn broke off, glancing at the door. He put a finger to his lips. Quiet. They had been whispering, but now he raised his voice. "Well, if that's all it is... Thanks for getting me all worried over nothing. Also, Mom says time for dinner."
 Tirali sighed to herself, then got up and softly tiptoed towards the door. "Ok, let's just go on... Down!" She shouted, opening the door with a crash. Two shrieks echoed through the halls, then pattering footsteps mixed with loud thuds as her twin siblings rushed to get away from the door and downstairs. They always tried to spy on her and Penn if they thought it was anything important. Tirali laughed, then followed her siblings down the stairs. Hopefully their parent's guest was gone already. She knew they wouldn't be happy if their meeting had been interrupted. She thought about her problem again and sighed. She knew she wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it until she found a solution. She tried to shove it out of her mind. I'll find a solution eventually.

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It's been two week since His father handled him the letter himself and said with no room of arguement that he's going to attend school.

Not just any school. A school where apparaently only the chosen representative from each house is going to attend and he's the one chosen because what do you know he's the best of the best as his father has put it. That being said the fact that it is a special school is overwhelmed by the fact that his father will send him to a school, any school at all. For all his short life Doug has come to learn that he's what people would called homeschooled. Someone who only learn from there household and in his case, his father. Despite the man already juggling this and his concil time on top of the approaching crisis and Doug has come to notice his father being more restless and angry after work.

"They're going to fill your head with nonsensicle stuff" Is what his father once said

So it was a surprise that this is the developement it leads to. Not that Doug doesn't mind at first. He's going to be surround by people his age openly for the first time, People from various house at that. Openly because  he so often sneak out to hang out with the kids in the slum and suchs.

What come afterward though, Doug should have foreseen it.

His father being extra harsh on the training. Work Doug down to the bone each night. This happened when he first found out his second power and his father was ecasity. Said that it's a sign that he's some kind of chosen one and that he's to work twice harder to become the very best.

In the present, Doug is sneaking out of his bedroom window after the late night training session with his father. The cold air of Arien greeted him, a house located at the long extinxt volcano, Once believe to giving them the fire associated with their house and the enviroment suitable for their animal symbol. For the outsider though Arien look more rocky than it is firey. Didn't help that it's next to a desert but because of that and the shadow the volcano provided, Night at Arien is as cold and gloomy as ever. They're pretty industrial. Stream rose up from all those mechanic pipe and structure, mix match with a not-too luxerios wooden or clay house. Doug house is like that too despite his father being in the council and quote on quote second strongest man of Arien. He  is what people called a self-made man, built from nothing and as such prefer a simpler life style over anything luxurios, even if it's out of spite. That being said. He used his fame and money to give his somewhat modest house a big training house.

Doug dropped down soundlessly and continue his usal night stride. He probably has to break the news to the slum gang that he's leaving tomorrow. Again, he's looking forward to making friends his age officially for the first time, attending school for the first time and possibly being away from father now most of the time

His father is going to drop him out at school tomorrow though, and that's something Doug is strangly not looking forward to.


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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra heard her mother calling for her from the main part of the store. Thalia was a strong woman, being a Virgo, and was someone you didn't want mad at you. Kyra came out with the now completed bouquet and corsage for the client and the Aries woman lit up when she saw them. 

"Oh, these are beautiful! Thank you so much!" The young woman - dark skinned and dark haired with opal green eyes, told the young florist technician. Kyra smiled, the plants obviously delighted with the compliments from the clamour in her mind. She had to throw up a barrier to shut them out for the moment. 

"My pleasure Mrs Opalis! The flowers are looking forward to the event as much as you are! Have fun at the Solar Dance!" Kyra replied, a grin on her face as the woman paid her mother and left a tip for Kyra in the jar before leaving. Each House country had their own currency but all were accepted. Here they used Golden Crabs - coins with crabs emblazoned on them and gold was the highest denomination. There were three types: gold, silver and bronze. Bronze was worth 1 coin, and it took 10 of them to make 1 silver crab, while it took 15 silver crabs to make 1 gold crab. The woman put at least 2 gold crabs, 4 silver and 5 bronze in the tip jar. Kyra was delighted with the tip for her hard work. She was saving up to improve her plant and tech lab at home. Her Mom had the same ability while her Father had plant manipulation, so she got both when she was born. The Solar Dance was one of the biggest social events of the year so the flower shop got a lot of business. 

"A letter came for you today, from that new school I told you about." Thalia told her daughter, handing over a sealed letter with the symbols of the 12 signs emblazoned in red on the seal. 

"For me? Why would some fancy school want me?" Kyra asked, opening the letter and reading it to herself. Her powers were opposing sure, but she was able to use them in a way to compliment each other. Maybe that was why? 

"I think it has to do with the fact you inherited both my power and Flavio's. He says the plants have been talking about it forever whenever you aren't around." Thalia admitted, using her power to open the register and put the payment inside. It was keyed to the family and nobody without the specific DNA code of their family could use it (unless they were a registered employee they could trust). That had been Kyra's idea of course. 

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

Kalden fretted for several hours, having walked in different directions in the below town to figure out his next move, uncertain if he should go back up the cliffside to his house. He figured as long as no one from the scrap pile that had saw him was around, it would be safe.

During his trek up, it was getting later in the day, but plenty of people were about, the gas lamps automatically turning on as the day went on. Kalden didn't notice anyone from earlier, but he couldn't help but stop in his tracks when he heard people at a nearby bartering stall loudly speaking of a new rumor.

"An' they said the lad had two of 'em!" A woman selling fabrics laughed, but then grew more serious. "But I don't believe it, personally. Even two in-House powers is mighty rare, and I ain't heard of something like it."

"It seems odd," The customer nodded, handing over a handful of grimy coins. "There's no such thing as a Virgo with another house's power. The same for any sign member, for that matter..."

That was enough for Kalden to continue walking by, having heard enough.

After what felt like ages despite a relatively short walk, he arrived to his front door, swiftly entering and flinging it shut just as quickly.

His father was inside, which for some reason surprised Kalden, even if it was a perfectly normal situation. Kalden sighed, his fingers trembling slightly.

"Someone found out," Was all Kalden said. His father turned to look at him. The man had a weathered, but handsome face. His hair was a similar color to Kalden's own, but starting to bald. The man registered the vague words his son had spoken. Although not showing it on his face, Kalden could tell the man had stiffened, with a mixture of fear, anger, and sadness.

"How." The question was more like a demand, uttered lowly, so as to not bring any attention to any keen-eared passerbys on the walkway right outside their house.

Kalden briefly leaned against a wall dejectedly, but almost immediately stood back at attention in front of his father. 

"There was a fight, a man, he attacked me, and it just... I didn't have control, and I couldn't completely subdue it." Kalden said. "At least several people saw it, but aside from the man I don't know if they saw my face clearly. I heard the rumors on the way back up."

"They spread fast here," Kalden's father turned his back to him, lifting a decorative and shiny flask from his back pocket to his lips, tipping it back for a greedy gulp. After a moment, he lowered the flask and sighed.

"You'll have to go," Kalden's father said, looking back at him. "We knew this would probably happen, but..." He trailed off. Kalden's powers had been unstable ever since he had awakened his Taurus power several years ago. It had caused issues, but never such an urgent and exposing one.

"Yeah," Kalden said, already moving to grab a large bag to start stuffing necessary items in. His father stared blankly at the wall, not unusual, but he perhaps had a sadder look in his eyes than usual.

Suddenly, both men jumped as something slid under the door quietly. They hadn't even heard anyone walking up. Both looked at the object: a letter.

Kalden suspiciously walked over, praying the wooden boards beneath his feet not to squeak, lest the person who had slid it beneath the door was still outside. He lifted the letter, turning it around to gaze at a wax seal on the back. His heartbeat feeling like it was rattling within his ribcage, he gingerly opened the envelope to scan the letter within.

"It's... from some school. Nysa...? " Kalden said, after scanning several lines of instructions. His father glared, thinking for a moment. "Rip it up and toss it."

"Yes, sir." Kalden responded, tearing the page up several times over and tossing it into the unlit wood-burning stove, to fuel it at a later date.

Over the course of the next half-hour, Kalden had quickly packed and seemed ready to go. At least as ready as possible, despite the circumstances. His father handed him one last thing, the metal he had been tinkering with earlier that day.

"You might be able to complete these," His father managed to push them into the remainder of space in Kalden's bag. "Now, you should go. Who knows how far the rumor could spread by the morning."

Kalden nodded. His eyes only widened in shock when his father briefly brought him in for a hug. "Write within the next few months. We'll figure out stuff by then." The man said, releasing his son.

Kalden could perhaps count on one hand the number of times his father had actually hugged him over the course of his eighteen years of living, but he quickly shook it off. "Right."

With not a few more instances of farewell, Kalden lifted his satchel and exited his house. He made a decent pace as the early evening approached. He was just exiting the outskirts of town, the long way around to avoid the scrap heap, when suddenly he noticed a dark figure on the road ahead of him.

He gulped as they walked purposefully closer, but remained impassive as he meant to pass them without a word.

A woman's voice spoke out, crystal clear despite the crickets beginning their loud chirping in the evening.

"Did you even read it? You're going the wrong way."

"Pardon?" Kalden paused, as the woman pulled her cloak down, exposing pale blonde hair pulled up into a tight bun, and crisp blue eyes he was not accustomed to.

"Nysa Academy is the other way," The woman responded. "And you're coming with me."

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Maikela Nix

((warning that this post gets a little graphic because I don't think that shapeshifting for the first time would be a very pretty affair. All of your bones have to be broken then rearranged an melded back together... And well. You get the picture.

It is also out of order.))




Walls everywhere

Walls looming down on her, their constricting nature pressed down, weighing as heavy as the chains around her ankles.

This was it. This was the end.

Her chest tightened, a clawed hand rose to scratch desperately at the soft, exposed flesh of her throat. Blood welled around the tips of her claws as she grasped at her neck, deep grooves being etched into the skin as the asphyxiation set in.

She needed to be free.

This confinement was maddening.

‘Let me out, let me out, let me out’ She chanted the man.tra in her mind until the words formed on her tongue. ‘LET ME OUT!’


“Honestly Maikela. Was causing such a scene really necessary?” 

Maikela’s leather-bound fingertips dug into the plush velvet interior of her father’s private aircraft in outward frustration. She inclined her head to meet her father’s scolding stare, her own gaze unwavering. 

“I kept things quite tidy given my circumstances,” Maikela responded in a dignified manner.

The aircraft gave a slight shudder as a gust of wind disturbed the blimp, blowing them slightly to the right as they drifted above the City Koi.

(Picture inspiration

The city was built on an outcropping of rock, surrounded on all four sides by stair-stepping waterfalls. The richer folk tended to live in the upper tiers while the slums were located at the base of the cascading falls, near the ocean where the daily grind revolved around capitalising on the fishing and boating market.

The main city, however, was stationed in the direct centre of the falls. Gargantuan brick walls surrounded the fortress, keeping the spray at bay and civilians safe whilst they carried on with their daily lives. 

    “Your circumstances?” Oberon echoed, his tone conveyed a subtle but sharp warning against Maikela’s insolence.

    “Yes.” Maikela levelled her gaze with her father’s. “They attacked me first.” 

    “You could have just paid them the darn money.” Oberon’s finger clasped lackadaisically around the golden handle of his walking cane, his lips were pressed together in a firm line. 

    “And let that snivelling weasel scam you out of more cash? I don’t believe so.” Maikela folded her arms. “You know as well as I that Lord Sisyphus outlived his usefulness. He desires your station. I had to silence him before he decided to squeal to the public about some of our... darker dealings.”

    With a sigh, Oberon turned his head to gaze out the window, staring down into the city below. “I had plans to rid ourselves of him. If only you hadn’t acted so rash. Now I have to explain this to the law once he divulges information regarding your training.”

    “And what? Admit to being defeated by a girl?” Maikela scoffed. “I doubt that considerably. Besides. He can’t reveal his reasons for being in that billiard room to begin with. Not  without exposing himself and admitting to taking those photos,” she gestured to the manilla envelop which lay discarded by her father’s hip, “then subsequently being charged with violating privacy and stalking.” 

A tense silence settled between father and daughter, each one regarding each other with stoic expressions. 


She had to get out. She had to run. But they were blocking her. 

She ran towards them, lips curling over nasty fangs as she leapt, raking her claws against his face. The fluid warm of blood welled up in between her claws, staining her fur a dark satin.

An agonised wail fell from his disjointed mouth, meaty human fingers pawing helplessly at her tattered fur. 

Leaping off her prey, she ran. 

And ran.

A sharp pain radiated outwards from her rear followed by a sudden heaviness, as though her legs had been filled with lead. She slumped forward, a roar of protest echoing from her parted maw.

They got her.

What would they do to her?

She had to escape. 




Try as she might, with each passing movement her muscles strained harder and harder. Cloudy breaths puffed from a heaving chest as she continued to drag herself somewhere. Anywhere. 

They had injected her. And now she will die...



    “You can’t be serious!” A callous laugh fell from Maikela’s lips as she glared daggers at her father. “You are punishing me?!”
    “I told you to handle this case with the utmost discretion. Instead, you left two bodies for me to clean up and a deranged mind to settle.” Oberon did not once lose his composure. 

    “Unbelievable!” Maikela grunted, her hands clutching her parasol in a shaking grip.

    “What did I tell you about throwing tantrums, Mak?” Her father chided her with a gentle, albeit patronising tone.

    A deep growl rumbled in the back of Maikela’s throat, her pupils dilating into menacing slits. “That’s it. I’m out.”

With that, she broke the lock on the aircraft door and threw it open. A rush of wind gusted into the cabin forcing Oberon to grab a hold of the photographs before they went flying out above the city.

    “Where do you think you are going?” He stated in a clipped tone. “Oh, don’t be so melodramatic, Mak. Why don’t you just sit back down and discuss this with me like-”

He never not a chance to finish his statement. Maikela had launched herself out of the aircraft, Parasol in hand as she plummeted towards the ground below.

    “-or you can just do that.” Oberon sighed, rolling his eyes.

He paused for a moment, surveying the empty cabin before leisurely leaning over and pulling the aircraft door shut. He settled back down, scoffing as he picked up that morning’s paper, seemingly completely unconcerned about the events that had occurred mere seconds prior.  


As Maikela fell, she stretched out her body, her hands placed directly overhead. The illusion of her ballgown rippled then dispersed entirely as the young heiress dove head first into the ocean below. 

She cut through the water with well practiced technique, streamlining her body to perfectly slice the waved without causing injury. 

High diving was a skill every pisces learnt at a very young age. It was not uncommon to find the youths jumping from the highest cliffs, into the falls below, each one trying to out jump the last. 

Ocean water cascading over her head, muting out every sound save for the beating of her own heart. For the briefest of moments, things were peaceful, things were right. 

Then the current swept around her heels, tugging her closer towards the lethal rocky spires that lined the shores. 


Breaking the water's surface, Maikela navigated herself towards the shore, avoiding the sea-battered outcroppings with powerful breaststrokes.

As a whole, pisces were an extremely empathetic and philosophical people. The house fostered individualism and unique expressions of self through creative outlets. A lot of the time, these outlets came in the form of physical decorations. 

The pisces house was known among the other signs for their outlandish tastes in fashions and audacious trends. Even the poorest areas of the slums was covered in brightly clothed citizens and lucid street art. 

Maikela herself started the trend for the two-toned hair, which was currently all the rage. People trying their best to appear similar to the daughter of the largest news empire out there. Vendors sold hair gel and dyed with the promise to make the wearer's hair look exactly like her own. Coloured contacts were sold to those who wanted to go the extra mile.

Despite their rather liberal ideals and open mindedness, there were a few things that any self respecting pisces could not except. One such thing was a phobia of water. A pisces who was not a strong swimmer was a freak, ridiculed and ostracized by society. Parents preferred to start their children off as young as safely possible to avoid the shame.


Maikela's foot came into contact with the sandy bottom of the shore, wet sand sliding pleasantly between her toes and she stood up.

The ocean waves lapped lazily around her calves, frothing sea foam spilling out onto the shore.

Water rolled in rivulets down her back, her brightly colored outfit clinging damply to her frame. 

A few folks passing by took notice of Maikela rising from the water, a spark of recognition in their gazes as they stared and pointed. 


Flipping her parasol around, Maikela snapped it open, twirling the hilt around her fingertips.

Water spun off the parasol, swirling outwaters in a spiraling motion. 

Resting it casually over her shoulder, Maikela stepped out of the water. She she moved her hair seemed to dry off, wet strands curled into tight, bouncy locks. Her tail coat dried off then shrunk inward, morphing into a white shawl. Her hair darkened into a muted black colour, the tips dyed a vibrate shade of purple.

Her nose elongated, sharpening as her cheeks filled out. Within three seconds, a completely different person stood where Maikela once did. 

The bystanders who had previously spotted her gawked as Maikela stepped onto the wooden board walks that lined the coat. 

Despite her seemingly dry facade, Maikela could not cover up the damp footprints that seemingly materialized behind her as she strolled forward. 


The daylight hours had been spend and the beginnings of night stained the sky. Moving around in the port city slums after night fall was not advisable to anyone, especially someone of her stature. Which was why Maikela had donned this disguise, drifting seamlessly through the bustling bodies of civilians as the rushed home before the sun set. 

Maikela knew of a few safe houses down at the base of the water fall who would gladly take her in for the night. 

She turned off the boardwalk, heading into the yawning cliffside caverns that the majority of the lower class city was built in. It was often referred to as "Pisces' Depths" or simply "the Depths". Condensed, grimy alleyways lined with simply glowing shops penetrated the darkness of the putrid air. Walkways extended on for kilometers, looping and curving in nonsensical fashions before disappearing into the dark.

(Pic inspiration )

Shoving her hands into the pockets of her pants, Maikela strolled leisurely towards the centre of the dingy city.

In the upper world she was known for her propriety and riches, down here she was known for something entirely. She practically owned these streets, no one would dare issue a challenge on her own turf... or so she thought.

Maikela became suddenly and abrasively aware of the footsteps that echoed not to far behind her own. 

Without risking a glance behind her back, Maikela hastened her pace, making a sharp turn down an alley. 

The footsteps continued to sound behind her, somewhat closer this time. 

Without any outward alarm, Maikela turned left four separate times and when she had not dislodged the footsteps, she knew she was being followed. 

Spinning on her heels, Maikela thrust her parasol out in front of her to confront her attacker, a blade springing forth from the tip. Much to her dismay, however, there appeared to be no one behind her. Narrowing her eyes, she looked around, her umbrella held defensively out in front of her.


From the darkness a pair of gloved hands grasped onto her small frame, pulling her into the shadows. 

Maikela's body shattered like glass upon contact as the real Maikela made a break for it, sprinting down the Alley. 

It seemed whoever her pursuer was expected this much and materialized right in front of her. 

With narrowed eyes, Maikela sent a punch flying, hitting her attacker square in the jaw. But the figure disappeared into smoke before her hit could land.

     "You aren't the only one with tricks." A distinctively female voice taunted her in the darkness. 

Spinning back around, Maikela scanned the alley. 

     "Awe? None of your famous quips? No one-liners? What? Cat got your tongue?" The voice jeered again.

     'That's it. Keep monolouging. Show me exactly where you are.' Maikela thought to herself as her gaze flicked around warily. 

    "Nothing? What a pitty." It called again.


Maikela leapt into action, her foot colliding into the cracked cobble wall of a nearby residence. 

The wall was oddly supple beneath her heels, it gasped in pain when she hit it, stumbling away.

Maikela landed gracefully on her feet as the illusion dissipated around her attacker. Moving quickly, she stabbed the woman through her shoulder, opening the umbrella to bat her away. 

The woman lurched back, hissing with pain before jumping down a level onto the bridge directly below, her figure disappearing into mist the moment it hit the ground. 


Maikela backed up, battle ready as she poised herself for attack. What she did not expect is for two more pairs of hands to reach out, wrapping around her mouth, waist and arms. 

Her parasol clattered against the ground as they dragged her squirming form into the darkness.


She sat in a dorm room, fresh cuts marred her neck and skin. Those that sat across from her eyed her warily, as though afraid she might fracture, crumbling like porcelain into thousands of jagged pieces.

"You're safe here." One of them spoke.

"Wow. Does drugging people really make them feel "safe"?" She bit back.

"You're case was... difficult. But it had to be done..."


     "This is her?" A gruff voice whispered, the scratching of scraggly facial hair rubbed uncomfortably against her ears. 

     "Ugh she is soaking wet! She did not look wet." The man who held her shifted his grip, allowing Maikela to wiggled out enough to drive her heel into his foot. 

     "Ow! Watch it!" The voice hissed. 

     "Enough." The female from earlier emerged from the shadows. Dark ruby eyes glittered with malice in the dimming city lights. "I am sure that this is her. I watched her climb out of the ocean and assume this disguise... you should no better than anyone that your disguise is not very effective if people see you putting it on, Maikela Nix."

Maikela bit down on the hand wrapped around her mouth, eliciting a yelp of pain from her captor.

     "Oh. It bites." The woman chuckled. 

     Maikela merely smiled prettily. "A true lady never bites and tells."

     The woman grinned slightly. "Cute. Inject her with the drug then bag her. I am sure that her daddy will pay a pretty penny for her."


With wide eyes and renewed vigour, Maikela began to struggle in the men's grip. But the two of them easily kept her pinned to the wall. 

A pleasant giggle slipped past the woman's ruddy lips. "She finally loses her cool. Imagine that. Now make this easier on yourself and hold still."


At the sight of the needle, Maikela fought harder. Her shoulders lifted a few centimeters off the wall before the men managed to slam her back into the brick. 

Pain exploded along her spine, settling in her finger tips and blood began to flow freely from her nail beds. 

     "What the-" One of the men mumbled under his breath

With a cry of pain, Maikela's nails tore free from their fleshy confines, elongating into bloodied curves. 

Her gums began to ache, a metallic taste filled her mouth followed by unbearable agony. The bones inside her body shifted, snapping and cracking beneath her skin as Maikela continued to flail wildly.

     "Quickly! Drug her!" The woman cried and lunged towards Maikela. 

Maikela swiped her claws across the woman's face, eliciting and agonized scream from the latter. 

Maikela's own shrieks of pain joined the woman's, but her voice was noticeably a few octaves lower. It began to distort, slowly morphing from a human scream into a mighty roar. 


Her spine shifted forward with a loud crack that rung through Maikela's ears, forcing her to crumble forward. 

Her skin prickled and goose flesh rose. Curved claws ripped painfully at her own flesh in an attempt to quell the itching. Maikela had no such luck as fur exploded along her back, covering her arms in a shiny black coat. 

Her muscles expanded, painfully ripping apart her flesh 


The woman and her hench men stumbled back at Maikela's writhing form expanded, growing larger and larger as heinous cracking and breaking sounds filled the air, joining the sound of cloth ripping. 

It was not too long before the little girl had transformed into a massive black panther, easily thrice the size of a normal panther with huge curved fangs that peeked out below black lips. 


The men began to scoot back, fear and panic lacing their expressions. 

     "Hold your ground." The woman rasped, staggering to he feet. "It's not real. It's just an illusion."


The massive black cat regarded her passively for a moment before bellowing a mighty roar. A huge paw curled forward, sailing at the woman. It hit her and sent her flying, crashing into a nearby wall with a sickening crack.

That was all the men needed to get up, sprinting down the corridor screaming. 

The colossal panther gave chase, its hefty body slamming into buildings, causing spider webbing cracks to form along its surface.


Maikela was gone. Her logical human mind replaced with the feral desires of a black panther. 

She knew she was scared. 

She knew she was threatened.

She knew that she wanted to kill. The thrill of the chase seized her, drawing her closer and closer to her prey.

Screams and shouts of terror rose from the locals as she crashed through the town centre, claws extended as she sunk them into the supple flesh of a near by prey. 

Bloodlust clouded her mind as she flung someone across the courtyard, the delectable taste of blood bathed her tongue. 

Food! Food! Food!

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

Kill! Kill! Kill!


It was not long before word got out that a massive black panther was terrorising the slums of Koi City, turning the Depths into a blood bath.

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Tirali sat silently at the
Tirali sat silently at the table, picking at her tasteless food. Her parents were chatting with two of the elders of the House and weren't paying any attention to anyone else at the table. She sighed quietly. They had just lectured her on the importance of being respectful to the elders and the important families of the house. She had listened to the first few seconds before her mind started wandering. Her parents thought they were really important in Aquarius, and thus they invited as many upper-class citizens as possible for dinners and fancy teas, although few actually accepted. Tirali guessed the only reason anyone came was because they couldn't think of an excuse fast enough to politely refuse. Aquaria was the capital city of the House of Aquarius. The House was designed to look like a floating globe, with layers of buildings floating inside, all held up by thick bands of crisscrossing steel that formed the base of the cities. The lowest part of the House was dark and gloomy, a labyrinth of crisscrossing streets and precariously placed houses. The cities in the globe grew brighter and more orderly the closer one got to the top, and at the very top was the capital, where Tirali and her family lived with the upper-class families and those who, like them, had a long family line tracing back to the founders of Aquarius. She often wished her parents would stop paying so much attention to being well-liked by the upper class. This is why I can't tell them, she reminded herself, mind circling back to her problem. Even if I asked them to  keep it a secret, they'd go tell one of the elders, and I'd be sent away. Bringing herself back to the present, she saw Penn looking at her worriedly. She smiled at him, then tried to choke down a few bites. I'll just have to hide my second power for now, she decided. If she found out a better option, she'd go with that. Her parents were still trying to get the elders to stay and talk a while, although the elders looked like they wanted just to get out. Penn stood up and pushed his plate away.
"Father, may I be excused to finish a project for school?"
Tirali knew he hated to have to call their dad Father, but he and their mom insisted on formal language whenever someone important was visiting.
Their dad smiled, pleased Penn had asked so formally. "Yes, you may. Please come back when our guests are going."
The elders, seeing their chance, rose hurriedly. "Actually, I am afraid we must leave now," one said, carefully trying to keep any hint of relief out of her tone.
 "Yes," the other added, "we would hate to overstay our welcome."
 "Thank you for a... wonderful evening. Ryos. Alexia." the first finished, nodding to each in turn.
 "The pleasure is all ours," insisted Ryos eagerly. "Please feel free to stop by whenever you wish!"
 The elders nodded quickly then hastened out the door, but one paused for a brief second on the threshold and looked right at her before turning and walking away down the street.
 Tirali was glad they were gone. The elders always made her nervous, and it felt like they knew everything. And if they knew everything... But of course that was silly. Penn had scrambled up to his room as soon as the door had closed, and now she heard a loud thud, then a sound like glass and metal clanging together. She groaned to herself. He was working on yet another experiment, meaning she'd be stuck down here with Hyralia and Rowdius, the twins. They almost certainly had some crazy plan.
 "Hey Ti, wanna see something cool?" Hyralia bounded up, a mischievous grin on her face. 
All of a sudden, there was a loud crash upstairs.
 "I'd better go check that out. Stay here and don't get into trouble," Tirali ordered, already turning to run up the stairs.
 Smoke was billowing out of Penn's room, along with a distinct smell of sulphur.
 "Penn! Penn, where are you? What happened?" she called into the smoke. Nothing. Heart racing, she yelled downstairs. "Mom! Dad! Help! Something's happened to Penn!"
 Ryos came running in. "Stay here," he ordered. "I'll get Penn out."
He rushed into the room and came out a few moments later, carefully dragging out a limp body, badly burned. Without thinking, Tirali knelt down and grabbed his hand. Her vision flickered for a few moments, then slowly returned to normal. Dead silence. Penn coughed and tried to sit up.
 "Don't try to get up yet," she warned, conscious of the stares of her parents and siblings.
 "What happened? I was just mixing a few things then... Wait, Tirali! You didnt... You couldn't have..."
 She forced herself to look up at her parents. Alexia was just standing there, one hand pressed over her mouth, looking like she was trying not to scream. Ryos was a statue, cold eyes glaring down at her.
 "I can explain, I promise-" she began.
 "How long? How long have you been keeping this a secret? How long have you known? And you didn't tell us..."
 "I'm sorry dad, really I am. But-"
 "No excuses," he barked. "We'll figure this out later. For now..." He stopped short.
 "I apologize for barging in," a voice from behind Tirali said calmly. "But the door was unlocked. Which one of you is Miss Tirali Swift?"
 "T-that would be me," she stammered, standing and turning around to face the speaker. The messenger was slightly taller than she was and wore a dark cloak. She was holding out a letter, sealed with the signs of the twelve Houses. "Congratulations. You have been accepted to Nysa Academy. Find me tomorrow morning." She then walked out of the door and disappeared into the dark streets.
Ryos grabbed the letter from Tirali. 
"Nysa Academy... Strange name." He continued reading the letter, then stopped and turned pale. "How did they...?" He held the letter out to Alexia, who still hadn't moved. She took it cautiously and read it, lips moving as she mouthed the words. Tirali knelt again and helped Penn up. 
"You shouldn't have done that, you know." He whispered to her. 
"But I just couldn't have not," she whispered back. Alexia had finished reading and she handed the letter back to her husband, eyes wide.
 "What is it?" Tirali asked. "What's going on? What's Nysa Academy? Where is it? Why are you so worried about it?"
 Ryos cleared his throat. "It's the only place for... people like you," he said gruffly. "Get packed. You're leaving in the morning."
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Luca Morrison

The large room was filled with voices, those of young, old, female, or male, and they spoke many different words in joyous tones. The radio's near each wall and corner crackled with the explanation of a racing event completed the day before, it's volume increasing and quickly silencing the room as the end of the racing event neared. Eyes pinned to any radio, the words running out of the little brown boxes with excitement.


"It's going to be a close one! two horses are flaging him... He's near the drop point....... And he drops the flag in! The Archers win the game!" The room roared in cheers and laughter, a few disapointed grunts and groans just barely making it into the choir of joy. Luca smiled as he walked towards a table holding food and drinks, a few congratulating pats bouncing off his back and a few prasing statements floated into his ears. The radios began to play uplifting tunes to fill in the background noise of the chatter, allowing some people to dance to it, and others to hum along.


Luca had looked at each colourful bowl of liquid, picking up a cup and filling it with the red drink, the strawberry peach taste refreashing his throat as he leaned against the table to watch the surrounding scenes. A group of teens segregated at the end of the table ended up catching the attention of his ears, their language sounded interesting, and almost reminded him of latin. Taking a few subtle steps closer to listen better and eventually recongized the language to be from the Aries household, one of their neighbouring cities. The party consisted of many families from different cities, most of which from the fire element houses, all gathered for the Moon Party events. He sighed, their words sounding mischievous and teasing, Luca noticing a few glaring glances from the group, which only caused him to tilt his head towards them. A defeated sigh exiting his nose and a hushed command of magic escaped his lips just before he took a sip of his drink. His eyes lighting up a bright blue and teal before the words of the teens nearby became understandable. From the tone they spoke before hand, he guessed they were teasing, and now that he understands it, he was right. Crude names leaped off their tongues with jealously, and annoyed statements of their own defeat in the event gave the jealous name calling wings, which gently glided over to Luca's ears and settled in his brain. Though little reaction came from him, he did feel a little hurt by the choice of words. But, with a roll of his eyes, and an approaching mother, he let the spell off and embraced his mother in his arms. Her praise of his success quickly washing away the memory of jealous teens.


"I'm so proud of you, you've done so well.. Ah! Come meet Avery, she's been dying to meet you!" The pale lady spoke, dragging her son behind her. The two came up to a small group standing by a fire, consisting of his father, and two others with fire red hair and bright blue eyes that gave intimidating gazes. The mother in a dark blue dress and done up blonde hair gave the two a welcoming smile, introduced her child shortly after.


"This is Luca, the champion of last night's game" She sang, the ginger women put on a wide smile and shook the white haired boy's hand. Her mate not giving anything more then a simple nod of his head.


"Congratulations on the victory my dear, your pegasus is a magnificent creature" She sang, returning to her husband's side and earned a quiet thanks in turn. Luca's lips curved up ever so slightly as the four lead him into an office. Dim orange lighting casted over black furniture with white linning, in between the couches was a glass table held up by mahogany wood. The carpet was black with little brown and white markings, subtle enough to let the rest of the room pop out. Everyone took a seat, being served a drink of their choice and spoke of past events, mostly about the failures that came from them.


"Of for sure... He couldn't make a wall of electricity to keep his competitors away... So of course when Cyrus came racing up behind him... Well.. You know what happened" Avery spoke, glancing at Luca with a pity smile, taking a sip of her drink directly after to hide it.


"So tell me, how do you figure out what they're planning? It almost looks like you understand them when they speak" She mused, a hesitance flashed over Luca before he gave a curious rasied eyebrow.


"What do you mean?" he retorted, drinking and glancing at everyone in the room.



"Well, I mean, you 'accidentally' bump into a few of them before they start screaming their plans in their own language and yet... You still know what they're doing, where it's happening, and when it will happen... Almost like, you understand them" She sang, her husband backing her up by speaking of times it has happened that exact way. Luca ended up giving hesitant statements and barely had anything to reply with, his parents nearly doing the same. The two gingers simply stared until finally they laughed.


"Oh please my child, we have met many Libra's with the Omnilingualism ability, we know what you're doing. Trust me my dear, you are not discrete about it" She explained, setting the cup down and leaning towards him.


"Okay. So why bring it up?" His mother barked, harshly setting down her cup to gain their attention.


"Because, your son is born to the Sagittarius house... Yet. Has an ability of a Libra. I am assuming you both are aware of this as you are not as shocked as most people are to discover this" Avery announced, leaning back with her drink once more and waiting for the confusion and anger to diplete from their faces.


"So, sorry. Exactly who are you? And once more, why bring it up?" Luca's dad spoke, placing a hand on his wife's arm to pull her back, her gaze cold and appeared like a dog ready to attack.


"Avery and I go around with many other of our colleagues and look for teens who have two powers of two different households. We then invite them to our school, Nysa, to help them control their other powers" The male explained, the anger depleted on the mothers face, and confusion seeped into it's place.


"But... It's not like I need a lot to control this... It's just listening to other peoples words" Luca chimed in, placing a bleak gaze onto the two, who stumbled on their words and bounced their heads in hopes to straighten them out in their minds.


"Yes, it's not that hard, but we can help this ability to grow, and you can meet other people like you" Avery responded, her face finally turning to confusion as she recieved a cold glare from the heterochromia eyes of the white haired teen.


"Other people like me? Sounds offensive" He chirped in an almost casual way, as if he just asked if they wanted a sandwich, he then jumped to his feet and began walking away.


"I'm sure you'd want to send your kid to this" The man spoke to Luca's father who only shot his hands up and leaned back with a shake of his head. Both the parents standing to follow their son out.


"If he doesn't want to go, he doesn't have to" The mother sang, Avery rushed to her feet to stop the three.


"Come now, it will be great for him, we offer many different courses for him to try out" She frantically spoke. Luca stopped at the door, sighing and looked back to the two who stood with a desperate stare.


"Okay... If I do agree to go, would I get to bring Liberty along?" His arms crossed over his chest and his eyes were slightly narrowed, watching the two glance at each other with hesitance.


"Well... I'm.. Sure, we can make some arrangements for you visit him" Avery spoke, shrinking away slightly at the hardening glare.


"She, and I see no reason to go to a school that's out in the middle of nowhere, where I learn the same things I do in schools here, just so I could possibly see my pegasus every couple months. Sorry, gonna have to pass" He sang, spinning on his heal and about to open the doors when an exclaimed "yes!" shot through.


"Very well, you get to take her along.." She sighed, Luca once again spun on his heal and gave a forced smile to the two.


"So long as you don't do any racing or tricks inside the school walls" She demanded, earning a nod of Luca's head.




The chant of Luca's name rose from the front of the school grounds, the night creeping onto the large building and the white haired boy slowly breathed. The edge of the building's roof several feet in front of him, though looked like nothing from his position, it becomes intimidating when he nears it.


'Okay.... Come on.... Come on.. Come on.... You can do this...' He thought, watching for the dark outline of his pegasus to glide in from the approaching night. He looked for the dark coloured horse, and finally saw the beauty soaring in by her webbed wings, her long almost reptilian tail swaying from one side to the other to keep her balanced as she neared.


Luca took a few more deep breaths before he started running towards the edge, still keeping an eye on his horse as it neared, then finally, leaped off the school roof.


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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

"Um," Kalden responded, trying to figure out a way to get out of the situation. The woman in front of him looked a few years older than himself, perhaps 20. "Sorry, I have somewhere else I need to be. You must have me mistaken for someone else."

Kalden looked at the woman quizzically, trying to figure out her motive. The upper levels of the Virgin City had visitors from other houses, but less so in the lower city. Usually, the only outsiders that went there were merchants seeking to sell some wares, but even that was rather rare, as many didn't usually see a point of traveling down the steep cliff-faces full of pickpocketers. Those that did more often than not were there to sell black market items or to conduct other dark business, and were prepared for a certain type of customers. Even so, Kalden himself rarely ever associated in those areas, only going when he needed an item for his projects found nowhere else.

"No, you don't," The woman sighed in response, seeming impatient that he was trying to deflect the subject. "And no, you're exactly the right person. I'm an expert in tracking, and it wasn't hard considering the fact you basically reeked of anxiety. I followed your emotions all the way from the garbage heap earlier, despite the fact you were running around like a wandering headless chicken for a few hours." The last half of the sentence was mumbled. Kalden pieced two-and-two together.

"Your eyes... and the emotion thing. You're a Pisces." Kalden said.

"Yep," The woman said. "I'm Riya, my power is Empathy and also," She lifted a gloved hand, a card between her fingers that wasn't there a second before. Riya seemingly literally had it up her sleeve. "This."

She flung the card on the ground, an image staring up towards the sky. It seemed to be a fairly realistic black and white drawing of a bird. Riya clapped her hands together, making Kalden glance at her before hearing the flap of a pair of wings. The card's face was now blank, but standing atop it was a raven.

It was similar to the real thing, but Kalden could tell it wasn't. It didn't have the type of gleam, color, or literal life a real bird's feathers would have shown. It was as if the drawing had come to life.

"Animation," Riya explained. "I can bring them to 'life' in our dimension temporarily, but I can only use the drawing once. The more realistic the anatomy, the better, so they can actually function. While other Animators might disagree, coloring is a huge waste of time, since I have to draw all these myself." Riya clicked her tongue.

"Since it takes a good while to make these, it's easier for us to make them up ahead of time to use when we need them. I happen to draw mine on cards. But others are more adept with claymation or other forms."

Kalden eagerly listened to the information, but at the forefront of his mind, he was more interested in the aspect of the woman using two powers. Riya sighed.

"Your excitement is too much, it's going to give me a headache. Yes, I have two powers."

"So I'm not the only one," Kalden said, once again choosing to ignore her quip and focus on the topic.

"Yes and no. It's not unheard of people with two powers from within their own house. Rare as Hades, but not unheard of. " Riya said, snapping her finger. The beckon signalling the crow animation to flap its wings, lifting itself off the ground to her shoulder. It was slightly off, stiff, but still amazing for a creature that was only minutes ago drawn on a piece of hard paper.

"But you... you're another case. It should be impossible for you to have a power from the Taurus house."

"Yet here I am," Kalden finished.

"Yet here you are," Riya mused back. "We're finding the others like you. It's too unstable to have you all running around, until we all know why. Think back to earlier. You can't tell me that's the first time a situation like that has happened."

"No... but others?" Kalden asked. He still felt pretty suspicious of the woman. But she didn't seem to be lying. He had grown a pretty keen eye for it after living in The Slums with sly folk ready to cheat someone at the turn of the back.

"I know it's hard to trust me," Riya said. "But there's seriously no other place to go but Nysa. People like me, with two powers, train there. It's the only place where you can get proper help so you don't harm yourself or others."

Riya suddenly slashed her hand through the animated crow, which dissipated in a splatter of ink onto the ground. The blonde then held her hand out to Kalden. Kalden wasn't yet sure if she was dramatic or had made an off-handed threat.

"And you, you need a lot." Her eyes seemed to show that she was biting back a laugh, but the woman had held a passive face most of the short time Kalden had known her. She was an oddity, for sure. Probably someone he shouldn't trust. "So come on and let's go to the academy."

Definitely not someone he should trust. But he also had nowhere else to go, and had not been able to handle his powers since his second had awakened. He absolutely hated to admit this fact. Kalden thought for a few long moments, looking at her glove-clad hand, weighing his options.

He reached out and shook it with his own covered hand.

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Maikela Nix | Pisces

Blood leaked in-between the cracks of the cobbled streets, appearing inky black in the dim light. The putrid stench rose from the stained brick, bathing her tongue in its delectable aroma. 

Those that had escaped her maw had fled into their homes, cowering behind their walls in fear of the apex predator that stalked the city streets. 

Not a single sound penetrated the impregnable silence that settled over The Depths. Not a single sound aside from the quiet dripping of blood mixed with water splattering against the pavement. 

Ripples in these tainted pools formed as Maikela's heavy steps disturbed them. 

She crept low, her haunches jutting out from behind silky fur, a long whip-like tail coiled behind her. She hardly made a sound as she prowled the city in search of her next prey, the hollowing sensation in her but had all gut been quelled. 


Tense minutes of tantalising silence crept by.

The beast's silhouette slunk against the walls, illuminated from behind by flickering street lamps and casting a menacing shadow into the homes of cowering humans.

The panther relished in this game of cat and mouse. Every inch of her predatory form aching to make a kill. 

However this game proved to be short lived as reinforcements sent from the main city flooded into the depths brandishing weapons and nets meant to entrap the vicious beast.

Suddenly, the hunter became the hunted as the panther fled down an alley way. Despite her attempts to lose them, more and more humans appeared, ropes in hands. 


They surrounded the large creature, shouting commands as they approached closer.

Big mistake.

The panther pinned her ears flush against her skill and released an earth-rattling roar. 

She barreled into the humans, slashing and biting, her teeth sinking into soft human flesh and crunching through armour. 

Ropes tightened around her haunches and paws, cutting into the skin underneath. Struggling and roaring, the massive panther found herself being pulled to the floor as the humans worked together on the ropes, holding her gargantuan form against the grimy floor.

A flash of intelligence lit up behind the creature's irises as the panther struck out with a paw, sliding through the ropes.


She reared her furry black head, clutching the rope within her maw and jerking her head to the side. The three humans who had been holding it went flying, crashing into a nearby wall.

Meanwhile, the beast had managed to break free of her restraints and was sent careening down the alley way.


A familiar figure appeared in the entrance of the cavern. Moonlight drifted into the cave, back-lighting his unmistakably white suit which glowed dimly in the maze.

As soon as Oberon had heard tales of the 'Beast of the Depths' he knew instantly the culprit behind the killings.

As cold and distant as he was, Oberon genuinely cared for Maikela. He needed to get this situation under control. He could use his far reaching influence to construct a cover up. Perhaps this animal escaped from the zoo. All he needed to do was pay off a few people into silence. But first, he needed to retrieve is daughter.

Stepping further into the dank city, his foot nudged something on the ground.

Inclining his head, Oberon gazed down at the dull pink parasol that lay forgotten on the mud-stained street. 

He stopped over, plucking it from its filthy position and tucked it under his arm. Maikela would want this returned to her.

Steeling his nerve, Oberon set off into the city square where shouts of alarm cut through the thick silence of the night.


She had to get out. She had to run. But they were blocking her. 

Mysterious figures stood between her and the exit. They were unlike the locals who had attempted to tie her down. They stood, their postures rigid with confidence, weapons in hand. These people weren't like the scared locals. 

These people were different.


She ran towards them, lips curling over nasty fangs as she leapt, raking her claws against his face. The fluid warm of blood welled up in between her claws, staining her fur a dark satin.


An agonised wail fell from his disjointed mouth, meaty human fingers pawing helplessly at her tattered fur. 


Leaping off her prey, she ran. 


And ran.


A sharp pain radiated outwards from her rear followed by a sudden heaviness, as though her legs had been filled with lead. She slumped forward, a roar of protest echoing from her parted maw.


They got her.


What would they do to her?


She had to escape. 








Try as she might, with each passing movement her muscles strained harder and harder. Cloudy breaths puffed from a heaving chest as she continued to drag herself somewhere. Anywhere. 


They had injected her. And now she will die...




As the 'Beast of the Depths' slumped over, her sleek muscles shining in the moonlight, a woman removed the helmet. Long blonde tresses fell over her frame as she braced the helmet against her hip. Calculating green eyes narrowed slightly.

     "Alright." She shouted over towards her men who stood at ready by the head of the best. "Pack her up and ship her off to the academy. We can't afford any more delays."

     "Affirmative." Came the reply from the uninjured employee. 

He waved a hand as an air craft drifted into the sightline, toating a large metal cage suspended from its base. 


     "Just where do you think you are going with that?"

The cold voice prompted the woman to glance over her shoulder. A lazy grin scrawled across her face as she glanced at the rugged light-haired male who stood across from her. "Oberon Nix.  In the flesh. Why it is a pleasure to finally meet the man behind the myth."

     "I asked you a question." Oberon did not appear amused by the woman's fickle response.

     "Oh." The woman placed a delicate finger against her bottom lip in feigned thoughtfulness. "I never introduced myself. My name is Valkyrie Hopkins and I do hope that it is okay if we borrow    your daughter for a bit."

     "You're from that blasted academy, aren't you?" Oberon crossed his arms.

A delighted look crossed Valkyrie's face. "You know about us?"

     "There are very few things I don't know about." Oberon countered.

     A callous cackle sprung from the blonde haired beauty. "Of course. We can't hide anything from your far reaching ears."

The business man mere scoffed at her remark. "You cannot take that beast."

      "Beast?" Valkyrie echoed with a feigned expression of hurt. "Is that any way to address your daughter?"

     "My what?" Oberon blanched

     "Oh come now." Valkyrie ran a delicate hand through the fur of Maikela's slumbering form. "You know as well as I that this is none other than Maikela Nix. We have suspected that she may be gifted with duel for quite some time now and have kept tabs on her. Of course we could never be sure given her aptitude for illusions and your own influence. It is not often that we receive someone who has managed to hide their powers from us for so long. You are quite skilled at covering mishaps up, I condone you."

     Oberon narrowed his eyes. "I don't care. Return her to me this instant."

By now the cage at been properly towed in place, crew members were working on lifting up the massive cat and moving her into the pen. 

     Valkyrie observed the scene passively. "Yeah. And let other people get hurt because of her? We can help her. We can train her to use her powers. You cannot."

A silence settled between the two, each one regarding the other with silent challenging expressions. This lasted for several heartbeats before Oberon finally relented. "Very well. Please allow me to pack her a suitcase to bring along, first."

     Valkyrie's emerald eyes narrowed at his response. She did not think that it would be so easy to convince the famously hard-headed Oberon Nix to relinquish his own daughter to them. No. He had to be planning something. That sky fox. She forced a pleasant smile.

     "By all means." She murmured.

     "Good. I shall return within the hour." Oberon mumbled, brushing some imaginary dust from his pristine jacket before turning on his heels. They clicked against the stone of the cave as he retreated into the darkness.

     "Are we actually waiting for him?" One of Valkyrie's co-workers questioned as they finished loading Maikela up. 

     "Unfortunately." Valkyrie replied in and clipped tone. "I did not kid when I said that his reach is far. We would have heavily paid the price of lying to him... And something tells me that he isn't above attacking the reputation of the school slandering it beyond repair in the minds of the common folk."

With a resigned sigh, her co worker did not press the issue.


They met back up isn't outside the City Koi. As promised, Oberon presented Valkyrie with a rather large pink suitcase. Valkyrie, hesitant to accept it at first but eventually acquiesced, much to her own chagrin. She ordered her men to search through it as soon as possible to locate any potential listening devices or bugs Oberon might have planted.

And then they were off, sailing towards Nysa Academy with a giant black panther attached to the bottom of their aircraft.

This was going to be a long night.


((Aaaand I am officially done with the introduction. Whew! I did it.))

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It was the next day and Oda

It was the next day and Oda sat in the training room, waiting for her turn. She sat on the floor with a knee up, an arm propped onto it and her head against the wall. A comrade of her's was sitting beside her, quietly reading to herself. Oda kept glacing at him from time to time. Today, the EC's mentor was teaching a class and he was reviewing what they had learned beforehand: disarming the opponent. Oda and a few other members mastered this important technique, but the rest seemed to struggle with it. She sighed hopelessly and wondered why she wasn't chosen first. Perhaps their mentor wanted someone he knew would have a lower chance of succeeding. 


Each EC trainee had a chance to show the mentor what they had learned and from there he as able to tell them what they had perfected and what still needed to be worked on. Aside from Oda, a few members were able to successfully disarm the teacher, but it was Oda who was quickest to do so. As Oda did her part of the class, she noticed a few classmates whispeirng to each other and looking at her. She just scoffed, thinking they were jealous. As the class came to a close, everyone grabbed their things and headed back to their rooms. However, Oda was stopped by the teacher.


"Don't be so quick to leave Oda. I wish to discuss some things with you. Walk with me a moment." He smiled at her reassuringly as Oda grabbed her bag and followed him out of the training room, down the halls and outside. 


The Capricorn Caves settled in the mountains north of the Nysa Academy. Being a sign associated with the Earth as well as being a winter house, their ruling planet, Saturn, sought a place where Capricorns could exist naturally. Their house was built on the side of a snowy mountain and their home is stabilized within. Upon entering the cave's entrance you are welcomed with a cool and refreshing breeze. What is a mountain on the outside is a very vintage interior with stone floors, decorated walls and ceilings that reached for the stars. Capricorns are firm with tradition, and therefore not many renovations have been done. They could care less about keeping up with modern day fashion or interior design. Their house has stayed the same since it was created and they've had no reach to change anything unless it was deemed unsafe or unnecessary.


Oda and her mentor exited the cave's opening, and she followed him down the mountain path. The weather was crisp and the brisk air exhilerated their lungs. The two were silent for a few moments until Oda spoke up. "So...did you need something?"


"Hm?" He looked over at her and then chuckled. "Oh yes, I'm sorry. I never get tired of our territory. Such beautiful scenery dusted with snow. It's quite the sight for sore eyes." The two continued down the mountain. "Before you get defensive, I just want you to know that I'm not here to judge you, but to help you. You see, I grew interested in our conversation the other day. The conversation about my upbringing with your questionable reflexes."


Oda buried her eyebrows, looking confused. "Questionable? What's questionable about them?"


"I did some research after you left. It's one thing to have quick reflexes, but to react to the attacks you can't even see..that's when I became curious. You don't have eyes at the back of your head, yet you're able to react to strikes that threaten your vulnerability. Even as a young child you exhibited these behaviours, and back then I knew you'd be something else. I just didn't know you'd be...special."


She let out a huff, seeing her breath fade into the air. "Get on with it."

"I went through the books to see if I could find anything that matched what you showed. I looked through Capricorn's natural abilities that our pupils harness, and not a single one matched those psychic instincts of yours. I couldn't find it in any of our books...and so I thought outside the box and went through the other Houses. It took me a while but I came across something rather interesting. Tell me Oda, what do you know about the Leo House?"


Oda looked up at the sky in thought. "Hmmm....I know they reign under the Sun...their element is fire...they're typically pretty loud and proud...I'll admit, I don't really keep up with the other House's powers."


Her mentor smiled slightly. "I suppose you wouldn't have to...but in the Leo House fosters three abilities: Photokinetic Combat, Light Manipulation, and Danger Sense. Photokinetic Combat is a form of Light Manipulation, where one fuses light in combat, using it as a weapon. Light Manipulation is pretty straightforward. One can manipulate, shape or create light and control it to do it's bidding. Danger Intuition has nothing to do with light. This ability allows a person to sense danger coming towards them and they can evade it. They can sense danger around them and instinctively know whether to flee or fight. They can even sense danger in their surroundings and they can sense whether someone is in death's row. I'm sure you already know where I'm going with this."


She nodded slowly as the two of them stopped at the bottom of the mountain, facing their thick forest. "'re trying to tell me that I have a secondary power from a different house...but how?"


"No one knows for sure. There have been ancient cases of people like you, but they have always been a mystery. The best accusation one makes is that it's hereditary and they gain a second power passed down from a parent who was born into the respected house. Perhaps one of your parents was a Leo. Some say it's the gods picking favourites. Some even say it's the gods pulling a sick prank. Whatever the reason may be, there's no doubt in my mind that you're able to hone both Enhanced Combat and Danger Intuition. This is certainly a deadly combination indeed. If trained properly, you can become an unstoppable threat on the battlefield. With your powerful fighting skills and your psychic intuition to sense and avoid danger that threatens your well being, you can become a fighting machine who can never be touched."


Oda began to grin. This all sounded pretty insane to her. "That sounds awesome! Where do I sign up? Can you teach me about Danger Intuition?"


Her mentor couldn't help but laugh and shake his head. "Perhaps I've said too much. Unfortunately, no one in the Capricorn Caves are able to help you harness the Intuition. It is not an ability we possess. If you'd like to learn and get better, I suggest taking a trip down south to Nysa Academy. You're sure to find mentors there." He looked over at Oda, putting a hand on her shoulder. "This Intuition of yours is already strong, but there's still so much work that can be done. We can get in contact with the academy and see if they can register you. However, I highly recommend giving it thought. You are allowed to attend the teachings here and down at Nysa, but it would be awfully silly of you to attend both schools at once. It enables much stress in your life and I fear it would be too much for you to handle. Let's not forget the travelling distance between the two facilities..." He looked ahead slightly so their eyes met no longer. He knew he couldn't control Oda, but at the same time he worried for her well being and he felt obligated to put his foot down if she were to try to do both schools at the same time.


Shrugging his hand off she turned towards him, eager. "Is that a challenge? I could handle both classes no problem. I'm already good at Enhanced Combat so it's not like I have much teaching left here anyway. Plus, how hard can Danger Intuition be? You're basically just following your instincts. It's not that hard."


Shaking his head, her mentor thought it'd be best if he pushed her to the right path this time. "No..never underestimate any power in any of the houses. Each power has the ability to be both a blessing and a curse. You shouldn't speak ill of it, let alone something you don't understand. I'm sorry Oda, but as both your mentor as as someone who has looked after you and cared for you, I can't find it in myself to allow you to stay here and train for Enhanced Combat while also travelling down south to learn about Danger Intuition. It's not that I don't have faith in you, I just worry for your mental health. You get overwhelmed easily and you shut down. But, there is an easy fix for this. You can terminate your enrollment here as a student and get into Nysa Academy where they will teach you both Enhanced Combat and Danger Intuition. I know you aren't fond of change Oda, but surely if you genuinely want to learn about this second power you would make the sacrifice."


Remove herself as a student? But..this has been her home for so long. She couldn't fathom learning from anyone else but her mentor. "...Drop out? But I've been here for as long as I can remember. This is my home."


"And it will continue to be your home. You're always welcome to return if you please. This is just my recommendation of course. But given the distance between our plane and their's, it would be almost impossible for you to attend two different schools at once. I think it would be wise for you to attend the academy where they can further your training in both abilities. You say you're up for a challenge...are you up for this one?"


Oda groaned softly under her breath and looked away. She didn't want to make this drastic change. If she attended this new school, it would mean packing up and leaving the caves for the first time in her life. Who knows when she'd be able to return? But boy did she find challenges irresistable. "...I can do this. Just watch me."


He smiled at her words and then turned around to walk back to the caves. "It's settled then. We'll contact the academy immediately." He had a feeling Oda would say no to this opportunity because she'd be too afraid to leave. She'd be too afraid to start this new life because it would mean making a change she couldn't even imagine. He knew turning it into a challenge would get to her.

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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra gulped, looking up at the intimidating school. It was all spires and turrets, like some castle that a dragon would use as his lair. A creature stirred in her pack, a bird like head poking out with a chirp, a high tech, if simple collar around his neck. 

"I know Tanto, but be quiet! Mom and Dad don't know you're here, neither does the school. That collar can only do so much to keep you from being detected. But you have to do your part too." She told the little griffin, glancing over her shoulder as she went inside. The little griffin, Tanto, was named for the type of sword used in some of the more Asiatic themed regions. He was a little dagger himself. Tanto was a little house griffin, one of the miniatrue breeds people kept the way you would a house cat. Those were still popular too. Kyra had gotten Tanto for her 11th birthday and the little fellow was 5 years old. He was a golden griffin, his feathers a shimmering gold with paler gold along the edges. His fur was that of a tabby cat, but in the same gold, the bold black stripes marking him as a tabby cat. The collar he wore was designed by Kyra herself. She had been tinkering with it for awhile. She wanted to be able to smuggle her favorite pet into whatever school she ended up in. She never expected to end up here. The collar was designed to make the pet undetectable - or at least unnoticed. If anyone saw him, their eyes were supposed to see nothing but a background behind him. They could look right at him but it would be like Tanto wasn't there. She wasn't used to being so far inland. She was a Cancer after all. While her powers didn't mesh normally, it was thanks to her plants that Kyra had learned at least the basics of how to control her plant mainipulation.

The first time she tried, she practically destroyed their home greenhouse. A kind little bluebell had been nice enough to help her learn to cotrol it and get the plants back to normal. And her father having the same power helped too. She had seeds in her bag along with some of her gadgets that she wanted to keep working on. She'd used it to her advantage since then and helped her mother's business. Like with that high class Libra clinent who spoke Italian for instance. Kyra shook those thoughts out of her head as she approached the school. While she didn't have omnilinguism like some Libra did (such as her high class client), she was good with tech. She had a translater that handled most languages and could learn new ones. Tanto twittered, stirring in her backpack and she glanced back over her shoulder.

"Shush Tanto, or we'll get busted!" She scolded her griffin again, not realizing someone heard him. She took off her pack and reached in, stuffing the griffin down before zipping him in. "Now stay quiet or I won't sneak you some cookies from the kitchens!" She warned. THAT shut the griffin up. He loved cookies - any kind really, as long as they didn't have chocolate. Snickerdooles were his favorite, especially when her Mom made them. 

(anyone near where Kyra is en route to the school is welcome to bust her (or help her) sneak in her griffin! Also, this is what I think the school should look like: )

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((Sorry for not writing anthing! Been busy in last two days, promise I have time now!))


"You would never believe what happened!"

I've opened my eye to see Jay's face right above mine.

"What do you want? Don't you see I'm taking a nap?" Why do he always have to disturb me? He's lucky weather is so nice today though.

He gave ma a happy look. So innocent. "Look what I've found! It was growing right near the river. I can't believe noone found it before." He was hiding something behind his back for the whole time, and now he showed it to me. His eyes were big and bright. In his hand I saw a big, black flower with delicate petals. He handed me the plant. It was stunning, shining like raven's wings with small spots looking like starry sky. Nightfall lilly.

"Was it really growing near the river? Those are extremely rare, almost impossible to find in the wild."

"Told you it's unbelievable!" A grin appeared on his face. Jay looked proud. Well, he should be, those plants are very valuable. My family believes they bring luck to people who find them.

I smiled back at him. "Show it to your parrents. They surely will be impressed."

"You're probably right. They'll LOVE it!" Jay took the flower carefuly and ran straight to his house. I sighed. He's so childish- not strange, he's 11- but somewhat adorable at the same time. Always trying to impress me for some reason.


Just when I wanted to close my eyes again I heard a voice. My mom was calling me back home. Sigh, fine, I'll go back. Focusing  for a while I snapped my fingers and with a quiet poof I were back home, standing in from of my mom, who flinched.

"Stop doing that,you know it's not natural." she said calmly.

"Yeah, of course. I shouldn't be able to teleport at will because it's not our sign's power." It was alway strange for me that my parrents were so superstitious about this. They say it's strange and unnatural, I should only have Libra power, maybe two of them, but not two drom completely diffrent signs. But to be honest, it never really bothered me that much. Maybe it's just rare?

Mother looked at me with her dark eyes, so similar to mine, and handed me an opened letter.

"This was send by The Nysa Academy. They've choosen you to represent Libra City as their pupil." Her voice was strangely emotionless. It started to scare me.

"But... why?"

"Just read it Vulpa. They know... about your special ability"

So I started reading the letter. And my mother was right.

"So you are telling me..."

"I don't hink it's something bad. Maybe you'll learn something useful." She gave me a weak smile. I could see doubt on her face.

"Dad knows?"

"I'll tell him later. Let him come back home first." Dad's been working in the centre of LIbra City, so he's out today.

I just nodded my head and gave the letter back to mom. I need to think about it for a while.


I'm alive again I guess?

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Bixby had been working with her parents for an hour now and she had felt the boredom seep into her, she was trying to think of some excuse to get out and do something else "uh, so is there any delivers for today?" She asked her parents


"I don't think so, looks like your stuck in the kitchen with us today!" her mom said cheerfully


Then her dad barged into the room "actually Bixby, today's your lucky day we do indeed have a delivery but only one; can you take it for us?"


 Bixby jumped at her chance "y-yes! Yes I can!" She then snatched the item from her dad and dashed out of the building

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

((Since most people seem to have received an invitation in some form to go to the school, you can now start arriving if you wish within your next few posts. but also feel free to wrap up beforehand (preparation, storyline, etc.).))


Traveling with Riya was an interesting experience. Kalden for one did not fully understanding the cryptic woman that seemed full of secrets. He hadn't met many Water signs before, living in a deeply inland territory. But he didn't mind the Pisces' company, for the little time he had known her.

Kalden discovered with the Riya either had a flair for dramatic storytelling, or had a way more eventful life than his own. He'd barely been outside his sign's region, but Riya seemed to have traveled loads despite her youth. The young woman mentioned battles, glories and challenges, and territories she had visited, many alongside a Scorpio that had trained alongside Riya at the academy. The young Scorpio woman also had two powers granted from the sign of the Scorpion. She had been born in the far desert oasis House, and wielded the power of Sand Manipulation and the ability to make organic Dermal Armour from her own body. The way Riya talked of the other woman was in a tone of admiration, but it was all in the past tense, though she never mentioned a reason as to why. Her face, emotionless as ever, didn't hide the faraway look in her eyes, mixed with wistfulness and sadness. Kalden recognized that type of gaze from his own father, and figured the Scorpio woman had been a lot more than just a battle companion to the young Pisces.

After a few days of travel by foot, and some weird conversations between the two, they finally headed into the school's territory. Kalden was from an area below sea-level, and they had climbed a lot in altitude during the journey. They were still far from any coast, yet there were lakes, rivers, and streams, more than Kalden had ever seen before. The region was also pleasantly warm, and the terrain mostly hilly and forested. It almost seemed like the elements working in harmony.

"We're almost there," Riya called back, a few paces ahead of Kalden despite his advantage of height and longer legs between the two.

"You seem excited," Kalden remarked.

"Of course," Riya responded, without a glance back. "I've been stuck around only you for days, and on my own for longer trying to find you. Kinda over it."

Kalden chuckled, but his eyes soon widened as they reached the top of the incline they had been traversing, the edge of the forest's treeline. They were still a decent ways from the school, but the hill they were on provided an amazing view leading to it.

The building, or rather, buildings, were huge. Many corners had towers that boasted huge spires or man-made outcrops. Even from here, he could tell there were large, relatively intricate carvings and runes on the sides of the stone-and metal surfaces. Whether they had meaning or not, was yet to be known to Kalden. Nysa Academy sported castle-like architecture of the olden days but had skillfully planned areas of more modern construction methods, transmission towers, observatories, and more. Bridges on thick, stone stilts rose high above lower levels laid closer a massive freshwater river that naturally carved its way around the school. Kalden also noticed a range of snowy mountains off to the far left of the structures, as well as drier, airy plains to the other side. There were even vast floating islands, perhaps some for large airship docking, and others having their own small forms of infrastructure atop them with functions Kalden couldn't guess, and perhaps didn't care to find out as quickly as those on solid ground. He was used to living off the side of a perilous cliff face, but he was still connected to Earth. Those were not.

As the pair of traveling companions grew closer to the school, Kalden also noticed huge holographic doors, blocking all of the easily accessible entrances, and exits, to the school. Modern magic-tech metal gates stood open, probably automatically keeping track to close at a moment's notice of a threat. With just the outside glimpse he had seen within the last several minutes, The Virgo was certain the school had other means to keep people they didn't want out, too. He shivered slightly in intimidation.

The entire thing was both an architectural and technological feat, perhaps rivaling some cities. Kalden felt ecstatic, each image his eyes took in trying to break down the methods they could have used to construct such a place. His excitement, and anxiety, only grew as Riya began leading him up a set of wide staircases up to the main entrance leading to Nysa's huge courtyard, passing who he could only assume were students every so often.


((@skyhunter22, I really like the picture, but because the school kind encapsulates all the elements, I'm thinking something more along these lines, where there's water, earthy areas, drylands, high altitudes, etc. feel free to describe specific parts, this just happens to be the type of thing I was planning for when everyone was ready to arrive.))

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Luca Morrison

“Think he's gonna chicken out again?" A male teen spoke, staring up at low hanging roof that fell in between a few pointed towers. The girl beside her only scoffed and rolled her eyes, which he then copied in a mocking manner. However, instead of returning his gaze to the roof where the white haired male had been, his eyes landed on a pair of new faces entering the courtyard. Quickly patting the girl's arm to get her attention and spoke.


"We got an adult approaching... Should we distract her?" He cooed, tilting his head to the girl, who once again rolled her eyes.


"Let Luca dig his own grave... And besides... what could she possibly do?" She replied, earning a shrug and a smirk from the tall male. 

The dark coloured pegasus raced in, Luca leaped into the air from the roof and leveled his feet to his head. Twirling around in the air and pulling back the drawstring to his bow and waited for the tip of the arrow to line up with the target hanging off the nearest building. Quickly nocking another arrow to his bow as the other left, and continued to twist his body around to face the other building. Another target, smaller than the other, hung lower on the second tower, lining up the arrow to the target and letting go of the string. Both arrows having hit the small mark he made on the white fabric. 

The beating of wings ringed in his ears as Luca swung his legs forward and spreaded his limbs out to catch the flying horse. Luca's breath escaped him harshly as he landed on the back of his pegasus with a slight swing, letting her take him where ever as he tried to recapture the escaped air in his lungs once more. Letting out an excited "Whooo!" right after, his arms shooting into the air which raised him slightly off Liberty's saddle. Sending his gaze towards the ground where a small gathering of students stared. He leaned forward to glide closer to the ground, a few more excited yells leaving him as he slowly neared. His eyes searched through the whole crowd, finding familiar faces, acquaintances, and people he's never seen before. Two of which catching his eye furter off, a woman and a teen male by the looks of it, both carrying a few survival looking bags. 

'New faces?' He thought, patting the creatures neck lightly and bracing for her to land. Her wings quickly flapping as the ground grew near, and her legs starting into a gallop, the sounds of hooves on stone following shortly after a soft thump. Her steps slowed as her wings folded and she soon came to a stop, turning around so her rider could view the surrounding people. 

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Maikela Nix | Pisces

A decently sized aircraft drifted over the entrance bridge of the school yard, toating a massive cage that contained what appeared to be some beastly creature.

Accompanying the aircraft was an impressive array of smaller escort ships, made to handle the situation if the monster within the cave arose from her slumber.

Fortunately they were not necessary and the giant beast had slept like a stone throughout the entire journey. 

Still the display attracted attention, shouts of confusion and pointing fingers rent out below as students inclined their heads skyward. 


Hovering above the school building, the cage began to lower from the aircraft via pulley system. It was directed onto a wheeled platform and several staff assisted in wheeling it towards a secluded room. 


Every part of Maikela's body ached when she awoke, strewn against the hard metallic floor. Her mind felt hazy, foggy with number senses and a prickling sensation that coursed through her now human body. 

Well, mostly.

A long cat-like tail streamed out from behind her, small black ears still perched up top of her head. And her eyes were still emerald green slits.

Whatever they had done to force her transformation back had appeared to fully work.

Her mind was not much in a better state, battling constantly between her more animalistic side and human logic. The fight sent pressing mirgranes radiating through the base of the skull.


Maikela had been changed into a fresh pair of clothes- a muted blue tunic and denim shorts. If Maikela had been in the proper state of mind, she would have been appalled by the audacity of the combination. 


Maikela moved her leg, winding when she felt them strain against something, the metallic click hurting her sensitive ears.

Her looked back, eyes wide.

The chains that encapsulated her ankles felt heavy against her skin and caused her to panic as memories from the night prior took hold. 

She had been kidnapped! 

She had to get out.

The utter terror that seized her body caused her panther brain to resume control over her body.




Walls everywhere


Walls looming down on her, their constricting nature pressed down, weighing as heavy as the chains around her ankles.


This was it. This was the end.


Her chest tightened, a clawed hand rose to scratch desperately at the soft, exposed flesh of her throat. Blood welled around the tips of her claws as she grasped at her neck, deep grooves being etched into the skin as the asphyxiation set in.


She needed to be free.


This confinement was maddening.


‘Let me out, let me out, let me out’ She chanted the man.tra in her mind until the words formed on her tongue. ‘LET ME OUT!’


The door to the room slammed open and a series of men rushed in to restrain and calm her. It would not do if she kept hurting herself and attacking everyone.




Valkyrie strut down the bridge way and towards the holographic entrance doors, her sword tucked over her shoulder. She it quickly scanted out of the way of the careening Pegasus, undeterred. She needed to speak with someone to receive orders in what should be done with Maikela. She had never delivered a shapeshifter gone feral before and did not know the first thing about correcting it.

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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra approached from the Water side of the castle, nearing one of the holographic doors on the Medieval looking castle. Honestly? She was in awe. Tanto was watching from his place in her bag. The little griffin chirped, earning a head rub from his owner. 

"I know, it's cool right? I've seen pictures of Nysa but I never thought I'd get to go here. Mom wasn't kidding when she said this place was pristigious in all the elemental houses!" Kyra told the griffin, earning another chirp. So far, she hadn't been busted for smuggling him in as she wheeled her luggage up the walkway, passing several waterfalls as she went. She saw other water sign students coming and going between classes or doing tasks for their schoolwork. There was a Cancer helping a Gemini practice her psychometry, a Scorpio practicing sand manipulation, an Aquarius studying for an exam, and so on. Some of the earth signs were there as well, since they usually had an alliance with the water signs. She went over to the Aquarius, Tanto ducking his head in to her backpack to avoid being seen. 

"Can I help you?" The Aquarius asked, looking up from her book to see the girl. There was a little air dragon curled up at her side, the creature raising it's sapphire blue head to see the strangers. That surprised Kyra more than anything. 

"I'm sorry to interupt, but I'm just starting here. I was looking for the student housing. I also didn't realize pets were allowed." Kyra replied, letting the little dragon sniff her hand before petting the smooth scales. 

"That's Aquila, my air dragon. My parents breed them. And yes, pets are allowed as long as they don't cause trouble. Isn't that a mini griffin in your bag?" The Aquarius replied, a smile on her face as Tanto popped up with a sheepish chirp. 

"That's Tanto, I've had him since I was 11. I wasn't sure pets were allowed." Kyra admitted, earning a laugh from the girl. 

"Like I said, they're allowed as long as they don't cause trouble. As for student housing, I have to go get something myself. I'm Opal by the way, Opal Airborne you've already met Aquila. I can show you the way if you want." The girl replied, introducing herself and holding out a hand. Kyra shook it, grinning at her new friend. She was clearly an older student. Probably at least a Sophmore. 

"Kyra Marchesi. My family owns a flower shop in Crab Port. The little furball is Tanto, a Cat Griffin." Kyra replied, grining as the older girl stood up, red hair flowing in a waterfall braid down her back in beach waves. Her eyes were a cobalt blue, like the ocean at night. She knew about the Waterbornes, diplomats like her father. 

"I've got cousins in Crab Port, my little cousin Laura has a mini griffin. She dotes on the little thing." Opal replied, leading Kyra down the bridge. That earned a smile from Kyra. 

"Fair warning, pets aren't allowed in class, but you can leave them in the dorms during the day. If you need to find the Water sign dorms, follow the waterfalls. The biggest one is nearest the dorm building itself, see?" Opal instructed, pointing to a giant waterfall cascading down a manmade cliff, holographic signs dancing over it that represented the water houses: Cancer, Picses, and Scorpio. "Each House is represented in their quadrant of the school. The Earth signs have the caverns and dunes of the desert training area, we have the aquatic zones like the waterfalls and rivers, the fire signs have a volcano in their region that provides fresh lava for them to practice with. and the air signs stay near the higher parts of the school for the best wind effect." She explained to the younger student, seeing that she was paying attention, unlike most newbies. That was good, that would get this girl far here. She pulled a little water from the falls, twisting it into a mini griffin before letting it disperse. 

"So each house lives in a different dorm in a different part of the school: Wind has the higher altitudes, fire has the volcanic area, we have the waterfalls, and the Earth signs have the caves and desert in the school." Kyra parroted back, earning a nod from Opal as they approached a holographic door into the dorm. 

"Exactly, I'm a student advisor, so if you need anything, come find me. Each dorm has at least three. You can identify us by patches we wear. They have our house, but they also have our element on them. Regular students only wear patches with their house on it or some other way to represent their house." Opal confirmed, pointing to a silver patch with a shimmering hologram of the Aquarius sign and pouring water on it and the air sign behind it. Kyra was in awe of it. 

"Are those hologram patches!? I've never seen one in person before!" Kyra asked earning a laugh in response. 

"One of the tech nerds made them years ago. You're a technopath so you'll end up in one of those classes most likely. But yeah, we use the hologram patches to identify which house we belong to." Opal confirmed, leading Kyra into the dorms. There was a room they stopped at, little Aquila twittering happily at Tanto, the dragon and griffin playing in the air while the humans talked.

"Here we are, room 15A. This is yours. Just place your hand on the scanner and it'll read your DNA. That's how you get in. It's keyed to your DNA code, that way you never have to worry about losing the key!" Opal told Kyra, showing her the Cancer emblazoned door as Kyra put her hand on it. There was a slight pinch as it read her DNA, but the door slid open with a slight whoosh of presurized air and swung in, revealing a lounge area that overlooked a beach. 

"THIS is mine?!" Kyra asked, dashing inside with her griffin in tow. Opal laughed, watching Aquila settle her scaly self on a couch with a little yawn. 

"They try to keep it as close to home as possible. Your parents told the school that you had a room with a beachside view, so they wanted to provide that. Wait until you see the bedroom itself." Opal replied, leading Kyra over to a door and opening it to reveal stairs leading down. 

"Why down?" Kyra asked, glancing at her new friend, Tanto sitting on her head. 

"You'll see, come on, you'll love this." Opal replied, leading her downstairs. The emerged into what appeared to be a room in an air bubble in some sort of aquarium. A whale shark was swiming by overhead as Kyra gaped. 

"OH MY HIGH TIDES! THIS IS AMAZING!" Kyra squealed as she dashed to the window wall to see the corals outside. 

"Your parents put in that you liked plants as much as you did fish. So this is what they came up with." Opal explained as Kyra fangirled over the room. "If you need anything, I'm just up in the air dorms. Your dorm advisor will be here soon, but you can come find me if you need anything. Just look for Aquila and I'll be nearby. I personally enjoy reading by the falls, it's so relaxing compared to the howling winds we sometimes get in my part of the school." She confirmed, smiling at the girl beside her. As a student advisor, Opal had to work with students from all the houses, so she didn't mind working with the Water signs. 

"Thank you so much! I'll be sure to come find you if I have any questions." Kyra confirmed, Tanto happily chasing after some of the fish outside. Opal smiled, heading for the door. 

"I'll let you get settled in. Dinner's not for a few hours so feel free to explore the school in that time." The older girl replied as she left with a wave over her shoulder with Aquila zipping after her. 

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The next day when Doug and his father arrived at their destination. His father imediated reaction upon walking toward the large gate on the bridge was clicking his touge and said something like "Tsk, rich people" 

(Doug know that's it's not about the wealth as they're quite wealthy themselves. It's more of the big fancy aesthetic that got under his father's skin)

He probably been thinking about it for a while now too giving that they've seen the school miles away before they even reached the bridge. As for Doug, the boy was in awe the whole time. It is his first time out of Arien after all. Arien is all dark and rusty and metalic. sending product via resource to the others and doesn't really focus much on the grand building. This school look completely different from anything he has seen or pictured.

 "Don't act like this in front of others it will show your weakness" His father snapped when Doug has his jaw hang open for far to long and stray and staring at things too far. Doug quickly jogging back to be by his father side but didn't bother to hide his giddiness. Now he shifted his attention from the building to the people around him, wonder which one he'd call friends in the near futute.


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Bixby Kay

Bixby ran out of the bakery but it still seemed her dad wanted her attention so he tried to catch up to Bixby which he eventually did "I want you to open that box up Bixby"


Bixby cocked her head "why? Aren't we not supposed to open delivery's"


"well no but just open it up" he insisted


Bixby opened it up and inside was a piece of paper that said time for school her father then snatched the note from her hand and said "well, let's go"

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Maikela Nix | Pisces

This marked the second time Maikela had awoken in an unfamiliar place. 

Although admittedly this place was much nicer than the last.

Soft blankets engulfed her, cradling her in a warm embrace as she shifted slightly in bed. As her eyes fluttered open, revealing sunlight streaming through the windows, Maikela assumed herself to be back in her room. Although that comforting delusion was completely shattered within a few seconds of realisation.

This room was not her own.

And neither was this bed...

If so, where was she?

Maikela struggled to prop herself up into a sitting position. Her head felt heavy upon her shoulders, her mind was foggy and her limbs sluggish. A fuzzy feeling encompassed her body, not dissimilar to the tingling sensation that arises when a limb falls asleep. 

Her brain worked through the sludge, feeling as though she were in a dream. Remarkably calm for someone who had just awoken in this unfamiliar environment. 

     A giggle spilt from her lips as she fell back, jostling the bed slightly with the weight. "Whoaaaa. Everything is all sparkly." She crooned, swatting contently at the empty air above her. 

     "You're up."

The second voice caused the girl to look over, having not noticed the presence before. 


Valkyrie sat by the door, clipboard and pen in hand, her legs crossed neatly over each other. "Maikela Nix, correct?'

     Maikela giggled ."You..." she hiccuped, "you say my name funny."

     "Riiiight." Valkyrie cleared her throat. "Do you feel any odd sensations? Dumbness? Dizziness? Delusions?" 

      "Oooh. All those words start with the same letter!" Maikela slurred with wide eyes. "Deeeee!" 

Valkyrie arched an eyebrow then sighted, scribbling down in her notes. "Patient seems to be experiencing a lapse in cognitive function." 

     "Oh that's-" another hiccup, "...fancy." maikela snorted. "I'm in a fancy place."

      "You are in the prestigious school of Nysa, geared towards people like you who possess two powers," Valkyrie explained to her calmly. "Unfortunately we had to sedate you to transport you here. The drug is crafted to stimulate your dopamine receptors nd make your complacent."


 "Stim-u-latte." Maikela echoed. "Oh. I could go for a latte right now. Do you have any decaf?"

    Valkyrie rolled her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose in exasperation. "Do you have any memory of the events that occurred last night?"

Maikela made a face, her expressing twisting into one of concentration.

     "I am going to take that as a no." Valkyrie returned her attention to the notepad.

Maikela's expression soured slightly, no longer jovial. "I... I remember death."

     "Beg pardon?" Valkyrie asked.

     "De-a-th." Maikela clapped with each syllable. 

      Valkyrie rolled her eyes. "Yes, I got that. What about it?"

    "Their bodies felt so funny in my mouth." Maikela murmured in a trance-like tone. She paled slightly, looking slightly green around the gills.

     "Oh no." Valkyrie sighed and retrieved a trash bucket from her side.

Maikela fell over, her chest heaving and retching. 

Valkyrie rushed to her side, pulling her hair back and sticking the bucket under her mouth. 

Maikela promptly spilt the contents of her stomach out, her body jerking with each heave. 

      "Yeah. That's it. There we go." Valkyrie sighed, awkwardly patting Maikela's back.

Maikela came up for breath, no longer having anything left to deposit. 

      “That’s good.” Valkryie murmured, writing something else down. 

“Whooo! That was a doozy!” Maikela declared.

“That’s normal for shifters.  Your human body cannot process the things you ate as a panther... and your natural instincts of repulsion to it means that you are fully in control of your human mind.” Valkryie stated in a grave tone.

Maikela appraised the older woman for a moment then just said “oh.” 

“You will be boarding with us for the duration of your schooling years. Your father dropped off some of your personal belongings.” Valkyrie gestured to the pink suitcase in the corner of the room. “Do not worry. You are safe here.”

“Wow. Does drugging people really make them feel "safe"?" Maikela slurred. 

"Your case was... difficult. But it had to be done..." Valkyrie sighed. “Now I recommend that you remain in your room and sleep off the effects of the drug.” She rolled to her feet and exited the room, closing her door in the process.

“Whaat? I’m fiiiiine.” Maikela mumbled to herself, throwing off her covers. She staggered towards her suitcase, fumbling for a few minutes with the zip before opening the lid. She gasped at all of the goodies inside. Multiple days worth of outfits, some tech from her home and- she gasped.

Her parasol!

“Come to mommy!” Maikela squealed and lifted the umbrella into her arms, giving it a tight hug. “I thought I lost chuu!”

As Maikela rooted around her suitcase, she came across a gift box near the bottom. Blinking the girl opened it up revealing two pristine creme and pink fans along with a note from her father. Maikela practically screamed when she picked up the fans, removing them from their velvet tomb. 

The edges of the fans were made of serrated blades, painstakingly painted to appear just like a normal fan. But given their weight, they were made from the same material as her parasol. 

Casting her gaze over the note, she read what her father had written and for a moment, a shadow of doubt clouded her eyes. But that was quickly replaced by a mirthful beaming grin. She cast the letter aside and quickly got changed into her usual jacket and corset. 


Maikela then pried open her door, hiking her parasol over her shoulder and clipping her fans at her hip then strolled outside. 

She probably made quite the first impression as she staggered down the hall, practically shouting at hello at every student who passed her by with an accompanying wave. 


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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

Kalden was paying too much attention to the general scenery to notice at first. But as he and Riya were walking towards the buildings, he heard the beating of a ginormous pair of wings, followed by some seemingly excited yelling. Looking up, the Virgo saw a flying horse, or rather a pegasus, nearing the ground.

A small crowd had gathered, having perhaps witnessed the situation before Kalden and Riya had while walking closer. Some people seemed to have been excited by the pegasus, while others were beginning to look at something else in the sky. Kalden shifted his eyes. It looked like a giant flying ship, not unordinary, but it was toting a giant cage underneath. Inside the cage seemed to be a... giant sleeping cat.

Odd, Kalden thought internally.

"Get used to it," Riya sighed, as if reading his mind. She touched her hair, a habit he'd noticed she often did, as if it had somehow loosened from its neat updo in the last few moments just from viewing the scenarios. "Things here are wild sometimes. All, all of the time, actually."

With the flying ship finally disappearing from his view, Kalden focused instead on the more immediate people around him. There was a small crowd, mostly individuals or students in pairs, but he also noticed a younger teen with who appeared to be with his father. The two had highly differing attitudes on their faces.

Kalden also noticed a thud when the pegasus landed on the ground, its rider gazing out at the surrounding people. Students were still murmuring over the string of airborne events that had taken place within the last few moments.

"Chop, chop!" Riya clapped her hands several times. The talking volume lowered at a quick pace. Clearly, she was a known woman of superiority at the school. "Let's be on our way, and not clogging up the walkways."

At her call, some students began to disperse, perhaps heading to classes, still talking among themselves. Others stayed in the area but spread out to sit on nearby benches or resume activities that had been halted.

Riya briefly considered the young man with the pegasus, as well as the one with his father. She didn't seem to recognize them any more than Kalden.

"Ah, you two must also be here for the same reason," She said to the small group, glancing at Kalden. "Perhaps you should introduce yourselves, I imagine you will have to soon enough anyway. The school is probably going to want you altogether a lot since there's so few of you with opposing powers."

"Kalden Sternok." Kalden decided to take the initiative with the introductions, to get them over with. He politely tipped his head to each, with his hand over his chest. Virgo's were generally less touchy than some other signs, and defaulted to their own greeting form unless first addressed with a handshake or similar.

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Doug's father ignored Kalden,

Doug's father ignored Kalden, instead speaking to Riya "Are you run things around here?" Kenneth Millar is a well-build mandwith magnificent mustahce beard and mullet. He wears in official Arien councilman outfit of his rank and his rank only that came in the dark shade of green. Doug looked at Kalden with interest but then sneak a look at his father knowing that he probably get yell at if he spoke up and introduced himself when the more important conversation is going on.

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Tirali Swift
Tirali looked around as the school faded into view. She was in a pristine hallway with doors on both sides. The messenger from the night before, Valor, had teleported herself and Tirali directly into the school after they met up on a street not far from Tirali's home.
 "Welcome to your new home," Valor said with a smile, handing Tirali a keycard. "Your room is right here. The keycard will work the first time, then you can use it or just put your hand on the scanner. Feel free to unpack and hang out in here, or go find another student and explore the school."
 She disappeared, and Tirali held the keycard next to the scanner. The door dinged, then slid open. Tirali stepped inside and gasped. Her room was huge, almost the size of a whole floor at her house. The wall at the far end of the room was curved and made of tinted glass. She guessed it was designed to let her see out without letting others see in. The other walls were a smooth white stone, although one was almost covered in bookshelves.The ceiling was high and had a screen overlaid on it, currently showing a blue sky. It probably mimicked whatever the sky outside looked like. To the left of the door, there was a desk with some books and writing equipment on it, and to the right was a green and blue bed. By the glass window were some comfy looking chairs and a round glass-topped table. In the middle was a round counter and around the room were a few chairs with lamps next to them. She spent a few minutes studying her new room, then decided it was time to unpack. She set her backpack down on the desk and opened it, only to have a silvery streak zip out. "Gaah!" She exclaimed, watching the streak zoom around the room. It finally landed on the desk with a screech. Tirali carefully moved towards it. It was a silver and blue nanodragon, about six inches from head to tail, long and skinny with feathery tail and wings. Suddenly she remembered something that has happened earlier, before she was teleported to the school. She had stood in front of a pet shop until the owner came out, claiming one of his nanodragons had escaped and demanding she help look for it. Valor had shown up right then and taken her to the school. This must be the missing nanodragon, she thought. How did it get in my backpack? The little guy must have snuck in. It sneezed, sending sparks skidding across the desk and lighting a few papers on fire. Tirali quickly squashed the fire, then turned to face the tiny dragon. She held her hand out and, surprisingly, the little guy hopped right in, then started climbing her arm.
 "Where are you going? There's- ow! What're you doing? Stop! Ouch!"
 The little dragon had used its tiny pinprick claws to clamber up to her wrist, which it now curled around. It wrapped its tail around her wrist, then looped its head around the tail and covered its face with its feathery tail.
 "Well, now what. I have a dragon attached to me now and I haven't even finished unpacking."
 The dragon started rumbling, its cool scales pressing against her wrist. There was a ding. The door slid open and Valor slipped into the room.
 "Just thought I'd check in, see if you needed anything. Who's this?" she asked, pointing at the silvery dragon.
Tirali thought for a moment. She wasn't entirely sure she should keep the nanodragon. It wasn't really hers after all... The rumbling intensified and she made up her mind. "This is... Silverscale," she said, saying the first name that came to her.
 Valor nodded and smiled. "The little guy sure likes you. So is there anything-" she broke off as there were loud noises outside the window. She walked quickly over, Tirali following after a moment. A pegasus had landed in the courtyard outside and everyone was gathering around. A woman near the middle of the commotion shouted something, then the crowd slowly began to disperse.
 "That was probably one of our newest students," Valor told her. "Anyway, if there's anything you need, just ask. For now, you can stay here if you want, or I could show you around the school, or you could explore on your own. Or find a new friend. You'll have the day to get adjusted to being here."
 "I think I'll go down and explore a bit," Tirali replied. " I haven't even been outside yet."
Valor strode back to the door. "Aye, there's much to do here, many places to explore. You can go anywhere as long as it doesn't say not to, or someone tells you not to. Other than that... I don't think there's anything else. Again, if you have any questions to can ask me or any of the other teachers at any time."
 Tirali followed Valor to a spiral staircase at the end of the hall, then started wandering over to where the pegasus had landed. She looked up at the school for the first time and gasped. It was even more magnificent than she'd imagined, with towers and walkways and a whole bunch of cool structures all kind of jumbled together in a random design. Some students were still hanging around, the one who'd ridden in on the pegasus and someone who looked like his dad, plus the woman who'd dispersed the crowd and the teen who'd been with her. The dad was talking to the woman. Tirali edged a little closer to hear what they were saying, it sounded important.
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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra of course was out exploring with her griffin. Tanto was twittering happily, zipping around and investigating, diving in and out of some of the water fountains, playing with the other critters people brought with them, ranging from house cats to mini dragons and other mini griffins. She now had her own holopatch, with her Cancer sign on it and a water hologram behind it. She wore it proudly on the collar of her shirt. 

"Tanto come check this out! There are water lilies in this pond!" She called, the griffin zipping over. She leaned over, a plant floating closer to her. 

"Hello! Are you a new student?" the plant asked and Kyra smield. 

"I am actually, I just came over to admire your fountain." She aditted, glancing around to make sure nobody was watching. She wasn't sure if she should reveal that she could talk to plants yet, or let it be known right out of the gate. 

"Well, it's good to know there are still students who admire plants outside the Earth houses. You can call me Nymphae if you like. After our scientific name." The plant told Kyra, earning a smile from the girl. 

"It's nice to meet you Miss Nymphae, I'm Kyra Marchesi, this is my mini griffin Tanto. We're starting classes tomorrow." Kyra admitted, sitting on the edge of the fountain to look down at the plant. 

"Well, if you ever need a quiet place to study, I recommend coming here around mid afternoon. That's when we're on full display. We are a tropical variety someone from the City of Pearls brought awhile ago. We've been here ever since." Nymphae told the girl, pleased that she was a plant speaker. Even if she was a Cancer, it didn't bother the plants. It was always nice to have the humans stop by to say hello. 

"Thanks for the advice. I'll be sure to keep your invitation in mind Miss Nymphae. Also, can you tell me how to get over to the Earth section of the school? I'd like to explore over there a bit." She asked the plant who raised a petal on her bulb to point the way.

"Just head down the eastern bridge. It'll lead you right to the main caverns. Just ask the glow moss for directions if you get lost down there. It does happen from time to time even with the signs." Nymphae told the student, glad that she was able to be of service. 

"Thank you! I'll be sure to do that. I'll be back tomorrow to see you guys in full bloom. It was nice meeting you Miss Nymphae!" Kyra told the lily as she stood up, Tanto settling on her head for the walk. 

"I look forward to seeing you! Thank you for stopping by to say hello!" Nymphae replied, watching the girl go. Kyra smiled, watching her head off towards the caverns. She followed the bridge like the lily told her to do. She was near a small crowd of people when she noticed the pegasus. She couldn't help having a fangirl moment when she recognized the rider from the sport networks. 

"OH MY TIDES!" She squealed, running over in the direction of the pegasus, Tanto on her heels. "THAT'S LIBERTY! ONE OF THE BEST POLO FLIERS EVER! So that means you must be Luca Morrison! Her rider! I saw your last game on the crystal screen! You were amazing! Is it ok if I give your pegasus a treat? I have some carrots in my bag I can give her." She asked the boy, her eyes practically shining with delight as Tanto settled on her shoulder, sniffing at the pegasus out of curiosity      

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Luca Morrison

Luca sucked in his lips as the lady caused the crowd to dissipate, the teen beside her introducing himself to another pair of people who walked up. Holding his hand out and waiting for a response but seemed to be ignored as the well dressed man spoke to the lady. The teen, who looked awfully similar to the tall male, also seemed to refrain from the other boy. Luca's eyebrows curved his eyes into slight pity, slightly urging himself to jump off the black Pegasus and go shake the extended hand of Kalden's. But before he had the chance to do so Liberty let out a spooked rumble and jerked forward a step or two, lifting her front legs up ever so slightly in response the squealing girl racing up to them. Luca quickly let out  steady words as he turned her around so Liberty simply did a circle, now facing the praising female with a little griffin at her side.


"Uhm.... I mean.. I haven't been with the Polo Fliers in about a year now... but okay..." Luca mumbled as his Pegasus calmed down. Her main focus on the feathery and furry creature sniffing her now. 


"- is it okay if I give her a treat? I have some carrots in my bag I could give her" she beamed, which sort of raised an eyebrow on Luca's face, a small curve pulling at the ends of his lips, but quickly flattened it as he gestured for her to do so.


"by all means... Go ahead" he chirped, leaning to rest his arms on her neck.


"So you're a fan of the Cimarron races?" He cooed, tilting his head to the unknown girl. 


((Sorry this post isn't that long, made this on a iPod.. which was a struggle in itself XD...))

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

The gruff man with the younger teen flat-out ignored Kalden's greeting, focusing in Riya instead. Kalden didn't feel very offended, he lived around rough Virgos all his life, but he was always taught by his father to be the one to show professionalism first. Kalden looked over the man's clothing, noticing the official Arien details adorning it. That would explain his demanding question to Riya, he looked important.

While the older man's lack of reaction didn't bother Kalden, what did was that the younger Aries boy seemed to be restraining himself from answering, perhaps because of his intimidating father.

"Not exactly," Riya responded to the father, but she did pull her cloak aside to show her own official insignia. It featured a symmetrical cross, with an elemental mark for Earth, Air, Fire, and Water separated into each corner. Kalden assumed it represented the school, as he had seen larger versions of it towards the entrances and marking other areas in decoration.

"But I do work here, sir. I can possibly answer the questions you have, and if not, I can always take you to the headmaster." The Pisces offered.

At this point, two girls had walked up, one excitedly approaching the pegasus and its rider in recognition, while the other one simply listened in. Perhaps they were also new students.

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Kyra Marchesi

"Yeah, been a fan ever since I had my first pegasus riding lesson when I was 5. My parents and I watch all the time! Liberty here is one of my favorites out of the bat pegasus breeds. She really is a beautiful animal." Kyra replied, letting the dragon horse (also known as a bat pegasus) to sniff her hand before offering it the carrot. They ate similar diets to both dragons and horses. She didn't have any meat on her, but carrots were better than nothing. 

"My name's Kyra Marchesi, by the way. The little griffin is my friend Tanto." She added, remembering to introduce hersef.

"You're Luca Morrison of the Archers right? Whenever we do fantasy teams, we always pick someone from the Archers. You were our pick this year." She admitted, glad to meet such a celebrity and his mount. 

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Tirali Swift

Tirali half-listened to the conversation between the dad and the woman as she tried to figure out where she had seen the teen riding the pegasus before. Suddenly an excited girl ran up to him and started talking at the speed of light.

"OH MY TIDES! THAT'S LIBERTY! ONE OF THE BEST POLO FLIERS EVER! So that means you must be Luca Morrison! Her rider! I saw your last game on the crystal screen! You were amazing! Is it ok if I give your pegasus a treat? I have some carrots in my bag I can give her." 

So that's where I'd seen him! Tirali remembered a little while ago, she had watched the most recent race he'd been in. Silverscale chirped quietly from her wrist. She stroked his head gently, then stepped forward. "Luca Morrison? And Liberty? I didn't know you went to this school." She realized she hadn't even introduced herself and quickly added, "My name's Tirali Swift. I'm new here." Silverscale delicately uncurled himself from her wrist and zipped up to her shoulder, where he watched the girl who was feeding the bat pegasus, head tilted curiously.

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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra looked over, seeing the new girl approaching them with a little dragon on her shoulder. Kyra couldn't identify what type it was right away, but it certainly caught Tanto's attention. The little dagger of a griffin zipped over, sniffing at the scaly thing. 

"That's Tanto, my mini griffin. I'm Kyra Marchesi by the way. I'm a Cimarron Races. Especially the Archers team." Kyra admitted, rubbing Liberty's nose once the bat pegasus accepted the treat from her. She was glad the dragon horse was so friendly. She looked over at Tirali. 

"What kind of dragon is that by the way? I don't think I've ever seen that breed before." She asked, eyeing the sparkly looking dragon. The scales had a sort of metallic sheen to them she'd never seen on magical reptiles like dragons or even drakes from the Crab Port area. Not unless they were imported from the Earth or Air regions. Water species just didn't have that same sparkle to them. 

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"Hmph!" Doug wasn't sure if

"Hmph!" Doug wasn't sure if that's the reaction his father show once he learn Riya is inferior or upon seeing the sigil 

Doug himself though was more distracted when a boy with a pegasus shows up. He failed to restaint himself unlike with Kalden. While his father talked something about the registration, if there are class divided by skill or how much can parents involve, especially the one of his rank, Doug blurted out " Pops! Pops! That boy is riding a pegasus is from polo flier! can I go see please? can I go see?" The boy seemed to be surrounded by excited fans already

Interrupted, His father narrowed his eyes, as Doug suspected earlier that he would get in trouble for interrupting. He however, seemed to check Luca over and do the next worse thing; talking despite the fact that Riya and Kalden were still there.

"You see him? Doug, Pretty boy surrounded by fame and admirer? That's going to be you. You are here to crush him and take all his regognition, so yes getting close to him now and when it's time, show him who's the boss"

Doug seemes sligtly taken aback by that but grinned nonetheless, no matter if he takes his father words by heart or not, he still go and once he leaves the 10 matre radius of his father, his demenor changes gradually; a happy and excited boy run up to the potential friends

"Yo! I'm Doug, Your horsey, lizardy and lil' bir hideare really cool! I never have a pet before! Let's be friends!"

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Tirali Swift

"I... Um..." Tirali stammered. Why am I so bad at talking to people? "I'm not sure what kind of dragon he is, he kind of just... found me, I guess." Just then another student came running up. "Yo! I'm Doug. Your horsey, lizardy and lil' birdy are really cool! I never had a pet before! Let's be friends!"

 Silverscale squeaked and hid behind her hair. For some reason, Tirali felt kind of annoyed. Maybe it was him calling Silverscale a lizard, or maybe he was just really loud. She tried her best to be nice though. "Hi Doug, it's nice to meet you," she said politely. "My name's Tirali." She was almost whispering and wondered if he'd heard her.

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

Kalden listened to the ongoing conversation for a while, but he didn't know much about sports, let alone participated due to his kinetic absorption issues. Most of his limited, at best, knowledge was due to overhearing clips playing from radios or holo screens in the pubs and taverns he passed by in The Slums.

Kalden looked over at Riya, but she was still speaking with the Aries. He didn't want to interrupt her, but he walked around and waved at her to show that he was leaving.

The woman had told him some of how the place worked and had given him the one-time pass to get through the holographic gates until he was implemented for good. He was able to pass through the huge gates without an issue. The Virgo had seen the Earth area on the way to the Academy, but right now he was curious if he could just find some stationary and a quiet place to attempt to at least start a letter to his father, describing the events of the last several days.

Kalden entered one of the main building entrances, walking down the huge hallways. There was general chatter as students went about their day, faculty-looking members breaking the pattern every so often. He explored the different doors, reading their plaques to see if there was a library or such amidst the classroom and auditorium doorways.

Suddenly, however, Kalden heard a voice echoing much louder than the others he had heard thus far. He turned his head to see a girl walking lopsidedly down the hall in his direction. The girl had multicolored hair, with clothing picked to match it. She seemed to be shouting a greeting to everyone she passed. Some looked startled as they stared, others greeted her back, but no less puzzled.

He tried walking closer to one wall in order to avoid confrontation, but her staggering didn't seem right. The more he observed, the more uncomfortable he felt, afraid she wasn't well. Was she intoxicated?

"Pardon, are you okay?" Kalden questioned, making up his mind to at least ask of her health rather than altogether avoid her.

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Bixby and her father then headed to the school while her mother stayed back at the bakery "are ya ready?!" Her father asked enthusiastically


Bixby bit her nails "errmm I dunno"


Her father gawked at her "you dunno?! What kind of answer is that Bixby?!" He questioned


Bixby bit her nails harder "I answered didn't I?"


her father grumbled "no ones going to want hang out with you with that kind of attitude"


she shrugged her shoulders "so?"


Her father sighed "fine, fine, he that way but remember Bix I warned you"


Bixby just shrugged her shoulders again "urrmm, alright"

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Doug was clearly oblivious to

Doug was clearly oblivious to Tirali's discomfort. He blinked and got closer to hear better"Hmm? What's that ? Tirali? Is it Tirali, right? Well Nice to meet you!" He practically took her hand in to his own to gave them a shake "On a second thought, I think I do have goats back in my farm, do they count? They are not as cool as yours though!"

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Tirali Swift

Tirali winced at his handshake. "Yes, my name's Tirali. Do you go to school here?" She instantly wished she hadn't said anything. Of course he went to school here, why else would he be here? She quickly tried to change the subject. "Um. I think goats are nice."  Aaa! What am I even saying? I should just stay quiet. Silverscale crept slowly out, realizing there was no danger. He sat on her shoulder, head tilted, studying Doug carefully for a moment before growing bored and flying over to Liberty. 

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Luca Morrison

Luca listened to girl talk before another came up and spoke, giving him little time to answer either of them. Only managing to give quick nods in response, which in a sense he was fine with, as he wasn't too big on attention to begin with.


He glanced at the four he spotted eariler, the tall adult male giving Luca an odd expression as he pointed over here and spoke into his son's ear. An eyebrow rose on Luca's face as said son came quickly over and introduced himself as Doug, giving another quick glance at the group he left. Eventually he noticed the other teen had escaped the group of adults and had walked inside the school.


He sighed and looked to the teen named Doug conversing with the other girl, her dragon seeming to be bored and had glided over to his dragasus. Earning a smile from Luca as Liberty gently bobbed her head to the little creature. Luca's ears eventually caught up to the conversation next to him, Tirali seeming to struggle with her sentences and Doug seeming all too excited. A small chuckle barely escaped him as he looked over.


"So.. Where are you guys from?" He mused, swinging a leg over his horse and dropping off his dragasus, leaning against her side with crossed arms and gave a gentle smile to the three.

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Kyra Marchesi

"I'm from Crab Port, the capital of the Cancer House Territory. My Mom's a Virgo who runs a flower shop there. My Dad's a diplomat from Cancer. She moved her shop there when they married. I take after my Dad. Mom's a Chlorokinetic, Dad's a technopath. I got both abilities. I find it helps to be able to talk to the plants you're working with. They really seem to like it. That, and they help me figure out what colors work for a boquet." Kyra replied when Luca asked where she was from. 

"I grew up in Crab Port, but I've got cousins in the Virgin City, Shellfish Bay, and Scorpion Harbor." She commented, thinking of her extended family. She'd visited all three cities, though Scorpion Harbor wasn't as nice as Crab Port in her opinion 

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Scorpio Σ Sauren Kavvyndesh

11 years ago...

"Does she know yet?"

"No, but I can tell she's getting closer."

"How close?"

"We're... not sure, m'lord. She's effectively evaded our maneuvers."

"Try harder. If she knows, and if she's not silenced beforehand, she'll jeopardize the entire mission right now."

"Yes, sir. I'll find her as soon as I can--"

"Find her now, Doje."

"Yes, Lord Rezjei." 

The slender man bowed his head in respect and scurried off, leaving Lord Rezjei to ponder his daughter's fate, and unaware of the pair of onyx eyes that watched from the shadows in the dome of the rotunda. 


Last year...

"Excuse me, miss." Someone coughed awkwardly as she walked into the lobby. 

Sauren paused and looked the man over, eyeing him warily. He wore the uniform of school security, and most likely was disturbed by the sight of her massive weapon. 


The guard coughed into his hand, looking sheepish and not meeting her eyes as he spoke. "Weapons are not allowed here, Miss Kavvyndesh." He nodded to the massive shuriken sheathed and strapped to Sauren's back. 

"I am the daughter of Lord Rezjei Kavvyndesh, and I will be addressed as such," Sauren sniffed, tapping her wristguard. The shuriken dematerialized, reappearing as a nano-tech tattoo on her right wrist. 

"I apologize, Lady Kavvyndesh," the man said, with a slight bow. 

"Mmmm." Sauren continued on her path towards the dorm registry desk, her eyes flicking over the other people in the lobby. 

"Hello," the registrar chirped. "What's your name?"

"Sauren Kavvyndesh." The utterance of her surname turned a few heads and earned a couple wide eyed stares. She brushed those off, annoyed. 

"Ah! You're in a single suite on the first floor, per Lord Kavvyndesh's... er... request." The woman pulled up the student dorm schematics and pinpointed Sauren's single dorm room. "It's room 14A. I'll start you DNA coding. Your hand, please?" 

Sauren held out her hand as the woman took a DNA sample. 

"You're all set now, Lady Kavvyndesh," the registrar said, smiling and motioning down the hallway where 14A would be. 

"Hm. Thank you." One of the perks of living in the desert was that your neighbors were either dead from your poison or far, far away enough not to bother you much. But her father had strictly ordered her not to utilize her poisons unless clearly attacked or sabotaged. What a bummer, but she'd obey her father's stern command. 


Present day... 

Sauren emerged from her room, a prepatory scowl on her face as she made her way outside to catch a breath of fresh air. Why did the acadmy have to have such such stuffy hallways? At least her room had a few windows she could prop open when her head got clogged with polluted air. 

"Good day, Lady Kavvyndesh," the desk registrar remarked as Sauren strode by. She nodded to the stately woman and kept walking, headed for the skies again. School hadn't started yet, but she'd arrived early. She loved walking along the ceilings of the school buildings, especially the pinnacle where students gathered for orientation. 

She churred a short whistle, and soon Dashte landed with a thump from the stables. 

"Hello, dearie," Sauren cooed, stroking the manticore's golden, silky fur. Dashte purred, nuzzling Sauren's face with her own. Dashte preferred the lion's face over the human face often associated with manticore myths, mainly in deference to her own master, but because human faces were also so... vulnerable. 

"Let's catch a ride before things wind up," Sauren whispered in her ear, leaping on her back at the same time. 

Dashte let out a bellowing roar and launched into the skies, not bothering to find a launch pad.

Sauren found herserlf circling over the main entry counrtyard, watching as people mingled. She noticed a cluster of kids surrounding a dragsus and a boy, most likely the creature's rider. 

Try to socialize this time, her mother had urged her before Sauren had left for Nysa. With tha tin mind, Sauren had Dashte swoop down. She pulled up short, however, when Sauren spotted a perfect vantage point on one of the school building's walls. 

"There," Sauren told Dashte, jabbing a finger to the place on the wall. Dashte banked, and as she did so, Sauren anchored her center of gravity to the wall, letting Dashte canter to a halt on the wall. Minor taces of vertigo soon fled as Sauren settled herself, lying on her back, facing everyone from 20 meters up on the stone wall. She had positioned herself just under a balcony ledge, so the sun wouldn't scorch her shady spot. Dashte settled beside her, watching through hooded eyes as students gawked, whispered, and pointed. 

Sauren sighed contendedly, eyes roving across the flaggerbasted students. She didn't care if anyone approached her at this point. There'd be time enough to pointless chatter and pleasantries before class. 


[Sauren's nextdoor to the Cancer student, Kyra, btw]


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Tirali Swift

"I-i'm from Aquaria," Tirali stammered slightly, glad for the distraction from her confused sentences before realizing something. Kyra had already shared that she was from Crab Port, a Cancer House city. She had said she had two powers, plant manipulation and tech manipulation. But one of those powers was from Cancer, and the other was from Virgo. "Wait, you have powers from different signs? How is that possible?" Tirali asked, then remembered that she also had conflicting powers. I should really learn to think before I speak, she thought ruefully to herself. "I mean, it's not a bad thing, but I'm just wondering... I mean..." She trailed off. Silverscale chirped at her cheerfully and she flushed slightly. Easy for you to say, you don't have to talk to anyone. She sighed to herself, then told herself to listen before blurting anything else out.

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Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe

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"Arien boy here!" Doug

"Arien boy here!" Doug answered, raising his hand up. The griffin girl whom Doug missed her introduction earlier, answered hers and then some, causing Tirali to be in awe. Doug joined in "Cool! I can bend fire and move rock!"

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Maikela Nix | Pisces

"Pardon, are you okay?" A concerned toned drifted over from Maikela's right.

The heiress whirled around, her heterochromatic eyes widened gleefully at the sight of a mousy-haired boy around her age. 

"Me?" Maikela slurred slightly, leaning against a wall. "OoOoH! I'm hunky dory! Never bet-ter. "  She flashed him a lopsided grin. "They drugged me!" She proclaimed with a kind of exuberant effervescence that isn't expected of such a worrysome sounding declaration. Her voice dropped to a rather loud whispered as leaned forward, catching herself on the wall. "I think it's because I almost killed them." She rasped, then sputtered a few coughs into a closed fist.  

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Kalden Sternok | Virgo

Everything the girl had responded with was concerning, but especially the last two lines. Kalden didn't doubt that she was drugged in some sense. Whether the 'killed' part was also true, he didn't know. The young woman didn't seem especially strong, even despite her staggering state. She was so short in stature that it made Kalden's fairly average height appear towering in comparison. The only items she had with her were a lady's parasol and fans. However, he knew not to underestimate people's outer appearances too much, additionally fueled by the fact she that if she was in the establishment at all, it must mean she had two powers.

"Uh, right," Kalden said, his eyed widened. He was starting to regret having spoken up more as the moments ticked by, but knowing now more than ever he shouldn't leave the girl alone in her drunken state, whether she was the victim or instigator to her claims. "If what you say is true, perhaps you shouldn't be wandering around until the... drug, wears off." He lowered his own voice upon uttering the last part of his sentence. "What's your name, miss? Maybe there's someone I can take you to?"

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Kyra Marchesi

Kyra shrugged when Tirali asked how she could have both a Cancer and a Virgo power. She didn't know any more than the other girl did. She rubbed the dragasus's ear again, letting Tanto perch on her head as he often did when he wanted to be a goofball, striking up a conversation with the metallic looking dragon that came with Tirali. What had she called the dragon again? 

"Honestly, I don't know. I popped powers when I was like two years old. Mom says that age 5 was the latest powers ever showed up in her family if someone was to get them at all. I was manipulating tech toys like nobody's business. And then I started talking to plants when I was four. I got lost in a botanical garden and the flowers were kind enough to show me the way out. I told Mom and Dad about it and they were just as confused as I was. We own a flower shop in Crab Port so talking to plants comes in handy. Mom says my treespeak is more powerful than hers." Kyra explained, rubbing Tanto's head as he peered down at her. She glanced at the silvery dragon.

"What did you say your little friend's name was again? I think Tanto likes spending time with him." She asked, genuinely curious about the dragon. She felt like she'd seen a similar breed before - maybe at the zoo with a larger variety? Or had she seen it in a flight show before? It could be a basic Silver or Mercury dragon, or it could be some sort of crossbreed since it looked like both types. 

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Maikela Nix | Pisces

"Uh, right," The boy's russet eyes widened slightly. "If what you say is true, perhaps you shouldn't be wandering around until the... drug, wears off." 

Maikela made a face at his suggestion, that was exactly what thje mean lady had told her as well. 

"What's your name, miss? Maybe there's someone I can take you to?" The boy asked her in a soft tone.

If Maikela had been of the right mind, she would have given him an alias, or her nickname. It certainly would not help her if everyone knew that she was the daughter of a media empire that essentially controlled the nation's news intake. Many people would use her current state to their advantage, a lot could be gained from exploiting a news source that millions not only watched but trusted. Nearly every newspaper and tabloid was owned in some way by Nix News and her father had influence over the many proceedings of the upper class and underworld. Unfortunately, Maikela was not in the right state of mind. Instead she merely grinned at him and stuck out her hand. "My name is Maikela! Maikela Nix." 

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Tirali Swift

"His name is Silverscale," Tirali replied, then added, "I have a Cancer power, too, but it only surfaced recently. I've never met anyone else before who had two conflicting powers. Your parents knew about your powers then?" She couldn't help but be a bit surprised. I wish my parents had accepted my powers instead of sending me off as soon as they heard. Silverscale did seem to enjoy hanging out with the little griffin, Tanto, and was chirping happily, long tail waving gracefully as he bobbed up and down.