12/05/13 - School of Dragons Bug Fixes

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Hey all -


The following bug fixes were updated in the game. Check into the game today and If you are still experiencing any of these issues, please let us know. Thank you!


Bug Fixes:

  1. Saddle not working for Gronckle
  2. Nadder chugging when moving in pet play
  3. Fixes for snoggletog pole farm item not being able to be placed
  4. Fixed size of snowman in farm
  5. Bug with sheep being displayed outside of the pen
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Logged in this morning and the sheep were back in their pens, and could place the Snoggletog pole! Thank you! 


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hey there......help....SoD not opening.....AGAIN 


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What about that constant file

What about that constant file update bug? When is it going to be fix?
I'm waiting for that one... :(








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me to, when will they fix

me to, when will they fix this.