12 Things I am annoyed with dr who (some spoilers for season 9)

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Ok... so I am really annoyed at a list of things about twelve...

1. I FEEL that they haven't made a decent proper fun show since the day of the doctor

2. It's so SERIOUS now. It use to target kids but now mainly teens and adults, what about the kids?

3. Sonic glasses...really? What happened to the sonic?

4. Why, WHY did they have to make Clara hidenow instead of before or at the beginning of the twelfth?

5. What is up with 12's eyebrows?

6. Trying to play guitar and be cool than when he just kept saying cool in his 11th and was cool?

7. Why did they have to regenerate the 11th into the 12th the sort of same as 10th into 11th when 11th crashed?

8. Basically, 9th didn't crash yet, 10, 11th, and 12th all crashed. This is starting to get boring with the crashing.

9. Why did they have to place a regeneration limit?

10. Just because the first dr was old (probably of old age) doesn't mean that they should make the dr old again.

11. So now the dr is still the same age but has lived over 7 million years.

And the thing that MOST annoys me is:

12. Now the doctor is a clone and the  orignal doctor is dead. I have now lost respect for him...I miss 11!!!

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Oh and...

1. This is not a rant. More like something to get rid of all this burden and to lighten my load up.

2. Quite ironic that it's th 12th doctor and I have written 12 things.

Remember that this is NOT a rant.

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- bangs head against wall-

I feel like this would be a bad time to state that I like the recent plots, the guitar is cool and funny, Peter Capaldi is a great actor, the serious mood makes me like him more,his eyebrows help him express emotion, I am perfectly fine with an old doctor, and 12 is my favorite.


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The 12 were my opinion. We are all different and like different things pretty much. I just had a rough school day both in game and out.

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Ah yes, but don't take it out

Ah yes, but don't take it out on something that is irrelevant.
How about we both start talking about how under appreciated the boulder class is?

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1. This is fair. I miss the silly humour of old Who. Even 11 was silly sometimes.


2. I actually thought they had it about right with 11. The humour of the Russell T Davies era (9 and 10) could be a bit too juvenile sometimes. Remember the Slitheen? Ugh.


3. YES YES YES BRING BACK THE SCREWDRIVER. The glasses are rubbish.


4. Because Twelve is Clara's Doctor. Whatever Clara might have said, Eleven was the Ponds' doctor. Plus now is when Jenna Coleman wanted to leave, so it's now that she dies. :P


5. Peter Capaldi's eyebrows ARE what's up. XD


6. Mostly because Peter Capaldi can actually play guitar that well. Also because he kind of is younger. 11 insisting bow ties were cool was probably meant to be ironic, like your grandad trying to use street slang. 11 was not cool, he's a very old man with a young face. 12 is a doctor at the beginning of his regeneration cycles, not at the end of it: this makes him kind of younger than Eleven, who was the last one. It makes sense that he'd act "younger", if you look at it that way.


7. The Doctor has to live while those he loves die. Maybe it's easier for the Doctor to move on from painful loss by regenerating into an entirely new person. As for "crashing", the whole point of 9 was to get over the ultimate "crash" - wiping out the entire Time Lord race, IE his own people. Plus Christoper Eccleston quit after one series (which really annoyed my mum), so he didn't have time to get really angsty again.


8. Saying that, I guess it might be nice for the next Doctor to have a heroic end saving the day, like 9, rather than a dark angsty one. Once you start analysing it, actually there's a bit of repetition there too. 9 and 10 both died to save companions. 11 managed to age to death, and did it reasonably happily (well, while defending an entire world, but he was loved by all those people and not alone, which is a "better" death than 10, actually.)


9. Not sure exactly when this was established but it's been a rule that's been around a long time, since old Who, and they don't mess with old-Who canon excessively, because they loved old Who too much to do that. Seriously, if you watch old Who, it's amazing how much they've kept.


10. The Doctor gets younger each time he regenerates: I think this is also old-Who canon (although I'm not sure the old series stick to it 100%). So if you start off with an older Doctor, it's much easier to keep regenerating: otherwise he'll be about five by the time of his next 12th regeneration.


11. Yes, if you accept that he is the same Doctor: no, if he's only as old as his latest clone. See below.


12. There's actually a whole world of philosopy to explore with this one. Is a perfect clone with the exact same physiology (down to genetics) and memories not the same as the original? The Doctor seems to think so. I guess he's used to the idea of more than one version of himself, though, having met himself several times before. And I can respect someone who can keep to his plan and not break down on realising that the millions of skulls in that lake down there are all his own.


Basically: I agree on some stuff, disagree on other stuff, and like to over-think absolutely everything. :D


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I agree with almost all of

I agree with almost all of this ^-^

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I kind of feel like mentioning that there's a few rumors going around that the Clara that died was actually a zigon (zygon?) and that she's not actually dead.

Also, I want the screwdriver back. The glasses are too fragile anyway! I doubt a viking could've smashed the screwdriver to pieces..


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Steven Moffat has confirmed

Steven Moffat has confirmed that the sonic screwdriver will return.
How I imagine it will return:
Doctor: -Takes out new redesigned sonic-
Clara/whoever: I thought you said you were all about "Portable technology"!
Doctor: yeah, got bored of the glasses, sorry!

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*a wild opinion appears*

I'm fairly neutral in regards to Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. There is one thing about the series that has sadly been neglected and seemingly forgotten, though, that I would like to see brought back at some point...


...the main kids from The Sarah Jane Adventures (aka Luke, Maria, Clyde and Rani).


Of course, Sarah Jane herself can no longer appear as the actress portraying her tragically passed away, but I would personally love to see the kids from her Doctor Who spin-off series, Sarah Jane Adventures, return in some form some day. Heck, I was surprised none of them have reappeared yet. The Doctor has appeared in a few episodes of Sarah Jane Adventures (specifically, the 10th appeared in an effort to stop Sarah Jane getting married - it's a long story - and the 11th appeared in an episode in which a group of aliens had convinced UNIT that the Doctor had passed away, with intent to lay claim to his TARDIS). And, heck, one of the Sarah Jane Adventures kids, Luke, appeared in Doctor Who, alongside K-9.


You could bring back K-9 at the same time, so it's all a win! Even if it's just for one episode, I hope that Luke, Clyde, Maria and Rani can reappear someday.


Also... Remember that episode I mentioned in which some aliens convince UNIT and Sarah Jane and co. that the Doctor is dead? Well, here's a fun fact for you... You can see the suit used for this alien race, the Shansheeth, in the background in an episode in the 11th Doctor's era, aka the one entitled 'The Nightmare in Silver' where the Cybermen reappeared with their new design!