11/28/2020 Party SS (SoD MV)

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Hello! ^^ So.. (idk where to start :E) I'm planning to make a SoD Music Video, and the other day I threw a gathering party in-game for the videoshoot.


I planned this event and video project as an idea to lift a positive spirit for everyone, since this has been a whole quite the rough year in SoD for everyone if I do say so myself :E   ..to I guess.. be as a reminder that although this game may be far from perfect, there are still friends and good fellow dragon riders as something that's still worth celebrating and holding on to, and for that, we can still have fun and create fun, positive things together... sorry if that sounds kinda cringe XD

But anyway.. I'd like to say thank you so much to everyone who came and help make the gathering and videoshoot possible!  ^_^   


The best part that came out of it to me was getting to meet some good old friends again, players from different backgrounds (particularly clans) coming together to celebrate, and getting to turn Thunder Run Racing lobbies into "clan tournament" mode again XD  


So, other than to share the pictures taken from the gathering for the attendances that haven't gotten them yet, I thought I'd also share them here as like a teaser of what people can expect to see from the music video:

(The video won't be done anytime soon though, as I'm not gonna start editing the footages I took until I've finished my final exams, starting next week) 






















E X P L O D A N T O R -





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(cr: Sigyn Strykana SilverWillowWing)


(photo edit of the event by ElectroShadow / LieutenantWiFi)


- Ninjago -



(cr: to the talented creators on Pinterest for these inspirational & wholesome edits <3)

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..forgot to mention, there's

..forgot to mention, there's also gonna be a racing video of when we did the "TRR Raid" part of the gathering :D

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Although silent I had a good enjoyable time. Yuss, I’m sure many of us can’t wait for the final result, but of course, do not turn your project into a stressor. Muahaha, sir, go study! xD


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Yes ma'am! XD

Yes ma'am! XD

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Oh no, how did I miss this? It looks like you all had a ton of fun.


(Those flightmare shots are epic tho, everyone be glowy)


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The Internet Can't be Trusted ;-;

oof.. I'm sorry T.T 


Yeah, unfortunately I had to chose not to announce the party publicly, the people that came were invited privately as I wanted to avoid potential uninvited guests from popping up to cause trouble and ruin things :E 

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Blitzkrieg, Don't Shock My Subject

It was definitely quite good fun being a part of something like this, even for an old rogue as myself. 2020 is still a rough year, but at least in SoD there are ways to combat it. More gatherings like these should take place when you have the time. As for the video, I'm still new to editing my own videos but I know for certain that it'll turn out very well with a little TLC (tender loving care). Enjoyed the extra spicy racing part, needed a bit more action than what TRR usually is. A shame I didn't make it to the races that'll be viewed in the video. But that's all from me, well done Explodantor!


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You did us proud Exypoo.


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That was such a nice idea! I really enjoyed the gathering, although I was mute throughout everything XD

There is no hurry for the video, good luck wih your studies! C:



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Co się dzieje

This was a really fun party to go to, even if I did have to beat timezones and stay up until 2am-6am XD 

Racing was definitely exciting and it was triple boost madness, which was quite entertaining in my opinion. It brought back CoC memories for sure. Well done anyway. :)



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Sorryy ;-;

Timezones are a curse .-. I felt so bad for all the European friends who either couldn't come or had to be up past midnight to come. 


Thanks for coming Vel! Appreciate it! XD   and glad you had fun ^^

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mcdo delivery, *YAWNS*

it was fun! atleast i saw others players that i didnt know them/see them in game about months and atleast i experience w them in trr, well done yet again exy thanks for your efforts and go sTuDy or get F- like me *winks*.





















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*sips on hot chocolate*

Even though I was struck down by the headmasters chat ban hammer...it was still very nice to chill and hangout with y'all. Meetings like this are really the only reason I play SoD anymore. Thanks for organizing it Exy.



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Aloha Lola

Quite an amazing party, indeed! I loved every second of it. It truly felt like 2017-2018 School of Dragons again. 


Seeing everyone gather up and race in TRR felt like Clash of Clans season altogether, and to those people I raced aganist, brilliant skills! It was exhilerating and really fun to race with you all.


Eccs, thank you for the invite, mate! The best gathering I've gone through in a while, hands down.  



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Dang! I wish I was there ;-; sigh.

I agree with everything you said and what you did was brilliant. Exactly! We've all ranted and struggled throughout the year, but one thing we can still do is celebrate the positive things we have. Yes, people left. Yes, many of us have complained and shared sad news. But at the same time, many of us have stayed till now!


Ah, the joy...



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A blast from the past

Thanks for organizing. It sure was a blast from the past. The racing afterwards with all those boosts was exhilerating.  Looking forward to the next one.




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A big idea has popped up in my head right this moment!




I feel like my clan should seriously do this. We have nearly a hundred members, yet I've never even met quite a few! It already seems like a dream to actually GET that many people to come, plus it MIGHT have to go a little beyond our leadership team though..(tbvh I'm not exactly even IN the leadership team lol) Anyway I think I'm dreaming a little too much or getting overexcited... cuz I need to go to bed. Good night guys..

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What you'd need is a Discord server for your clan ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

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I'm literally in the process of making a Discord server actually, but I don't have any real life contacts to any of them. Also, the leadership team themselves said they had their own chat platform considered "safer" and similar to Discord, so I might not have much luck getting them to join some platform considered less safe ;-;

*clears throat and tests mic*

"Morgaerwen! or Moruinwen!! Can you do me a favor and notify the team if possible about this? I have no contact with whatever leadership chat you guys have because there was one time Earindil shared the link to the thing but it wouldn't let me in cuz of some "smart net thing"... "


oh right. I could just pm them I'm dumb :p

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I'm not a robot

Man i wish i was there that looks like fun!!







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