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I've heard that there is a quest from astrid that gives you a shirt i didnt receive that shirt. 

I have a question i wanna change my character name pleaseeee



Viking Name: Natalie Rose 

Viking age:14 

About Viking: Im a girl and I love thunder run racing with Spike!

Friend code:1XVD4

Dragon ♥ 


Dragon Name: Spike 

Breed:Monstrous Nightmare 

Age: 1 (in human year 15)

About: My dragon Spike is very sweet he always help me if i need to. He is a fast flyer too!   









Class: Stoker

Ability: Fire Burst

Attack: 15

Speed: 16

Armour: 12

Firepower: 15

Shot Limit: 10

Venom: 0

Jaw Strength: 6

Stealth: 8

Flight: 24

Hunting: 40

Overall Rating: 82


This dangerous dragon is part of the Stoker class. The Monstrous Nightmare is a large, dangerous, burning, angry, armed dragon. They can set themselves on fire for protection. They are armed with fangs, claws, and most importantly fire. The are known as the dragon that uses that defense often. once they are all out of fire these dragons are easier to fight but they still come with amazing fight skills. They actually have a coating of of their own saliva covering their bodies to light them on fire. They also use their talons as their “front feet ” because they have no front legs, therefore they stay low to the ground.        




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Just keep doing quests and

Just keep doing quests and you'll make that one too sometime. And about changing your character...you have to make a new account.