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Welcome to Persephonia's Photography.

I love to take pictures, so here are some I have screenshotted (from the mobile game) below (with Phantom of the Night):


(Taken August 11, 2014)


(Taken August 11, 2014)


(Taken August 11, 2014)




This is mainly a journal. However, if you want to ask for a picture taken of you, please see if my signature says that pictures are open. I can also take a picture of you and me if you wish.

My friend code is in my signature. Add me as a friend for pictures.


If you want to reply, please reply to one of my posts, not to the topic. That way, it will be easier to see what I posted.


Thank you for looking,



Hi! I'm Persephonia in the SoD game.


Clan: The DawnBreakers

Level: 23

Trophy Count: 3.6K

Friend Code:  APFMPN

UDT Points: 30K


Dragons (in order they were adopted)

Zippleback: Zoomzoom

Flightmare: Phantom of the Night

Hobblegrunt: Elucidator

Smoldering Smokebreath: The Dark Repulsor

Typhoomerang: Lambent Light

Whispering Death: Hecate II

Raincutter: Photon

Boneknapper: Mikasa

Stormcutter: Mystogam


I am against hacking! It is a very unfair way to play SoD.

can and will use shortcuts to my advantage in racing.

Using shortcuts is not cheating. It's simply getting to the finish line faster, without having to change up the game.

I will gladly not use shortcuts, if you want a fair race.