“How do you get a Night Light?”

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In the past few days I've heard that question asked several times. How do you get a Night Light? This answer will disappoint you especially if you're new and see players flying around on Dart, Ruffrunner, or Pouncer, but you can't get the Night Lights anymore. They were exclusive Snoggletog event prizes. So far the admins show no signs of bringing them back, so unless they're prizes in another event or put in the store in the future, it's no longer possible to get them. You can get their parents, however, by purchasing a membership.


Hit them in their wallet! FORCE THE DEVS TO LISTEN!!!



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I wish they will be back for 2020

I really hope that they decide to bring them back .



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I hope they don't, just like I hope they don't with the Dreadfall hybrids. I have the Night Lights but not the hybrids so I get both sides, but people worked hard for super exclusive prizes and bringing them back annually defeats that hard work.

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

If they are seasonal that's still exclusive and not bringing them back is less money to earn from less people working to earn them.



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And what of the players who already have the NLs and/or Dreadfall hybrids? It would be nice to get them, Im not denying that at all, and at face value the chance to get them again seems shiny, but what of the players who already have them? An entire event goes by and they're stuck being unable to participate. That deal isn't all that shiny anymore. Furthermore there is a slim chance of rollover cookies/candies because the admins would siphon money off purchases to get more. Because of no rollover, players who didn't get them before stand about the same chance of getting them this time unless they hoard gems or save money to buy gems. Most aren't great hoarders (which is understandable). 

And before you think of the other prizes that weren't obtained during Snoggletog, don't even. They SUCK, I should know, and all they do is take up room in your inventory at the expense of extra work, effort, and time (and possibly money) on your part. They are 100% useless. By the time you actually get one that you might be able to use, youve played DT enough to have better gear. And I've yet to see one person wear the actual clothes.

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Well in the case of the dreadfall hybrids there are people who like duplicates. I'm not one of them but they exist and I was only able to get the hybrids on one of my vikings myself. I could always try for them on a different viking if they did the event again. Plus it wouldn't be the first time something in the game is best the first time around.


That all being said I'm not one who'd want to deny other players a chance to get something just because it's already been said and done for me so even if I had everything on everything I'd still want to see it return for all the people who weren't so lucky. I'd just spend some time flying around with the things I earned the year before.


(Plus they'll probubly have some new smaller items I might be able to get my hands on and they might change the setup to be more like harvest haunt to allow you to work for spesific items avoiding all the other stuff if you don't want it.)


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I don't really think that

I don't really think that bringing them back would defeat all the hard work put into getting event dragons; the hard work put into it was a player's choice and players that didn't get to chance to get them shouldn't be punished for it. Like I mentioned in another thread during Snoggletog, bringing them back not only would provide the team more money but it'd give players that missed the event a chance to work hard for the prizes too. For instance, I had an unwilling hiatus from the game for 2 years due to account issues so I completely missed Dreadfall, and this year I'd love to get the chance to work for a Skrillnapper. People that were unlucky like me or that didn't have enough time to claim the prizes shouldn't be punished for missing the opportunity, and would have to wait a long time until the event would be back anyway, which is in a way punishment in itself. I've seen multiple Skrillnappers ingame and thought to myself 'oh wow, I want one of these too!' and I'm sure I wasn't the only one thinking that. It'd be a little unfair of a punishment if they were a one-time thing, considering that some people missed the opportunity for a variety of reasons. These dragons being awarded again wouldn't diminish your effort in getting them; if anything you can say you got them earlier or in the first event they were awarded! I for one am preparing early in case for this year's Snoggletog, and would be disappointed if it didn't happen XD


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You're using the word "punishment" in a very wrong context. A punishment is a penalty for a wrongdoing, not keeping something from players who didn't get a chance. For instance players who subscribed for a membership years ago got Toothless permanently. Now anyone playing after that, who had no chance at all of keeping without continuous payment in real currency will not receive that same advantage. Yet that isn't a punishment, it's just something that happened out of our control. Would it be nice? Absolutely. Is it a big deal? Not really. Players don't quit over not getting a dragon. Plus with Toothless and the LF having top notch stats despite the NLs, the admins receive income through memberships. Bringing the NLs back would probably have a rollover of cookies and if not, players will not get the NLs as they would before. 

Additionally, it does affect the players who worked hard because an entire event goes by without being able to get the NLs (screw the other prizes, they SUCK) or any other useful prize. So it does in that sense screw over the other players because you can't get two NLs. If you can it's just...seriously...two Darts? What...? I'm led to believe this because Dart could only be purchased once in the store during the whole event, while Ruffrunner and Pouncer could only be obtained once. That event would stop other players from participating.

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I'm pretty sure you understood the meaning of the term 'punishment' in my reply, as for young players and etc it's rather saddening to see people riding their exclusive dragons when they missed the chance to get it; plus the whole 'having to wait one year' is another example. I'm not saying someone did something wrong, simply that the fact players missed the event will already have to wait a long time to get the chance to get these dragons again, and it'd be unfair to take it from them. Of course players won't quit after not getting a dragon, I never said that. I only said that people that missed the events should have the chance to participate too, and people that already did don't lose anything with it, since their hard work put into getting them was their choice in the first place. I don't imagine people would be able to get two of the same Night Lights, but I'm pretty sure many people weren't able to get them all or none at all, so if someone managed to get 1 of them, they can work to get the other 2 in the next event. Plus all the prizes, (despite they obviously sucking like you mentioned would be there as well. And in the case of Dreadfall dragons, I don't see the problem in getting another Skrillnapper and Dreadstrider. The NLs I can understand, and like I mentioned I don't think they'd make more than 1 of each available to players.


I don't think it'd make players stop participating. There's new players joining every day, so more and more players without event dragons, that would definetly love the chance to try a hand in getting them. That means more income to the team.

Players that already have the 3 NLs don't necessarily need to participate, but we never know what kind of new prizes could be added for people that got them too. For instance, they could add Christmas sweaters for the night lights. Event skins, racing paint, etc. Events aren't only for people that didn't get all they offer, is for people that want to participate. :) And I just think everyone has the right to try and win the prizes.

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I for one would like them to

I for one would like them to bring them back i worked untill there wasnt a thing i could do to get cookies, loged in every day but still didnt get the night lights so on the last days i decied i didnt have the time or cookies to get them i just went for lower prizes and ended up selling one of them i didnt use gems because i didnt have enough and i couldnt get more from daily log in because during the event you got cookies insted