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Posted this when the movie came out in Australia and couldn't wait for when SoD got updated with all the new stuff and considering I've been off the SoD forums for what is basically a whole year. About time I come back haha.



















But yeah, now I'm back to do some artwork for peeps on the forum! Possibly posting a request forum topic but a little more simple in terms of detail considering they're requests. If anyone would like artwork similar to the picture above I recommend contacting me with one of my social media accounts to find out my Commission prices!


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  Work in progress signature!                      


















Signature Artwork YT speedpaint -  http://youtu.be/oyLngMjlM3I


Real name: Tiahna

Ingame name: Xumia

List of Dragons (In order of when I got them):

  • Siri the Flightmare (Rescued dragon)
  • Sinth the Skrill (First hatched dragon)
  • Pallete the Flamewhipper (Expansion)
  • Jasperse the Sand Wraith (Main dragon bought from store, grown to Titan wing stage)
  • Minty the Monstrous Nightmare (Battle event prize)
  • Tank the Rumblehorn (Mystery dragon egg box)
  • Sheera the Deathsong (Expansion)
  • Gold the Razorwhip (Mystery dragon egg box)
  • Mareena the Mudraker (Gem chest)
  • Thorn the Singetail (Expansion)
  • Equator the Eruptodon (Expansion)
  • Platinum the Armorwing (Expansion)
  • Gummy the Grapple grounder (Mystery dragon egg box)
  • Atticuss the Groncicle (Expansion)
  • + Deathsong egg
  • + Deadly Nadder egg

Current total: 14 dragons, 2 eggs.


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I really like that :D I think you've done an amazing job on it as well! 

The coloration is definitely one of my favorite parts about it. 




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Wow, that's amazing! I love your style and her expression. So sweet ^^



I went ahead and left this commet before watching the video. That. was. awesome. I love watching artists processes! One of the most enjoyable, relaxing things I've experienced all week. Thank you for posting!



I'm Lissa, a follower of Jesus ^^ I've been part of SoD for around 3 years; the forum for 2.

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Special thanks to all the talented artists out there. You worked so hard, created such amazing creatures and I am amazed by and so very grateful to you all!



Aspen, my charming little Forest Hunted.


Cosmo, the Luminous Trap

Art and Species both created by Belubel, thank you!


Pounce the Utahraptor, Fynn and Kelpie the Pelsiosaurs

Art by Cryptidgirl. Thanks!


Ebony, My oc NF

Drawn by Zikta. Thank you so much!


Wolf and Bird, Characters in my Children's stories

Art by talented Snowflake12298. I love them <3


Thomais, historical fiction Oc

Art by Fireflash. Thank you you did a fantastic job!


Amber the titan Deathsong

Art by Blobfish Queen. She looks awesome thank you!


Snuffleupagus the Titan Woolly

Thank you Zesty I love him!


Byakko, my Blazing Firemaw

Art and species by Zikta. I still love these dragons! Thank you for making them ^^


Bushy, baby wolly howl

By MegaboltPheonix. Thank you so much for this!


Knight, the rare white Jewel Spinner

Amazing Art and Species created by Dyliehidol1214.


Art by Andrea Easton:


Smokey the Deadly Claw


Coal the Christmas Wreath... He was naughty I guess. XD


Mocha and Mirage the Light Furies


The Ornery Oreo, sand wraith


And Ebony my oc NF


Thank you so much for sharing these with us and for all your hard work. I love every one of these guys!




Fan Species by Chameishida


Taiga, a terrifying Woodreaper

Tau, an intimidating Howlian

Trail Blazer the Coalskin

S'more the Cryoatic

Autumn the Nightsealer bent on revenge

Victoria, a Lightsprinter born to run


Coming soon!

Reign The Wardenrain

:D :D :D

Jibber the Jabber Jaw


And my clan,



Art by Lilystark. Thank you Lily!

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It's not a speedpaint, but it's great regardless! I love seeing peoples' progesses. Always reminds me that there's no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to art.


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Well, Speedpaint is the term I've always used. Especially since it seems to be the norm for most artists, not as many people use timelapse in their titles from what I've seen and technically it is? Speed-Digital-Paint.

But meh~ I'm glad you enjoyed!

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People just call/tag their sped-up progresses 'speedpaint' because people search for that term more often. It's just playing the tagging system. Sad though, since it's barely possible to find speedpaintings anymore because of it ;_;