Your Favourite Video Games?

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I assume most of us play other games! What are your favourite video games?

I love Dragon Age Inquisition (gonna try out Origins soon, and i'll get DA 2 in the mail sometime in July), Assassin's Creed, Star Stable, Nancy Drew, etc.

What about you? SoD counts! :)






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OOOOOOoooo this is a great question.

I love video games and played a lot actually. I'm a gamer. If I can think of all my favorites would be Halo, Portal, Half-Life, Skyrim, SoD, Minecraft, Age of Empires, and Super Hexagon. Even though that is more of an arcade kind of game but still.

If by picking one favorite that would be hard because I really like Portal, Halo, and Half-Life. But I'll have to say Halo out of all of them. (Though my favorite Halo game would be a cross between 2 and 3. Funny how everyone thinks I like Halo Wars the best. I love that game and I am fairly good at it. But it's not actually my favorite)


I tend to like first person games more then third person. I really like the science fiction genera and love the games with building and creation. Tie them together and I really like that game C:.


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That's a interesting list! Skyrim is fun! :D It gets a little reptative though. It's the same thing over and over again. 

Have you tried Mass Effect? It's by BioWare. It looks like Halo, just more exploration and aliens. I also recommend Dragon Age! Any of the games. I have played the first two, but the last is...well, there are a few hoties ;) But the games are for adults. There's some innapropriate scenes in the DA series. But the stories are great, and the characters are developed and diverse.

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.......... whaa?

I've been thinking of trying Mass Effect. I played it once but only for a little bit. I watched my sisters play it and it looks interesting. BioWare is not bad, I've played another BioWare game SWTOR which is a Star Wars online game I really like :p.


I have a list of Video games on another thread: All I finished, played once, play often, or quit playing

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*crashes through window*

*slowly climbs back through the shattered glass and back out the window* 

*quiet voice* Sorry about the window...


There's a super-secret code hidden (well, not really hidden) somewhere in my signature. PM me if you solved it and tell me what it says, and we'll see about a prize! ;)


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Of course I'm here. ;3 

We talk about video games all the time so I'm sure you know what I like! XD 

Buuutt I'll go ahead anyway, hopefully a nice gamer convo can pop up somewhere. 


I love me some story driven games, such as NaughtyDogs Uncharted series and The Last of Us. Those have to be my all time favourite games. I mean, they're AMAZING. I'm so pumped for Uncharted: The lost Legacy in August and The last of Us Part II. :3 (anyone remember the ancient Crash Bandicoot??) 


Im with ya on AC, They're my second favourite series.  Hopefully we can find some other Assassin lovers around here. XD ACIII and Syndicate are my all time favs. You know how much I like Jacob. ;) (ohhh the cringe) 


As you know I like DA, but never played! XD 


Has anyone played Horizon: Zero Dawn? It's recent and I honestly love it for the universe. I've never seen anything like it! It's unique and that's mostly what draws me to it. :) (PLUS YOU CAN HAVE MACHINE MOUNTS) 


..sorry I got a little over excited..I love video games..Too much..? XD 


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I like me some Jacoub ;) Such a hawtie~

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Aliit cuyir nayc shi tal.



I'm currently on a massive Star Wars: the Old Republic kick, which I completely recommend if you like fun MMOs that have great animations, a plot influenced by your own choices, and stories that will make you shriek in agony and cry tears of pain and suffering. (I did.) It has massively decent free-to-play content and an overall really fun, playable style. But, unlike many players, I don't play for the ops and the battles- no sir, I'm here for that heart wrenching, well-written plot.

Star Stable is another MMO favorite of mine, and I see you play it too! I'm a Lifetime Star Rider, but really don't go on as much as I should. I'm neglecting it. ;-;

For a while, Lord of the Rings Online was another fun one I frequently played. However, unlike SWTOR, the story wasn't as captivating and the play style overall wasn't as enjoyable, and I don't play as much. The free-to-play content also was not nearly as extensive.

Endless Ocean/Endless Ocean: Blue World is unknown in the gaming community itself, but massively enjoyable to the right audience. I'm a veteran player of the game, and happen to have the entire story completed and am working on finishing EVERYTHING. Which, to those who know the game, is an incredible feat considering the simply massive content of the game.

I play Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart frequently, solely because it's fun. I almost have SMB completed, but unfortunately my DS is ancient and rather dead, so I haven't been able to play in a while. ;-; My sister and I have frequent Mario Kart competitions, though.

As I find Minecraft interesting and fun, you'll often find me on the PE version, or sometimes using my fossilized PC to play. I mod the PC version, but unfortunately it's dying, and hasn't let me on MC in a while. But I have many very large mods, all of which are fun, and enjoy many things about Minecraft!

I think that's all of the really important ones, or at least that I can think of right now...

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Omigosh!!! x'D That was awesome!

Another Lifetime Star Rider ;D That game is so fun...when it's not boring :P If that makes sense haha!

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I must say that entry was

I must say that entry was epic.

How did you get ToR working? I downloaded it but it wouldn't start.



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SWTOR? I just downloaded normally. I had to leave the download loading overnight, but it was functional when I woke up, which is a surprise because my computer is kind of a fossil. It works well now, though I have to play it on low graphic settings, which is unfortunate.

Depending on the type of errors you've encountered, I'd suggest you look up on the SWTOR forums or even just google search your issues. If worst comes to worst, try contacting customer support.

But if you have a decent Windows computer, it should just download and let you play. The overnight download is a pain, but it will let you play the starting planet before the initial download completes.

Also, glad you liked my entrance :P I have practice.

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I like SoD and the Legend of Zelda games :) I've only played Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword and Wind Waker though. Currently playing Ocarina of Time. Also like to play Bloons Tower Defense battles on my Ipad sometimes.


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Great list of games~

My brother plays Zelda. He says they're good. But challenging.

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~Princess Gwen Forever~

I've played Twilight Princess and watched my sister play Wid Waker, but how is Skyward Sword? I really want to play that one!


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Skyward Sword is alright. Not my favourite but the story and characters are pretty awesome. The music is great too. The game is rather repetitive though since you have to fight the same bosses multiple times and visit the same areas again and again. And the sky is People complained about the controls but I didn't have any problems with it.

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Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry, sorry...

My favorite game is ether League of Legends or Overwatch. I'm already so addicted to OW and I haven't played it for that long. ;D



i'm incrediblytired

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'Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Did someone just say "video games"?


I love me some video games. I haven't had the chance to play that many, but I like The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Super Mario Bros., and any Mario Kart game ever.

As for apps or computer games, I enjoy School of Dragons, Legacy of Discord, and War Dragons. I've played Undertale, but it got boring once I finished it the first time, and the fandom kind of ruined it for me...

I haven't been able to get Assassin's Creed anything (yet), but it's certainly caught my eye. What do you guys think about it?

But other than that, Skyrim has become my newest obsession and I absolutely love it! :D

Here's hoping to many more indoor days and binge video-gaming! A toast to homebodies and nerds! >:D 


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I like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, the Avengers, Star Wars, Transformers, Disney, Pirates of the Caribbean, some anime, and more

I love flying, going fast, and rollercoasters

My Current (but often changing) Obsession Is: Skyrim! ;)

I have a wonderful mutt named Bailey, and I love her to death :3

I play(ed) other games as well, such as Skyrim, Drakan, and a couple of Wii games. Feel free to hit me up in my message box if you play any of these games, I'd love to talk about them! :D



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A flock of birds rising

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A dragon is flying

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Golden light seeps through the trees

The sky in the west is burning

The strength of the day is wavering

Taking to the sky

Upwards they fly

They burst through the clouds

Gone are all sounds

Their speed slowing

The feel of floating

Amber light on silver-blue wings

Here gliding, the heart seems to sing

The fiery sky pulses it's last light

The sky now a blanket of stillness




A swirl of shining beads scattered in the sky

Dragon and rider to home now fly

Depending from the starry night

Upon a towns’ sleepy blinking light

Dragon and rider now asleep in their beds

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But this is wrong

For their hearts for adventure still long

For dragon and rider adventure has only begun

Dragon and rider together

As one”

^A lovely poem by my mysterious 2018 Secret Santa. You know who you are - thank you!^

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Of course ;D

They're great! Some aren't as good. Depends on your preferances. The games have imaginative storylines, but do research beforehand. Some games were flops. Origins, the new AC, comes out October. And it looks like a MILLION. FRIGGEN. DOLLARS! :D Everyone likes Ezio, the second assassin. But meh. He's okay. If you're looking for a hawt guy, play Syndicate ;D

Skyrim is a lot of fun! :D :P

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''Tis the season to be- oh. Wrong season

Storyline and hot guys? Who could resist ;) XD

Thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in mind!

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Alright, someone hold my

Alright, someone hold my non-beer


Fave to play:

- Subnautica

- Skyrim

- City Skylines

- Don't Starve (DST and RoG included)

- SimplePlanes

- Spore

- Forza Horizon 2 (can't find the disk for 3 tho, must track down)

- Just Cause 3

- Spyro; Dawn of the Dragon (I replayed the entire game start to finish, no cheats in 4 days a few months ago)


Fave to watch; either because I don't own them myself yet, or I just prefer to watch pple play them instead of doing it myself (on youtube or with family)

- Gmod (TTT, Prop Hunt, Murder)

- Fallout 4

- Farcry Primal

- Any of the Halo games (looks shamefully at my 23% accuracy on JC3)

- Prison Architect

- Minecraft (yogscast modded series are golden) (except for whalelords, we don't talk about that)



Tis me,


ace, female, and definetely not a bee



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- has a terrible memory (especially with dragon species names)

- generally avoids conflict

- chills with ebony on her adventures



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- thats right, these lovely ladies have surpassed mortality to be together

- only got art for Yzar so far, but Lochiel will be gettin some tasty eye-treats soon

- i love them so much.


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OMG I LOVE DOTD!!!! I have ANB and DotD on Ps2. DOTD IS AMAZING THO I LOVE IT!!! Maybe I should get the Ps3 version too, because I think the environments look prettier. XD

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Glad to see another Skyrim fan :D

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The Legend of Zelda series has always been a favorite of mine, specifically Majora's Mask, A Link to the Past, and Skyward Sword.


As for online games, I'd have to agree with Floof on this one: Overwatch. I wasn't too keen on FPS games, but after playing Overwatch for almost a year now, that's definitely changed for me. It's an extremely addictive game.


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School Of Dragons

Yup, that's it^^



Profile pic was don't by the fantastic Katarile! TYSM



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I am still online here, so if you ever want to talk, message me. 


I sincerely apologize to everyone I've hurt. 



Goodbye everyone. 



"If you need me, I'll be there."





The loneliness grows with each passing day, threatening to consume me. 
Each time I close my eyes, all I see is the darkness growing inside me. 

And so the new year comes and the new year goes. I'm sitting here and the darkness grows.

Despite all the times a hurt you, it was always to maybe earn the approval of someone. 
I see now, that I will never earn anyone's approval. I've given up. 
And so the shattered pieces of my heart, that I once thought I had together, shatter once more. 
And when I find the pieces, I will put them back together. And although it may be more difficult to see through, and more rough, I'll at least have comfort in knowing that at least it's together. 
Because what makes us strong is not how well we put ourselves together after being broken. It's how many times we've been broken, and we're still standing here to say "We did it. We came back. We're here and we're alive. We made it."
So someday I may rise again, and I may greet you with joy. 
Because no matter how many times the darkness tries to break me apart, I will come come back, a little bit more bruised, a few more cuts. 
A little bit stronger. 







Dear Everyone who won't trust Rebell,



    You need to stop. So maybe Rebell has a similar art style. So maybe they claim that they are not Archer but is a friend of hers. So what?

But maybe Rebell is telling the truth. Maybe, somewhere, there's a budding artist, who just wants to draw things for others, but people won't stop harrasing them, saying they are a liar, saying they are a cheater, saying they are an untrustworthy and slimey eel.

Maybe you have plenty reason to think what you do, but I have one thing to say. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not trust them? Why not believe them? Why not support them, even if they are Archer? Why not be kind?

Because they don't deserve it? Well, if we got what we deserved, we would all be long since dead. Why not treat others how you would want to be treated?


Why not choose to belive?




                                            One tear in the dropping rain

                                             One voice in a sea of pain

                                             Could the Maker of the stars

                                             Hear the sound of my breaking heart? :,-(



                                            For RheiTheBrave^^ You will always be missed.


Signature under construction! 


I am on the Snow Wraith, Rheithebrave is on the Deathsong, on the Stormcutter is Kasanelover and the Woolly Howl (actually a Svalbard Howl) is Shirokagefox!

this photo was taken by the fabulous Titan Sandwraith rider, Saigner!

this was really fun guys. Thank you so much!





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I love games!! Most of my fav games are in my sig. Just to name a few: pokemon, borderlands, half life, portal, tf2, don't starve, undertale, ori, life is strange, ace attorney, okami... I play anything that catches my eye

My favorites right now/all time would be:

Pokemon: Everyone knows pokemon. You catch cool creatures and battle. I love pokemon because many of them have creative design that inspire me to draw and design. Pokemon perhaps influence the most on my art

Borderlands: I first saw borderlands as a fps with cool comic artstyle and that is the only reason i try it out. And i love it! Borderlands 2 is the best. It has a good story, memorable characters, humour and I love the western sci-fi settings in borderlands

Half life/Portal/Tf2: I know half life through those hl3 memes. It didn't catch my attention because it looks like an ordinary fps but i still try it anyways. I really like that it has quite nice graphics for an old game and i enjoy its gameplay and story (both 1 and 2). I play Portal at the same time with hl too and it's a really creative game. Glados is just too hilarious! I don't play team fortress much because of bad wifi but i do love it's gameplay and i enjoy the stuffs fans created and its official comic is awesome!

Don't Starve: Super fun and addicting yet brutal survival game with cool artstyle? I'm sold!

And a couple of more games i'm too lazy to type :P

I'm getting into AC. I love the first one and i want to start the second one soon




--------------------------------------ABOUT ME-------------------------------------


Loves video games, art and memes




Currently doing pokemon challenges!

White 2 Mono Grass

Platinum Randomized Nuzlocke


Fav shows: Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron, Mob Psycho 100, One Punch Man, JoJo Bizarre Adventure, Little Witch Academia


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The second AC has a good story! :)

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Baldur's Gate II
Bioshock (1)
Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Dance Dance Revolution
Dark Souls
Diablo series
Dragon Age: Origins
Final Fantasy IX
Heart of Darkness
Jazz Jackrabbit
Knuckles' Chaotix
Metal Gear Solid series
Metal Slug
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee / Exoddus
Planescape: Torment
Ratchet & Clank series
Rayman 1 & Rayman Revolution
The Secret of Monkey Island
Wildstar Online before it died
World of Warcraft up and until WotLK

...I'll stop now. Haaa.



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That's a lot of video games! :D :O

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Knowing myself I probably forgot a bunch of them, too ;___;

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Video games

My favorite video game of all time is hands down Ōkami. I don't even know where to start. The story is amazing. The soundtrack is amazing. You play as a white wolf that is a god. Celestial brush (one of the games mechanics(?)) is fun and amazing. Almost everything in the game is amazing. But if you ever want to play it, don't play the Wii version. Its brush controls are much worse than in the PlayStation versions. Original version and also the best version (because it has reset as its end credits song) is for the PS2 and it has HD version in the PlayStation store.

My other favorite games are: Pokemon Fire Red (lv 40 Charizard at the third gym and no other pokemons. Whoops.)

Ratchet and Clank trilogy: (the nostalgia) Especially the second installment (I and my little brother couldn't beat the second last boss so we just did the previous levels over and over and over again.)

Terraria:  Because you don't need mods to have cool stuff.

Digimon world 3 and 4: The nostalgia!

TF2: First fps that I played. My main was Pyro (or to be more specific Pybro).
Undertale (it was nice when you didn't know what was about to happen.)

Danganronpa 2  (never played the first one because I watched the anime)


Sleeping Raptor by Okamisusi

When you are just that tired even though school just started.



Note that English isn't my native language and I have dyslexia. If you notice any misspellings and that kind of stuff in my writing could you please correct me. If I write (?) it means that I'm not sure about the word or sentence structure.

For example; this is a word(?) and this is a sentence (?).



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Ket:         -Started (and on hiatus)                    -Head but it's not that good. (1, (6

Ser:         -Nope                                                -Appears in two drawings (1

Snowcoat: -No (species ref + some info about them)     -Gone through a redesign (old):(2 +*1  (new): (7, (8

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some others ART

Snowcoat (sketch) by grumpyforlife2


Scilhni headshot by Arrowalker



Personal art.

The dragon project 5/7 done.

(and on hiatus)

My favs Raptor and Anubis.

5/7The dragon project (5/7) Vasil Raptor by Okamisusi  3/7The dragon project (3/7) The Amegan desert wandere by Okamisusi

From the clouds by Okamisusi



Work in progress...

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Terrible Terrors stole my subject!

Regarding the Danganronpa games,

I recommend you to play it, as long as you can handle that pink blood of course. Overall it's really good but since you watched the anime then why not play the game? :3








"I cannot imagine a future without dragons. I do not want a world in which our cave systems are dead, dark universes, inhabited only by bats and echoes. I do not want a world where I am wingless, crawling in the mud rather than reaching for the stars.


I do not want a world without Toothless.


I know it is only I who can save or destroy the dragons now that Doomsday is approaching. But I do not know how to do it.

How can I, when I am so small, so alone..."










"I was so afraid of becoming my Father,

Mostly because I thought I Couldn't,

Because how do you become someone that Great,

That Brave,

That Selfless?

I guess you have to Try."












"What I saw was proof of everything I believed.

This wasn't a vicious beast,

but an intelligent, gentle creature

whose soul reflected my own."

















You believed that no one loved you. Even though it was too late, I created a thread about you and a lot of people were concerned about you, so did I. You shouldn't have died without knowing the truth.

Well, here's your dedication and I give it to you as a sign of unending friendship, with a Woolly Howl on it, they were your favorite dragons, weren't they? Your dragon Valkyrian is missing you right now, and I promise I'll take care of her now.

I won't forget to rise your viking's trophies and rank in your clan, just to keep hold of your promise.


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The things that I enjoyed most in Danganronpa (both 1 and 2) was the story and mysteries. So because I know pretty much all the plot points (+ I don't play games that much anymore) I don't see any reason to play it.

Also, the pink blood makes it even more terrifying. Just think what kind of messed up things those kids have gone through for their blood to turn pink. Oh, the horror. *dramatic exhale

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Terrible Terrors stole my subject!

Interesting question! +1!

I love:

  • Kantai Collection
  • Aura Kingdom
  • Dragon's Den IT server
  • Shadowverse
  • Touhou
  • Code: Closers
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky
  • Final Fantasy (especially the IX game!!)
  • osu!
  • Dragomon Hunter
  • Metal Gear Rising (so epic)

Are any of the games above included in your favorites, anyone? :)

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My current favorites are:

- GTA V, both story and online

- Overwatch

- Paladins

- TF2

- Breath of the Wild


I'd like to buy horizon zero dawn, uncharted 4 and the new ratchet & clank tho




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Did someone say.......... VIDEOGAMES?!! TO THE BATMOBILE!!


Okay. I have a LONG list of video games I've played and have yet to play.. prepare yourself!


1) The Legend of Spyro trilogy

Spyro has been my long-time favourite game character. The first game I ever played with him was an old McDonalds gift my sister got. Im not sure where it is now but I love it. Then we got a Ps2, and the 2nd classic Spyro game: 'Gateway to Glimmer', or known in other place as 'Ripto's Rage'. I loved exploring the maps and playing with the power-ups, especially flight. Once I was getting ready to play, but as I turned the console on, I experienced the most frightening thing ever and that stopped me from playing Spyro 2 for a long time. If anyone can guess what, then well done, have a cookie. Years later, I found out about the LoS series. I decided I wanted to play them. I started with the one that I liked the look of best, Dawn of the Dragon. I got this for my birthday I think? Idk. But I played through it and I loved it. I'm still stuck on how to unlock the enemies gallery since I've complete the game and collected everything... one X-Mas later I got the first LoS game, A New Beginning. I loved this one just as much, especially the Cynder boss battle. Maybe i like the character. I also found a 'cheating way' to defeat my enemies using my electric element. I plan to get The Eternal Night so that i have all three games.


Sorry for that whole story! I just love Spyro! XD Moving on!


2) Skylanders

Haters gonna hate. -_-


3) The Sonic games

Sonic has also been one of my favourites for a long time. I have played the first three games, the Knuckles first three games, and Sonic Heroes. I have my eyes on the new game coming out, Sonic Forces. You can bet I'llbe get to it when it comes out!


4) How to Train your Dragon 1 and 2

Surely you guys know of these games?? I have played the DS version only, but I've always wanted to try out the PlayStation ones!


5) Garry's Mod

G-Mod is the BEST SANDBOX GAME IN THE WORLD!!! It has hundreds of mods made by the community and gamemodes like Guess Who?, Hide and Seek, Flood (one of my favourites), one of my favourite mods is the Skyrim NPCs. That mods comes with this 'possessor' which lets you control the NPCs. And that includes the dragons so I love it.


6) Minecraft

You can build anything! It is an epic game! I've only played the trial tho. :') But I have seen what the full version I like. I just love the building part! And there are various funny experiences like when we blocked all the doors in the village except one which was a one-way trip. All the villagers crowded in one room was somehow hilarious.


7) Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers series

From my point of view, the Mystery Dungeon games are better than the usual pokemon games! The explorers series has a great story to it, made me cry, and has amazing soundtrack! I have complete it once, and the second time around I am recruiting all the legendary pokemon! I even got Grovyle back!!!! Of all the pokemon games, I highly recommend Explorers of Sky!


8) I am Bread

THE RAGE IS REAL!!!!!! Just ask Markiplier, that game!!

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School of Dragons
  • School of Dragons (obviously)

One of my favorites. Buggy, but fun. I love flying, battling, and sometimes racing. Fishing is fun too, and quests are amazing.

  • Minecraft

I love roleplaying on Minecraft (with my sister and cousin). I also love playing survival, and sometimes creative. Minigames are the bomb. I have the Xbox, Pocket, W10, and PC version.

  • Skyrim

Kajiit is my main race. I love being sneaky and theiving around the map.

  • Terraria

Terraria is great, it's very entertaining and unique. I usually make characters on there with awesome powers and such, based on OCs or characters I love.

  • Fallout (3, New Vegas, and 4)

I love making Fallout references too. I have dressed up as a lone wanderer during Halloween last year, the costume was amazingly awesome, even though barely anyone recognised it...calling me a Ghost Buster? Oh well, it was fun anyways! I love making self inserts into the game, and I just love the animals.

  • Vainglory

One of my favorites. MMO MOBA for mobile devices. It introduced me into the world of MOBA and I'm looking forward to playing more MOBA games when I get my new gaming computer. It's the best mobile MOBA out there, trust me.

  • Don't Starve

I have this for pocket and computer. I love Webber to death, he's my main character ever. I usually play RoG, and I don't really like the first Don't Starve, it gets boring without Webber.

  • Trove

I main a dracolyte. This introduced me into dungeon games. I have it for the PC, but can't currently play it. It also increased my love for dragons, which brought me here in the first place.



That's all I can think of at the moment, probably many more in my inventory. But, oh well!

Have a nice day, gamers!







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I am also a gamer. I play multiple games...just to name a few: I play Minecraft, Terraria, Team Fortress 2, Fallout (New Vegas, 3, and 4), Star Wars: The Old Republic (I love jedis), School of Dragons, Trove (Dracolyte ftw), Don't Starve (go Webber!), Creativerse, Vainglory (Taka main, if you cannot tell), Roblox (I enjoy the military groups), Skyrim (go Argonians!), Oblivion, and Portal.


I love Red Foxes, Grey Foxes, Great Pyrenees Mountain Dogs, German Shepherds, Grey Wolves, Mexican Timber Wolves, cats, horses, mice, dragons, and reptilian creatures.


My favorite dragons are Triple Strykes, Deadly Nadders, Monsterous Nightmares, and Gronckles.


My favorite class is the strike class, and I love intellegent dragons the most. My second favorite class is the boulder class, because I love a dragon with a warm heart.


I'm hoping to work at an Endangered Wolf Center when I'm older, or a zoo.


Braving the storm with my friends.




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I've yet to see a hardcore

I've yet to see a hardcore NaughtyDog or Ubisoft fan. :,) 

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CRASH BANDICOOT!!! I wasn't sure if I should put them on the list zinc I rarely play.

Who else was happy to see Crash and Spyro in Skylanders Academy? HHHNGGG OLD FRIENDS!!!!!!

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My childhood was REBORN OASCIWHY L 

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I just searched that thinking it was a game. XD








Is it? Anyway, I've also heard there's a Spyro remake in progress too as well as Crash.

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​The Fire Emblem games for

​The Fire Emblem games for the 3DS, for sure. Fire Emblem Awakening is probably my favorite (maybe because of Chrom) but I also love all the Fates routes and the new Echoes remake.

Maybe these games are my favorite becase they offer the best husbandos... hehe.

​Noooooo, I'm not obsessive... not at all...


​~Proud Elder of the Swift Champions~

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​Gotta have my husband here :3 (Chrom is the best, don't deny.)

​Oh, and Leo, my other Fire Emblem husband! (He is also the best.)

​And Takumi, of course! I could never forget my prickly prince.

​I will protect my blueberry, tomato, and pineapple till the end. I'm not hostile, but if you insult my

​husbands, there may be pain. Only a little. Am I maybe too into these games...? ​No that is not possible...


​^ Soul Eater ^

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Updating with my all time favorites instead lol


- Super Smash Bros Brawl

- Spyro trilogy

- Rayman 2 & 3

- The Last of Us


- GTA San Andreas

- GTA V 

- Super Mario Galaxy

- Zelda: Twilight Princess

- Zelda: BOTW

- The Last Guardian

- Far Cry series

- Assassin's Creed series

- Overwatch

- Team Fortress 2

- Paladins

- Super Mario 64

- Ratchet & Clank series

- Crash Bandicoot series



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The list is long :3

Zelda, Halo, Sonic, Mario, Fallout, GTA (Mainly San Andreas), Terraria, Minecraft (Since 2009), Crash bandicoot, The old Burnout games on the PS2 :'), Rollercoaster tycoon, Call of duty 4 and 5 (hate new ones D:), SoD (obviously), Crash nitro kart (Crash bandicoot), Bioshock. I could spend hours naming individual game names but the franchise in general is better! :D

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Mine's Fire Emblem. It's not the best tactical RPG game out there - well, except when you play it in hard or above - but what really gets me is the characters. Every characters in the game are unique, both in terms of personality and capability. They add colors to the otherwise mediocre plotline. The game is addictive too, though that's more of a personal opinion.
Second would be Ace Attorney. It's a visual novel game revolving around (a messed up) law. Sounds boring but it's the complete opposite. The plot has the best plot twists I've ever experienced in all the games I've played, not to mention a colorful array of characters. Each installment is definitely worth the time.
Other games I like to play but too lazy to make a paragraph out off:
-The Legend of Zelda


Female | Teenager | Somewhere on Asia | Budding Artist | Thalassophobia | Fire Emblem | Pokemon | Ace Attorney | The Legend of Zelda | Kirby | Avatar: The Last Airbender | The Legend of Korra



"This user didn't know what to put here so I was tasked to stand by here till...I don't know."

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Hehehe, Tomb Raider!!!

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Transformers 3, Transformers FoC, Need For Speed: Most Wanted (Old one), Field and Stream (Hunting game), How to train your dragon 2, other hunting games that I can't remember the names, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and old Tomb Raider games.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      I'm a huge fan of Lara Croft


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Mi Viking

Name:  AF Mandy Or Mandy For Short
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Friend Code: PM Me
Appearance: Has Brown Hair And Light Blue Eyes - Has A Red Warpaint Thats Around Her Right Eye    


Personality: Kind, Brave, Responsible, Adventurous, Smart, A bit of a jokester, Serious when the time calls for it and a thrill seeker. AF Mandy is a great hunter and a type of survivorist. Because she likes to spend most of her day in the woods, she's picked up a few skills.. like creating fires, building a makeshift home, Snares, makeshift bandages ect. Things to help her survive on her own. Mandy is also pretty good at tracking other animals including dragons, but even though she has all these skills.. she has a bit of a fear of spiders, deep down she knows that she can overcome that fear but in time. Now even though AF Mandy is kind, she will not let anyone intimdate her. She will defend herself and she's not afraid to fight.


Backstory: AF Mandy was part of a Village on Dragon's Edge before it was founded by Hiccup and the Gang. Her people were knew as Byzantines but they were more like Viking's rather. Her Father Keiv was Chief and her Mother Lara was second in command. Mandy was one of the brave Warrior's trained by her dear Father, but sadly her parents are dead because of an invasion done by the Dragon Hunters around Mid-night when no one was expecting it. Both Villagers and parents gone forever.
She's the only Byzantine left, she was the only one that survived the invasion. She'd lived alone for about a month or so until Hiccup and his gang came along, they had spotted Mandy hunting nearby and of course approached her. At first she aimed her bow and them, not knowing if they were foe's but Hiccup took control and explained why they were here on her Villages island which they didn't know about. He had told her but dragon's and that they meant no harm to us Viking's; he offered to take her on a flight on Toothless and that sealed the deal. She came to realize that dragon's weren't as bad as her Village had thought.        
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Hiccup took her to the School and that's where it all began...
Likes: Hunting, Exploring New Places/Islands, Fighting Dragon Hunter's, Playing With Her Beloved Dragons
     Dislikes: Bullies, Spider's, Dragon Hunter's, Pranksters
     Weapon Choice: Bow And Arrows And Her Father's Sword
                                                                     Extra: Can Create Greek Fire                                                             




Name: Tigerlily
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Escapee, Hunter or Wild?: Escapee
Natural Or Experimetal?: Experimetal
DNA Mix: 50% Human - 30% Wolf - 20% Tiger
This Character Is In 'Caged' And 'Hunted' (RPs)
Appearance: Has a Wolf form but has Tiger patterns on her fur. Has light blue eyes ((See Pics Below))
Personality: Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Does jokes in the worst possible moments, Gets the job done type of Hybrid.... She's strong and brave but even though she may be brave... she can also be broken. She's protective of other's.. she never likes to leave others behind, no matter what. But the personality that stands out is that she is kind and caring... but if you push her the wrong way... well... don't expect her to stand there and take it, she will defend herself. Has a cat-like personality as well but it only triggers when theres things that cats like. 
Strengths: Herself and other's. When in a fight she relies on her Tiger DNA for flexibility and agility, those cat claws of her's are nothing to joke about... those things are sharp so don't be on the other end. Sometimes she uses her Wolf DNA for things like - Tracking... she can smell scents that are like 5 days old but one thing that she likes is her advanced hearing.
Weaknesses: Being told shes not good enough, other's that she cares about, remembering her past is something that really makes her bawl and losing her mother.
Extra: Tigerlily was born a human, she was just a normal teenage girl going to school... hanging out with friends. Her human name was - Lily Trail. Her parents are - Elizabeth Trail and Harry Trail but this is not one happy family.. her parents are divorced, reasons .... well... Harry wasn't the most sweetest huband or the most loving. Tigerlilys father is a shelfish man, ruthless and someone who will do anything for money. Because of his selfish personality, he kidnapped his daughter and sold her to a place called the Dome. He did all that just for money. That's how she got into this mess of escaping the Dome and being  hunted down by hunters with other hybrids and is no longer a human but a hybrid. Has a crush on Hawk.
Young Super Character

Name: Elizabeth Newton
Age:  17 

                                                             Gender: Female                                                                  

                                                 Crush/BF/GF: None Yet                                                   
As The RP Progresses will your character be a Hero or a Villian?: Hero

Theme Song: No Roots - Alice Merton

This character is in 'Alienated'
Appearance(Picture if available, and if not a good description):        

Personality: She's a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you more, she'll be more talkative it doesn't take long for her to get used to someone really. Adventurous, Curious, Smart, Kind, Caring and a Jokester. She's extremely protective of her little sister Susan whos Nine years old. Elizabeth is also brave and strong but even though she's brave.. she can also be broken.
Powers: Animal Morphing And Ice Augmentation
Likes: Loves to take long walks on the beach, Watching the sunset, A game of hide and seek because of her little sister, Art, Singing and Dancing.
Dislikes: Bullies,Thieves, Pranksters and The SGO

Strengths: Multitasking, Stealth, Herself and a Planner

    Weaknesses: Being told she's not good enough, something that may happen to her family especially her little sister.                                                             Not good at tracking.                                                               

Powers Limitions: Unable to communicate to others in a Animal form. Has a bit of a problem with controlling her Ice Powers like accidently freezing her door shut.  

Anything Else: Lives in a family of four. Her fathers name is Jake, her mothers name is Lara and of course there's Susan, Elizabeths nine year old sister. Elizabeth was born with her powers but it wasn't revealed until she turned eleven, thats when her parents were shocked to see that their daughter had the powers of Morphing into an Animal and Ice Augmentation. They knew they had to protect her from other people who may try to kill her or experiment on her. Now, once Susan was born and grew old enough.. Elizabeth showed Susan her powers, at first Susan was scared but after Elizabeth started explaining Susan found it to be cool and wished she had powers like her older sister.. though Elizabeth is hopeing her little sister doesn't.           


Coming Soon - Artworks From Others And Other Things




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Oh my...what game are those gifs from, because I feel the impending need to play them immediately...

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Discover The Legend Within

My friend.. those gifs are from the Epic game: Rise of the Tomb Raider 

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My dad has played a Tomb Raider game once. Not sure which one tho...

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Oh yes, The Tomb Raider is

Oh yes, The Tomb Raider is amazing. It gives me the same vibe as Uncharted and I like that. :D 

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I use to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and some of old the tomb raiders!

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Winged Warden
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Did someone say "VIDEO GAMES"?

I won't list all of them, but i'll list a few series.



​and Persona

Those are the only ones i've been abile to actuly keep up for, and I'm major spoiler teritory on some of the games(especialy with New Danganrompa V3: Killing Hermony).


Hello my friends! Welcome to my (contructing) signature!


​*ahem* Excuse my behavior if I start to act crazy...



​Name: Skylar Clar

​Title: The Curious

Age: 13

​Gender: Female

Personality: A hot-tempered gal, Skylar's in the prospective of, "act now, think later". Though she can be fired up, her shyness and temper can get in the way sometimes. Because of this, she can be considerd very indecisive and rude to people, when in fact that's not true. Despite all this, Skylar's very nice and sweet, especaly to dragons in danger, and wll protect what is right with her life.

​Weapon: Gronckle Iron Crossbow

​Dragons(In game): 9(not counting babies)

​Clan: None

~Her Dragons~

​'Sleeping after a long flight'

​Name: Undyne

Species: Thunderdrum

​Favorite Place: Dragon's Edge

​How we Met: I sought refuge in a cave from a storm, which had come up rather suddenly, and stumbled upon a Thunderdrum nest.  While one might tremble in fear, none of the Thunderdrums that had revealed themselves ever treated me like an enemy.  Every dragon’s natural instinct is to protect.  Since I did nothing to harm the Thunderdrums, the Thunderdrums did the same in return. After making a fire to warm up and dry off, I looked around the cave.  I came across some Thunderdrum eggs.  I knew enough about dragon eggs that they needed to be in water to hatch safely or else they would explode, so I had grabbed one egg that had a crack on it. I knew that the mothers would be protective, but they too saw the egg cracking and were trying to get it to water.  I had almost gotten the egg in a small pool when the egg hatched.  The explosion of the egg sent me back twenty feet from where I had been standing.  While studying Thunderdrums, any egg that is hatched outside a pool of water will explode at the same magnitude and sound of a young hatchling’s first ever thunder blast. Understandably, I was dazed and somewhat dizzy after getting up.  But then, when I got up, I turned around to see the same viking crew that I was trying to hide from had found me.  I had no weapons to defend myself as one of the men had grabbed me.  Remembering I was still disoriented from the Thunderdrum egg hatching, there was little I could do to escape the crew members now… except for one thing. Little did the crew realize I had been in a Thunderdrum nest the whole time. They should have wished they had never found me as the Thunderdrums protected me.  The older Thunderdrums chased off the other vikings, but a new found friend rescued me.  The same hatchling that had hatched from the egg I was holding just moments before came to my rescue now.  With wreck-less abandonment, the hatchling started firing blast everywhere. Undoubtedly, the sonic blasts that a Thunderdrum hatchling is capable, rang in my ears.  It was painful enough in the moment, that I just collapsed into a ball and covered my head.With fear of being captured by the men who hunted me down, the thought of the dragons had turned on me, and when the Thunderdrums had stopped firing, I stayed curled up. I felt something nudging my head. I opened her eyes and looked up… it was the Thunderdrum hatchling. From then on, we became inseperitable, even after Undyne lost vision in her left eye, but her vision's still keen as an eagle's.


'Showing off at the Ship Graveyard'

​Name: Trill

Species: Deathsong

​Favorite Place: Ship Graveyard

​How we Met: After finding a baby Deathsong in the amber nest on Berk, me and Hiccup wanted to return the baby so we don't have trouble with the parents returning. As we got to Melody Island, the mother and father Deathsongs refused to acnolage th baby as their own. So, Hiccup told me I could keep the baby Deathsong, as long as I trained it so it would not cause trouble. It was a long road, trying to train the Deathsong, which it had the natrual instinct to eat other people's dragon's, so I had to train it outside the School of Dragons, which I recently enrolled into. Once I got him trained, we contuned our studies at the SoD, but with a Broad-Wing Deathsong at my side.


'Enjoying the Wilderness while the day's still good'

Name: Topaz

Species: Razorwhip

Favorite Place: Wilderness

How we Met: TBD


​'He's visiting his mother for the 14th time this month'

Name: Frostbane

Species: Groncicile

Favorite Place: Icestorm Island

How we Met: TBD


​'Visiting her favorite attraction: Fireball Frenzy'

Name: Splinters

Species: Delilish Dervish

Favorite Place: Training Grounds

How we Met: TBD


​'View's great for him!'

Name: Himizu

Species: Stingetail

Favorite Place: Dragon's Edge

How we Met: TBD


​'Swiming around in his free time'

Name: Kalibur

Species: Sand Wrath

Favorite Place: Berk

How we Met: TBD


​'Wants to be the first titan in the group'

Name: Blac Star

Species: Screaming Death

Favorite Place: Titan Island

How we Met: TBD


​'An overview of Impossible Island, while staying far away from the awful smell inside'

Name: LuCiel

Species: Sliquifier

Favorite Place: Impossible Island

How we Met: TBD


~Fan-Dragons Skylar Owns~

Name: Starslip

Species: Muddicry (Made by chameishida)

How We Met:

Me and Splinters were serching the islands around Berk because of the recient rucus that somthing-or someone-was causing. Topaz and Undyne were acompning me for protection, and to scout the area. After about an hour of serching, we came across a river. I tell you, it was muddy beyond ​belief. Suddenly, Topaz started growling, and the others followed suit. It was close to sundown, and volentearing to take shifts through the night, we called it, and I, looking up at the stars, I drifted off into sleep...


When I woke, somthing was close to my face, and as I turned to look at was it was, I almost jumpted 10 feet into the sky. ​'A dragon...but why? Why was it sleeping next to me...?' As soon as I woke, the dragon woke too. It started to try to weive around my legs, what seemed to be purring all the while. So, hoping that this thing could understand me, I spoke to it, "Hey, bud, can you please ​get off me?"

The thing just looked up at me, tilting it's head and making a face like,​ what did you say?

​'Great, this thing can even speak Dragonese! Sigh...gotta do chirades again...'

​Motioning for it to seperate from my legs, it finnaly got the jist of the situation. It seperated from my legs, frilling it's spine all the while. Fealing sorry for it, I decided to bring it with me. After all, was this a new species? Believe so. After waking my dragons, who groweled at the newcomer(except Undyne. She probibly though, ​'Mud + Dragon = Tidal Class dragon'​), we took the Muddicry with us, and reported the situation to Hiccup, including the Muddicry. He allowed the dragon with us, because we had a Tidal Class dragon with us. I named it Starslip, after it's coloring, and trained the Muddicry.


Name: Kaito

Species: Solarflare Skrill(made by Wutend Bonfire)

How We Met:

Me(Skylar) and three of my dragons, Blac Star the Screaming Death, LuCiel the Sliquifier, and my new companion, Starslip the Muddicry, were on a fishing trip sent from the School. We had to bring back a boatload of fish in a few days for all the new baby dragons that were hatching, which is a lot.

I was riding on LuCiel, with Blac Star and Starslip following behind, through the Ship Graveyard, when LuCiel suddenly roared. Silence followed, and Starslip suddenly dove, spitting hot mud on a oval-ish black shape. It was the dead of night, and dragons don't react this was for nothing, so I quickly landed LuCiel on a nearby seastack and approached the shape.

"Shhh, I won't hurt you, stay calm, ok?" I said, and while I got a closer look at it, I realized that he was a young male, of an unidentified species of dragon. The dragon was shaking his head, trying to clear the mud off, and looking promptly annoyed because it got dirty. Once he noticed me, I stopped walking to him, and got on one knee, showing that I ment no harm. The male was watching me as I slowly cupped both of my hands and filled them with water from the ocean, and I ever so slowly extended the water to the dragon, who looked at me with seemed to be a slight grin and splashed some of the water on me with his snout, to which I yelp with surprise.


After he splashed me, the dragon took off in the direction of the ships, and instinctively I tried to grab his tail, to which he turns around and tries to snap at me. We both are face-to-face, and looking a second more, we both start laughing. I knew that you don't pick the dragon, the dragon picks you, and that is what happened here. "Kaito is your name while i'm still living, ok?" I said to the new dragon in dragoneese, and he warbled a small yes. So, taking him back with me, we developed a strong bond(through shiny things and a lot of brushing).


Name: Arrow

Species: Sinistrous Woodreaper(Made by chameishida)

How We Met:

( Arrow's PoV )
I was resting in a high part of a pine tree, focusing my mind on where my pack had gone. They had left fot the south, and I was left behind, as usual, and I would catch up to them soon, if the winds were in my favor. I was still a young Woodreaper, a year or so out of adolecence to young adulthood, and we had to fend for ourselves now in the pack. Ruby and Augest were my siblings, Frost was my mother, and Redwind was my father, the leader of our pack. He controlled where our group went, and how the prey was divided among the clan's youngest and oldest. He was our leader, and the leader's word is law.

I slithered out of the tree I was in, being careful not to break any branches, and swiftly landed on the ground. Sniffing around, I picked up an...intresting smell, like molted stone and metal, sort of like a StoneHummer(Groncle in our terms)'s lava blast. I traced the smell back to a clearing, and saw a StingRunner(Speed Stinger in our terms), their leg caught in a toothy metal trap. The StingRunner was crying out, begging for the others of it's pack to come help, but I was the only dragon there. And so, I finished off it's life with a quick snap to the back of the neck, letting it lie on the smooth icy grass in a lifeless state.


Some time passed, and I had grown older. Maybe by a few months, but I had grown older, traveling between islands and such. My pack still hasen't come back for me yet, and they probibly never will, by this point.

I was walking with both my front and rear legs, slithering along the forest floor. My mouth was iluminated a bit, so that I can see where I was going, and I was currently sniffing out my prey, a small doe. I approched a large clearing with daisys, and slowly removed the ilumanation from my mouth as I walked across the clearing.

Suddenly, a sudden sharp pain like a bite or stab erupted in my back leg, and as I turned around to snap at the thing that bit or stabbed me, I saw blood. More speficialy, on the leg where the pain was comming from, and I saw a toothy, metal trap imbeaded into the limb, like the StingRunner from those months ago. My yellow eyes widened, and I enstincevly yelped in fear. Blood was running out of my leg, and staining the daisys a deep red. For a couple hours, which felt like an etirnety, I tried to get the trap off of my leg, and each time I did so, more blood gushed out, staining more daisys red. After all the atempts I could do, I curlled around my bleeding leg, whimpering and wishing my pack was here...


A couple days passed, and I was half-sarved to death. The trap was still imbeduded into my leg, but it wasen't bleeding anymore. I was gratefull about that for once. But the wimpering hasen't stopped, and I hope that someone, anyone could hear me.

A blurry sillouette was above me, flying through the deap blue cloudless sky. Suddenly it stopped, hovered in midair for a few seconds, and then driffted down to the edge of the clearing. I didn't really care what it was, I just kept wimpering in pain, and a smaller sillouette got off the bigger sillouette and slowly approched me.


As it got close, It pulled off somthing around it's mouth and set it aside, and I watched the small scavenger investigate me from a distance. The bigger sillouette slowly approched me too, behind the scavenger, and I could see that the bigger sillouette was a SharpTail(Razorwhip in our terms), and it was sniffing my body for any injuries. Soon, they found where the trap was, and the scavenger quicky grabbed the edges of the trap and pryed it apart untill a small click was heard.

"Stupid Dragon Hunters...setting up traps like this to catch dragons for their own profit..." I heard the scavenger say in Dragonesse, which was a small suprise on my part, as I didn't know that some scavengers could speak Dragonesse. But I was too tired to care right now, and I layed my head on the ground before I blacked out from exaustion.


Long story short, I woke up to me in a stable with multiple dragons around me and a bandaged leg. I followed the scavenger wherever they went while my leg was healing, and genually like the frendlyness of the scavengers and the dragons that took care of me. When my leg finally healed, I stuck around for a bit before moving to another one of the islands close to Berk, but I still kept my distance from the scavengers. I opened my heart to one, but none of the others after I left Berk, but I was curious about the scavenger that saved me, I believe her name was...Skylar?


​~Other Things~



-Has a dog(a S.hiz Tsu named Snoop)

-Fandom trash

-Watches anime

-Is a total nerd

-Wishes that I could fly

​~Have some battle sprites!!~

(All of you knew I was gonna do this after listening to this on repeat)