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Android 6.0
Iam in the maze fright o passage
Some logged out pops up
I don't have screenshot coz I think this has been reported

This issue I think have been reported in the past. Until now why you don't take a move to make a way to fix this( teen dragon glitch too its still glitching) maybe because iam a low specs phone...but
I want to play this game.

I have been uninstall and reinstall this game for 7 times. 7 TIMES why coz ihave many dragons titan too. I got tempted on those event comming out and this game is good, so pls fix this.

There's a thing too when I checked the data file there something shows like "data coudn't found, null or error navimac or something" is that censoredin reason why I can't play continuesly. Can anyone show how to fix this


HELLO! Iam Jellybeamed(ign/ingame name)


I like the movie  HTTYD 3


My favorite dragon is the Titan Wooly Howl:Night Howl

I love titan dragons too





I have 19 Titans,41 dragons overall


I am in a guild: Darkness Overcomes( member)

197 trophies, Lvl 50


I am not good in racings ant its laggy

the most laggy (fortune fall)

I have few friends in sod

I first played the facebook version of this game and I stop

playing after not knowing how to grow adult dragon lvl 12 baby or teen only

I came back this year (2020) coz I miss httyd


Sometimes when bored I draw but not good


Thats all for now I think heheheh (-_-')


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Your phone might be too old to run the game.

Also, always include screenshots. 



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Heyo! My name’s Seowl, Silver for friends.
I live in Italy and I love dragons,
animals and art. 


My favorite color is blue

and my favorite animals are owls

and dragons (wait... do dragons count as animals?)

She's looking at you, yes, you.

That's my girl, Sky ;3




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I have an Andriod too and it works fine for me. It might be that your phone is old or not enough room.