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You can call me Red, Vel or any other shorter version of my name, I don't really mind tbh

I'm new on the forums, old-ish on the game (my earliest account is 3yrs old i think)

Fave dragon atm is Sand Wraith though I'm rubbish at racing with 'em


Tis nice to meet ya!




--Deviantart-- --SoD related art dump--




Cashei by ToshiLoshi


Aszimi by Archery and Dragons




--All art below is done by me--






other stuff




Tribute to my hamster Spritzie.

I got her on December 23rd 2015 and she's my baby :3




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whoops guess I'm back from hiatus lol

Hey there and welcome to the forum! Currently there's a bunch of drama going on about a gem exploit that the game is banning people for using excessively people seriously need to chill lol but otherwise we're a pretty friendly bunch! I hope you'll enjoy your stay, and if you need any help, feel free to ask pretty kuch anyone ^^



♥ Catie ~ Female ~ 18 ♥

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(Warning: swearing and sensitive topics; not for kids!)

Deviant Art

(Warning: Occasional swearing!)

Flight Rising

Dragon Cave


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Various artists credited in image. Pictures not credited and/or with no artist signature belong to me.

A Christmas Cardinal, by Selethesis! Thank you so very much ^-^


Thank you to all who have contributed to my signature!


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Hi!! I'm AllyNadderRider, you can call me Ally or Kay or Rider ~ whichever you prefer, I don't mind and have been called all three :)

As my dear friend Catie said, there is plenty of drama going on at the moment, and things like this crop up every once in a while. While it can be annoying, I personally like watching and reading the arguments because it's kind of funny to me XD But there's tons of fun things to do here: art, requesting art, roleplaying, writing and/or reading fan fiction, and simply chatting and getting to know your fellow HTTYD fans! You're welcome to PM me any time if you have any questions or if you just wanna talk with someone. I'm available!

Oh, and if you couldn't tell, my fav dragon is a Deadly Nadder XD My main OCs are Alyssa Kay and Moonstone the Nadder, and you can see a bit of them in my siggy.

I hope you enjoy the forums! I hope to see you around :)


Bouncies of Moonstone, Ally Kay, Alena Willow, and Captain made by Defy.

Tidal Wave by Owl City.



Profile pic by Defy ^^

Edits of Moonstone, Thunderfly, Sharpshot and Gryffindor made by Nessie.

Viking license by catiedragons, Ally Kay drawing on license by Jackalope.

Swift Champions banner made by Stiger23.

Ally Kay (fist two) and Alena Willow paintings by Pixel.

Ally Kay edit by Nessie, Ally Kay drawing by Fireflash, Moonstone headshot by Freakzter.

Aster the Naga and his Fallenstar Dragon companion, Stardust.

They are the caretakers of my dragons when I am unable to attend to them.

Thank you Maijic for these two ^-^

Spacial Beauties, adopted from KrazyKira24.

Frozenfall the Dwarf Talonstrike by 1flower.


Sharpwing the Stormcutter, adopted from kcrockett. Ally Kay's secondary dragon. 

Quinn the Stormcutter, also from kcrockettBelonging to my Berserkian OC Lyra.


Aquaborealis by Spy (1flower) 


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Hi Red *)And welcome to the

Hi Red *)
And welcome to the forum. As was already mentioned, we are a very friendly bunch of people which discusses all sorts of things here and is happy and willing to help to newcomers. I hope that you will get the pleasure of hanging out here with us and find many new friends. And by the way , I'm Defy Hord and also playing somewhere around three years. Nice to meet you. And if you need any help feel free to ask me anytime ! ( ◡*)/