yin-yang [fanfiction ch7 [restue mission part 1]

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''ugh guys YIN-YANG IS GONE'' i said shouting ''WHAT' they both said surprized  'who is yin-yang?'' ayyah said confused  ''ok if you can keep a secret yin-yang is a yin-yang symbol but he is GONE'' i said ''we need a restue mission'' michel said  the princapal came by an sadi something ''ha if some ball wants to get in here there is a price aka the scientest'' he said walking away ''wait ball YIN-YANG'' i said scard ''lets go he might be in the princapal's offece'' ayyah said ''how you know'' franchesca said confused ''because i hear something coming from there'' ayyyah said pointingwe all looked in the door to it we all looked through the door a black an white circle was right there in the backround sitting in a chair  ''we need to bust them out out of there like NOW'' franchesca said looking threw the door's window  ''i know i said'' i said i knocked on the door hopeing they could hear us  ''yin-yang'' i said knocking on the door ''huh what was that'' yin said ''its us'' franchesca said

''GUYS'' yin said happy ''we promais we will get you out ok anyone got a tool i xould use?'' i said looking at them ''i got this old screwdriver'' michel said ''ok good'' i said using it i was able o use it as a key an was able to open the door ''ok its OPEN'' i said opening ''YIN-YANG'' we all said but the happy momment was ended when we saw a guy in a white suit ''oh god'' yang said ''step away from the yin-yang'' the guy said  ''NO HE IS ARE FRIEND AN WONT LET YOU HURT HIM'' i said mad but they pushed us away  ''NO'' franchesca said scared the guy had a sleeping thing an used an shot it straght at yin-yang an hitted them ''NOOO YIN-YANG'' we all shouted ''ugh'' they both said an were knocked out ''dont worry he will be ok when we do experaments to see where this thing came came from'' he said putting yin-yang in a tube we were all mad an were gonna get yin-yang back one day


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back story: i was flying with bone when i saw a bone napper egg it had a star on it so i took it home where it can hatch when it hatched it was a bonenapper it saw bone it walked all over him ''bone looks like your a dad'' i laughed


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