yin-yang [fanfiction ch6 captured]

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when we got to school  ''oh my god this backpack is  hevey!''  i said  placeing it down  ''what did you put in it?'' michel said  opining the bag  but to are surprize yin-yang was in  it  ''ugh yang made me do iti did not want to go'' yin said looking down  ''hey guys an omg YIN-YANG what are you doing here'' franchesca   said  looking  at  him i closed the backpack  ''OK OU TOO GOT A LOT TO EXPALN  WHEN WE GET HOME'' i sid mad  ''ugh why are you talking to your backpack'' a kid said looking at me awardly  ''ugh ayyah no reason'' i said without noticing yin-yng got  out of the bag  ''yang what are you  doing?''  yin said ''i want to see this place moore'' yang said  ''but should we stay over you know OVER THERE'' yin said agerly  then a kid noticed them  ''A WALKING BALL'' the kid said running from it then the pricabal got involed an took him to the offece an called 911 ''ahh yes we got a black an white  ball thing an maybe you can see what it is'' he said looking at him an hang up  ''ugh mr what are you doing'' yin said confused ''bring you to the lab in the united states somewhere to do reasrch on what you are'' he said  ''oh god'' yang said  ''for now im locking you in here tilll they come'' he said getting out an lockign the door



[will yin-yang be ok will arianna michel an franchesca find them? come back next time to find out]



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